Software Testing

Programs are the only medium through which you can tap into and benefit from Information Technology. This demand means that you will always need to develop or upgrade software that will keep you relevant in the market and also sharpen your ability to serve your clientele well.

One of the most important stages before you can enjoy any program is the testing process. With the modern tech-savvy business environment, you can’t afford to make blunders such as launching untested programs. You should move with precision in order to achieve the best out of your software.

Software Testing Services

As such, you need the services and partnership of a software testing services company like LitsLink. This way, you can be sure that the company will offer you software testing consulting services that will save you costly blunders that can ruin and paralyze your operations. When you get our professionals on ground, you will proceed with your launching process having verified and proven the following essential facts:

  • The software meets the technical and business needs of your company and organization
  • The software performs as per predetermined expectations
  • You will be able to implement the program with similar qualities throughout various platforms and life cycles

This is how LitsLink does it different

At LitsLink, we approach testing with the same seriousness we give designing. The reason is that our QA testing services and processes are the mirror through which we can see the effectiveness of all the other activities during the development stage. Testing is the last bridge we have to cross before you give us thumbs up for a job done well.

  • A process, not an event

At LitsLink, we treat testing as a process, and not a single event or activity. This way, we give it the seriousness it deserves since we believe the development process is not complete without testing.

  • Early planning

Since we value this stage, we take time to prepare for it. The same way we prepare for the developing process, we also plan for testing. This way, we ensure that every activity that is supposed to go into the testing progress is clearly captured. Additionally, planning enables us to remain in charge of the process so we can know what to report to our clients regarding the progress and success of the process.

  • Evaluation

As we perform software testing, we include evaluation into the equation. This part of our software QA services ensures that we can check the results of the test and asses the parameters of completion so we can determine the success of the process.

  • Armed to the teeth

Another pillar in the way we conduct our software testing process is the tools our software engineers use. As a software testing company, we are armed with all the tools necessary to give you satisfactory services. Some of the testing tools we use are SilkTest, TestComplete, WinRunner, LoadRunner, and Visual Studio Test Professional.

  • Diversity

The last pillar in our testing process is our diversity of approach. We test software against different parameters. For instance, we test to know how the program can recover from a crash, hardware failure, and other disasters. Also, we submit it to the test of how easy it is for users to install or uninstall the program. Another key area of testing is the ease of using the program by users of all levels. Lastly, we test the software for security so that we can know how well it can withstand security breaches and hacking.

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Software Testing Services


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