How much does a website cost?

Modern people spend most of their time on the web. Thus, many prefer using the Internet to search for information, make purchases, order services, and so on. Such rapid development of technology lets a considerable number of people work and make a profit thanks to the Internet activity and its varieties. Therefore, even enterprises whose activities are not associated with the worldwide network directly consider creating their online representation a beneficial choice.

Nevertheless, before ordering any kind of website, the owner of the business must calculate all the costs that such a decision entails. Also, it is crucial to realize that the cost of developing and promoting a website might be the largest expense item in the company’s budget, especially if it’s a small business. Analyzing the costs without understanding the processes and mechanisms behind website creation is almost impossible. For this reason, we decided to examine the most important aspects to be taken into consideration when organizing a site, in order to give readers a preliminary snapshot of how much it costs to make a website.

What is a modern website and who can create one?

Before reviewing the pricing mechanism, it is necessary to understand what a site is by itself, what functions it performs and what the website should represent ideally.

A website is software that requires a great amount of time and effort, decent technical knowledge, and solid experience to develop. The general difference between a website and any other type of software is that it is used both by adults and children, men and women, computer geeks and laypersons not knowledgeable in the technical side of things. It successfully solves many issues like advertising, informing, demonstrating products and services. The overwhelming number of high-quality websites also includes the management of the following business processes: receiving and processing orders, making payments, interacting with users, and receiving feedback.

As a rule, a whole team of developers, designers, and software testers works on the site’s creation. Such a team usually includes a developer, a designer, a layout designer, a programmer, and a content manager. Setting up a website on hosting and its further promotion and support also require professional participation. Consequently, it is worth taking into account that each of the abovementioned specialists involved in the organization of your site gets paid for his/her work.

How much does a website cost? Main expense items

Certainly, the cost of creating a site depends on many factors, such as the type of a website, its complexity, and functionality that the customer needs. The cost may as well hinge on the working region, the proficiency of a web studio, and the overall price segment in which a particular developer works. Nevertheless, the website development costs generally rest on the type of the created website.

There are two main types of websites: informational and service resources. With regard to the subtypes, there are many more of them. We will indicate only the most common.

General types of websites

1. Personal websites or personal pages

A personal site is a website with content that describes the sphere of a person’s interest. The volume of such a site is not large, often limited to one page. The website design is often complex, emphasizing the author’s individuality.

2. Personal blogs

A personal blog is a website, the main content of which is regularly added records (posts) containing text, images, and multimedia. Blogs can contain several pages. The structure of such a site is always simple and understandable. The blog’s design is also complex, corresponding to its subject, sometimes emphasizing the personality of its author.

3. Business-card websites

The main purpose of a business card is to present its owner (the goods and services provided) and give contact information for communication with him. The structure of a business-card site is always simple and comprehensible. Traditionally, such a website consists of 3-5 pages. The design of a business card can be simple, complex, and even exclusive, including author’s graphics, rarely used fonts, and animation elements.

4. Official websites of companies/organizations

The official website of an organization is a company’s representation in the global network, the place of publication of all news and information that the organization’s management wants to convey to the public. Such a site has a volume up to 10-20 pages and contains more detailed information about products and services. The structure of such a website is also more complicated, while its design is often reserved and understandable.

5. Online stores

An online shop is a modern trade channel that gives an opportunity to sell goods via the Internet. The Internet store usually has quite a large volume (several dozen pages) and a complex structure. Such a website is mainly characterized by software modules allowing to automate the process of buying and selling through the Internet, and its design can be both simple and diverse.

The following three expenditure items must be taken into account, as they also make up the website development costs:

  •      website design;
  •      direct site development;
  •      hosting and deployment of a website.

Despite the fact that the prices of different sites may vary greatly, it is possible to give the following average indicators:

  •      Single-page website (landing page) – $500-$2,500.
  •      Main company’s website – $4,000-$15,000 (but there are plenty of sites costing 50k+).
  •      Online store – $2,000 - $20,000.

It is also important to consider all the peculiarities and nuances. The final website price straightforwardly rests on this.

How much does a website design cost

Design, in simple words, is the appearance of your web resource. The design is as critical a part of the site as the content. The principal task of website design is to unify all the information blocks and create a pleasant experience for the visitors. In fact, design sets the aggregate style of your site, helps the visitor to understand at a glance what to expect from this resource, whether it is convenient to use it, and so on. A properly chosen design is one of the most essential factors that determine the attendance of your web page, and you must remember that.

Website design might be…

  1. …self-made.
  2.     …ordered from the web studio or a freelance designer.
  3. …a purchased website template.

Undeniably, you can spend a lot of your personal time on choosing a free design for the site, trying to apply and adjust it, doing every single thing by yourself and not spending a penny. But if you do not have that much spare time and desire, or the available free design options do not suit you, you should use the services of a remote programmer or a web development studio.

Keep in mind that if you contact a website development company, you will surely get not only an impressive number of design options for your resource but also a better idea of the final cost of creating your website (not to mention saving time and energy). Our innovative custom software development company always puts customer demands first. All creation processes are qualitatively established while the prices are the most reasonable among the developers of Eastern Europe.

One more accessible option is to buy a website template, but this will most likely need your further participation and some knowledge of programming languages in case you decide to change something in the appearance or functionality of your site.

What determines the direct website development cost

As it has been already mentioned, there is no definite, clearly formulated cost for the creation of the website. There is only an approximate price, which is usually formed by drawing up a clear list of needed work. Website development includes a huge number of technical aspects in addition to the aforementioned design issues, the information content of the website, and other equally important points.

