Blockchain development and ICO support

From the original metal coins to bank notes, checks, and all the way to plastic money, money has undergone a tremendous transformation. But with the digital generation in place, we are now moving towards a digital currency or simply put, cryptocurrency. The emergence of digital currency and the desire for people to create own cryptocurrency is debunking this age-long and massive myth. The truth is that the digital revolution is here to stay, just as pioneers such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have proved it.

Join the digital bandwagon

The future is digital and the cryptocurrency is here to stay, so it’s high time to embrace the technology. LitsLink has positioned itself as a pioneering service provider that will help you in your desire to create your own currency. We know that before you get the world to know about your new digital currency, you will need a secure and stable online platform and infrastructure that will facilitate that offer. That is why we are introducing our new ICO support service that will help you secure a stable foothold on the online platform so that you can hold a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that will stamp your authority in the financial sector as a serious token issuer.

Here is what our ICO services entail

We offer the following services:

  • Issuance of tokens. If you are planning to go public and get investors to come on board and invest in your new digital currency, we will facilitate the issuance of your tokens to potential investors.
  • Smart contract programming. Since smart contracts are an integral part of any crypto monetary system, we undertake excellent programming that helps investors on your platform to transact among themselves without any human intermediary between them as it is common with conventional contracts.
  • Cryptocurrency creation. The creation of digital currency is the most important part of any ITO (Initial Token Offering) process an investor wants to float. Therefore, we don’t just create a platform for you to offer it; we also help in the designing of the currency itself.
  • Creation of ICO sites. At LitsLink, our ICO services are comprehensive just like all the other ones you have been enjoying from us for these many years. We do not just create the currency; we also help you with the creation of a website that is secure enough to hold your intended ICO. You can rely on our many years of experience to develop you a credible site that will give your prospective investors the confidence to trade on your blockchain platform.
  • Facilitation of a secure ICO. We know that the Ethereum revolution and its concepts are still new to most investors who are glued to the conventional IPOs of yester years. To them, they still have jitters about the security of their investment because they are dealing with a decentralized system that has no banking intermediaries or lawyers between them. That is why LitsLink is not just concerned with the launching but also the security of the operations. When we help you get to the digital currency platform, we also ensure that you and your investors enjoy security in their decentralized operations.

This is why our ICO services stand out and above the crowd

Are you looking for compelling reasons why you should let us handle all your ICO processes? Here is the evidence:

  • A proven track record. We have been here long enough and we have gotten it right all the time. An ICO is a sensitive operation, and hence, it needs skilled and experienced hands like ours.
  • Timely delivery. We understand that all ICOs are time-sensitive, and we always undertake all such projects on time. From the creation of the coin to the development of the site, we deliver everything on time.
  • A skilled workforce. We have skilled and highly trained programming experts on our team. Therefore, you can always rest assured that your project is in the safe hands of professionals who understand what you need and know what they are doing.

Here we rest our case. For all your ICO needs, you can count on us to take you through the process successfully. Talk to us today.

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If you have questions, suggestions, ideas, or just need further information about LitsLink and our services, please do not hesitate to contact us in the way most convenient for you.
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