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Education and Technology: The Biggest Distraction or the Biggest «Force Multiplier»?

Let’s face the truth: technology has penetrated into all spheres of our lives, and education is no exception. Modern classroom has gone far from what our parents used to envision. Instead of thumbing through a coursebook, contemporary students surf the web and conduct experiments in the virtual world. However, these inventions represent only the tip of the iceberg as tech advancements make learning really boundless!

Despite countless benefits of technology in the classroom, there is a popular opinion that innovation also brought negative implications to education. It is believed that digital distractions may significantly reduce learners’ attention span, which negatively affects their results. What is the role of technology in education? How to maximize the positive effect of EdTech innovations and get rid of side effects? Read on to find out the answers to all these questions!

What is Edtech and Where to Use It: Overview

If you’ve been wondering how has technology impacted education, the answer is tremendously. EdTech inventions make knowledge more accessible to learners from different backgrounds. More than 70% of teachers use web-based tools to improve students’ comprehension skills. Even children located in remote regions of the world, can utilize these opportunities to improve performance.

Edtech Digest - Statistics on the Use of Edtech. Infographics

Statistics on the use of technology in schools show that innovations are actively applied to add interactivity and boost learners’ engagement. Currently, 64% of teachers use games and simulations to aid learning and make education more fascinating to students of all ages. Besides, the use of video and photo content helps teachers across all states to make their lessons for useful.

9 Ways Technology Improves Education

Although the trend for the application of innovations in education is gathering pace, there are still outdated classrooms that stick to conventional methods. It means there is space for EdTech startups to fill the gap on the market with a useful app or software that will blow students’ minds and change the way they learn.

Having analyzed the market, our experts came up with 9 revolutionary ideas on how tech inventions can be applied to enhance learning!

  1. Simulations. When students can’t get a concept, or a teacher finds it hard to explain, digital innovations come in handy. State-of-the-art tools, such as VR & AR software or simulation programs, are frequently used to let learners gain practical skills. For instance, surgeons often use the power of virtual reality to simulate complex operations and learn how to perform essential manipulations, such as giving shots or debriding wounds. When graduates get down to work, they’ll be more prepared for real-life challenges and know how to act in complex situations.
  2. Interactive Learning.This approach was invented to make education more fascinating to students by providing more possibilities for learning and self-development. Currently, approximately 30% of teachers use video content to boost engagement and improve comprehension among their students. There are plenty of educational platforms where learners can find the necessary materials and progress at their own pace.
  3. Enhanced Communication. Communication is what engages students and motivates them to progress. In this regard, technology’s impact on education is positive as it allows learners to keep in touch with their lecturers and classmates almost 24/7. Special chats and messengers are developed to bring teachers and students to a single platform where they can exchange insights and support each other in overcoming educational challenges. Furthermore, web conferencing is helpful in addressing low attention rate in class. When students lack time for a lesson, they can use video chat to keep updated to their assessment and performance.
  4. Unbiased Assessment. Digital simulations and models provide a brand-new perspective on performance evaluation. Today, teachers can use state-of-the-art software to prepare their lesson plans, interact with learners and track their performance from a single account. Students pass tests and do additional tasks, while lecturers view their achievements and praise them for impressive results.
  5. In-depth Research. Education does not stop after the lecture or a school day finishes. When students get down to homework, they should be able to review materials discussed in the class to ensure they get the most out of the lesson. The learning management system is where education and technology meet. Through the use of these tools, students can access readings, review lecture notes, find extra tasks for better comprehension, and watch fascinating videos. Such platforms are beneficial to all users as they boost interactivity and improve students’ results.
  6. Gamification. Games and simulations make learning fascinating. Regardless of our age and interest, each of us wouldn’t mind playing an exciting game instead of doing boring homework. Especially, adults are fine with that. After an exhausting working day, who would be motivated to do a bunch of tests? Flexbox Froggy was invented exactly for this purpose. It allows learners of all ages to master CSS code by guiding froggy to the lilypad with the help of correct meta tags.
  7. Blended Learning. This is an innovative approach to education that applies e-learning technology to maximize online interaction with the help of traditional place-based methods. In other words, blended learning combines the benefits of innovative ad conventional educational techniques to provide students with more opportunities to develop. Such educational platforms contain plenty of resources for learners, so they can choose what to learn and how to study. Listen to a teacher in the classroom, revise materials online, and decide how you work.
  8. Personification. Learning at one’s own pace is a top priority for students worldwide. Competition and the pressure for outstanding results have gone for good. Modern teachers want to make sure each learner acquires the necessary skills and knowledge that they will be able to apply in real-life situations. Mobile apps, as well as education software, enable students to progress at their own pace, getting rid of guilt and low self-esteem. Celebrate diversity, feel comfortable and take your time with EdTech innovations!
  9. Education Platforms. Instead of collecting your coursebooks and notes at home, you can make learning comfortable to teachers and students with the help of EdTech innovations. New technologies for education allow bringing learners and contributors to a single platform where both of them can explore new opportunities. For instance, Coursematch connected universities and applicants in one place with the help of a user-friendly mobile app. While educational institutions have a chance to promote their courses, students can establish meaningful connections and find the college that best meets their needs.

Edtech Software Development - 9 Best Applications. Infographics

The Future of Education Technology

Technology in education represents a promising field that is likely to gather pace in the nearest decade. Although the first steps have already been made, there is still a lot of room for ambitious startups, which want to contribute with their ideas to the growing community of EdTech enthusiasts. While the field represents a particular interest to investors, you have all the chances to launch a successful pilot product that will attract users worldwide.

If you are still on the fence, contact LITSLINK experts to get more information on how to launch successful MVP, avoid extra costs and shorten your Time to Market. We have all the necessary resources to create innovative EdTech software that will perfectly meet your users’ needs. Let’s transform the industry together and make the world better with cutting-edge technologies!

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