In general, the price of website engineering hinges on the following elements:

site functionality (whether you are planning to create a business card website or an online store, etc.);

frequency and customization of adding and updating the content;

the number of visual effects and the degree of their complexity.

the number of designs/layouts for different devices – laptop/tablets/smartphones.

It is necessary to take into consideration a pleasant tendency of increasing buyers’ confidence. It is primarily achieved through the placing of useful content about the product and services presented, like their detailed description and extensive characteristics. As to the development of a business card site, it is crucial to focus precisely on the design and common visual components of the resource.

Ways to make a website

Before you start setting up any web page, it is momentous to determine for what purposes it is created, and how it is supposed to be used. Based on that, the leading options for making sites are as follows:

1. Using a website builder.

This method is applied to set up and generate websites with a single or couple of pages, business cards, undemanding pages with information and articles, such as online blogs, and others.

Site builders are free and reachable to all ordinary users who have never dealt with programming and do not wish to painfully try to understand all of the scripts and codes.

One of the top modern website builders is WIX, that offers a significant collection of professional templates and customization tools. To make a unique site with the help of WIX is a feasible task even for a novice webmaster – you just have to spend some time on customizing of the website’s appearance. But it’s not the most remarkable feature of the WIX since it represents a universal designer, with the use of which any type of site can be organized.

Among the main disadvantages of using WIX site builder, there are high prices and overloaded interface. A beginner webmaster might easily break the template because the user is provided with lots of editing possibilities here. So, the website design cost may appear to be quite high in this case.

2. Using a website template.

There are forms of web-pages that are expected to be filled with graphic, text and other information. Today, creating an online resource may be absolutely attainable for everyone who possesses a decent knowledge of HTML and CSS. The desired website templates can be downloaded for free or purchased. It all rests on the features that will be used on your site in the future. The average price for professional website templates ranges from 20 to 300 dollars.

Some templates require experience and skills for operating with particular CMS (such as WordPress or Jumla).

Obviously, if you do not have even minimal knowledge in the field of web-development and programming, this option is not for you.

3. Using a hardcode.

When using hardcoding programmer sets all the content, textual information and other stuff only once (putting in a code) and doesn’t change it. In case the changes are required, modifications are made directly to the code. It’s all about the way of managing content since even CMS websites require coding.

4. Using a CMS.

A content management system (or CMS) is a so-called ‘engine’ or ‘skeleton’ of the site, a basic functionality with ready-made themes. CMS allows you to create, edit and manage the website’s content. It gives many more opportunities than the site builder, but in return, it requires good programming skills. By using a content management system, you can save a considerable amount of time on creating the structure of the website, facilitate the layout of added documents, and simplify the work with multimedia.

CMS is written with the help of different programming languages (PHP mostly), but with the obligatory utilization of CSS- and HTML-codes, so knowledge of these development tools will always come in handy.

With the use of content management systems, you can make a website if not for free, then for a comparatively low cost.

Best CMS to use for the website development

The most popular free content management systems are the following:

▪  WordPress – throughout the world, it is the best CMS for blogging and website development of business cards. Numerous themes, thousands of extensions, wide support, the simplicity of use – this is only a small part of its positive qualities. But there is a downside to the popularity – a large number of vulnerabilities and risks of hacking. The security of a site running on WordPress can be extremely low. It is believed that search engines ignore resources built on this CMS.

▪  Joomla is a multifunctional system that can be used for any project of any complexity. There are many additional materials, availability of a large number of templates and plugins that are regularly updated. This CMS is more difficult to comprehend and apply than WordPress, but it is more flexible in settings. However, this content management system has some issues with SEO-optimization, plus, Joomla is unlikely to be suitable for creating large websites because of the redundancy of its codes.

▪   Drupal is a frequently used engine with rich functionality; it may help you create online stores, social networks, and business-card sites. In terms of mastering, this CMS is even harder than the previous ones, yet it is distinguished by incredible versatility. If you wish, you can make a site suitable for almost any needs with the use of Drupal.

▪   Magento is one of the world’s trendiest content management systems used mostly for online stores. Like many other e-commerce engines, it runs on PHP and MySQL. Among its advantages are the huge built-in functionality, as well as scalability and extensibility. A large number of extensions/modules have been created for Magento. However, this CMS is quite hard to learn and expensive to maintain.

Among other, less popular content management systems, there are:

phpBB – used to develop and maintain forums.

OpenCart is organized primarily to manage the online stores. To carry out its development with the help of this CMS is quite challenging, therefore this process is better to entrust a professional with a great knowledge of PHP.

▪  InstantCms – suitable for working with social networks and online dating clubs.

All in all, website costs with the usage of the content management systems and site builders can vary significantly since in certain cases you need to take into account the fee for plug-ins and additional functions provided.

On the whole, the website is a major crucial tool for interaction between its owner and the target audience. For this reason, it is extremely important to invest maximum time, money, and efforts in its creation and setup. The number of offers for web development is huge in the market; thus, when choosing a web studio, pay careful attention to the average cost of services and the availability of good portfolios in the first place. At LitsLink, we provide the most affordable website development costs throughout Eastern Europe. Cooperating with our company, you are firmly guaranteed to get a user-friendly resource with excellent attendance, a vivid one-of-a-kind design, and comprehensible functionality as a result. Together we undoubtedly will find the best solution for your business purposes!


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