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Whenever you are looking to leverage the power of mobile app development solutions, our experts are here to support you with this task. Modern technologies help businesses across all domains to grow revenues, win new competitive advantages and stand out with their products or services. It is exactly what our qualified and experienced mobile app developers do. LITSLINK app development company creates products that win the hearts and minds of your customers.

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About Our App Development Services

Efficient Resource Management

When you reach out to us for quality mobile app development services, we carefully analyze your needs and come up with the most optimal solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals and budget. Thus, you can be sure that applications developed by LITSLINK mobile development agency are always time and money-efficient.

Scalable Products

Leaving room for improvement is essential when it comes to mobile app development. Even if your product is perfect, the time comes when you’ll need to integrate new features to meet your users’ needs and keep up with the latest trends. LITSLINK app development services help you to create products that are easy to scale and maintain.

Unique Visual Design

There are more than 3 million applications in the App Store, and this figure continues to grow. In such a saturated market, it is often challenging to stand out and attract your audience. What can grab users’ attention better than a bright and appealing user interface? Create your app with the best UI/UX designers to outpace your competitors.
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Mobile App Development

Services We Provide

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform applications often serve as a unique and cost-effective solution for companies. A single codebase, ease of maintenance, reduced development costs are just a few benefits provided by cross-platform solutions. LITSLINK’s mobile application development services empower businesses and boost their performance.
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iOS Mobile App Development

iPhone products are famous for their quality and elegant design. Apple’s followers value premium quality they get, which means they are not ready to comprise it with application development services. If you are looking for a mobile app development company to launch your next iOS app, rely on LITSLINK experts. With vast expertise in the field, we will create software to meet your users’ needs.
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Android Mobile App Development

Android is the most widespread operating system in the world. With 2.5 billion active Android users, you have a great chance to extend your reach with our custom application development. LITSLINK experienced developers know how to make your app appealing and fascinating to the target audience.
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Industries We Excel At

Social Media

We continue to develop this omnipotent sphere by creating truly trendy social media platforms. We bring users together and cater to their unique needs with the help of social media mobile apps.


Creating marketplaces is our element. Our strong development team has helped multiple businesses to develop and launch sophisticated marketplaces to win clients and generate a substantial profit.

Education & Learning

As an award-winning software development company, we build extraordinary software for tutors and learners. We develop the education industry and make it accessible to everyone and everywhere.


We use best practices in the field of healthtech to create innovative software that brings great value to medical care professionals and their patients.


We create state-of-the-art and secure software to help our clients provide financial services in the most efficient and professional way. We move the financial industry forward.

Travel & Hospitality

Custom booking systems, reservation platforms, and various traveling mobile applications that we create revolutionize the hospitality industry with cutting-edge technology.
Case Studies
Social Network App

Mush is the #1 application for moms in the UK, helping moms everywhere to instantly become part of the local community of moms, and gain the inestimable support of this powerful network.

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Product Design, Mobile App Development
Python, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript
Case Studies
Marketplace for Travelers

MySquire manages all travelers' needs in a single app. In a nutshell, the app offers instant online guided tours on demand.

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Product Design, Mobile App Development
Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, React.js, Vert.x, Firebase
Case Studies
AI Photo & Video App

Toolook is a unique photo & video editing service app that takes a user’s smartphone photography or video experience to the next level.

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Product Design, Mobile App Development, Machine Learning Services
React.js, React Native, Torch
Case Studies
Swiping Feature App

Go-to-college app helps users to find their perfect university course and discover apprenticeship opportunities.

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Product Design, Mobile App Development
Redux, React Native
Case Studies
Chronic Illness Tracking App

Flaredown is a web and mobile application which makes it easy for people to monitor their health and manage chronic illnesses.

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Product Design, Mobile App Development
Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Objective-C
Case Studies
Healthread is a unique social media app for people with various health conditions. Intending to support tons of people, the app delivers a platform where everyone can share their stories and interact with like-minded individuals.
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Product Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance
Ruby on Rails, React.js, React Native, Firebase, GraphQL
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Our App Development Process

Discovery Phase

The first step is to figure out what product is going to be developed. Our team communicates with you to discuss the product idea and comes up with the best solution. As a result of this phase, you get a product prototype (often with a ready-made design), a well-developed business logic, and a tech proposal, which includes an estimation, a project timeline and proposed tech stack.


When you have a prototype, it is time to get down to mobile app development. Our app development agency assembles a team of seasoned engineers and assigns a dedicated project manager. After that, we break the process into sprints and update you on the status by creating a demo at the end of each period to ensure we are on the same page.


Our primary task at this stage is to launch an app on the platforms. We create and fill out all the accounts in the Apple Store and/or Play Market and send your product for review. After it is checked and tested by publishers, we invite you to push the button and launch it.


After the product is launched on the market, we do not stop or give up a project halfway. There are two options we can go with. If your users are completely satisfied with your product, we can help you to keep it functional by making minor improvements. Alternatively, you can scale your app by adding new features to meet the needs of your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to build a mobile app?
The cost of a mobile application depends on a variety of factors such as the complexity of a project, its duration, etc. For instance, if your project takes up more than a year, we can provide you with more competitive rates compared to shorter projects. Moreover, you can always choose between the Fixed Price Project and Time & Material models to suit your business needs.

Also, if you have an idea for an app, but your budget is restricted to turn it into a full-fledged product, we can evaluate your idea and provide you with an MVP that would have all the must-have features to launch it on the market. In such a way, you get an app that can be launched on the market and tested by your target audience. When you acquire first users, we can help you to scale your product and add the features that will make it even more appealing for your audience.
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2. What does the process look like?
When you reach out to us, we initiate the discovery phase and conduct a thorough business analysis to create a product prototype. We go step-by-step and confirm each screenshot with the client to ensure we meet your expectations. As a result of this process, you get a prototype together with a detailed description of business logic and a well-developed technical proposal. This stage usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the scale of the project, the client’s requirements and their priorities.

After we agree on the app design, we assemble a team of high-end engineers and assign a dedicated Project Manager who breaks the project into tasks and sprints. We create the timeline for the project, set the budget, and choose the technology stack, which will help to make a scalable and easy-to-maintain product. The first sprint is usually devoted to project initialization. At the end of each sprint, we create a demo for the client, which provides them with a possibility to track the progress and make changes if necessary. When the product is developed, we carefully test it and prepare to launch it on the platform/platforms you choose.

The last two stages are launch and support. We fill in all the necessary data and graphic materials in the app’s account (no matter whether it is an App Store or Play Market) and send your product for approval. Upon the market’s request, we add the necessary information to ensure the launch goes smoothly and your app will be available to users. After the publishers approve the mobile app, you can press the final button to launch your app yourself. We also provide you with extensive support afterward and make the required changes to the product to ensure your users get superior experience.
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3. What technologies should I choose?
The choice of the tech stack for your project is highly dependent on your needs, the platform and the type of mobile development. If you’re looking to create an app that runs smoothly on both Android and iOS, we recommend selecting React Native or Flutter as your core technologies. Lots of renowned companies, such as Gmail, Alibaba or Facebook, have successfully implemented these technologies to boost their performance.

Developers write a single codebase for two platforms, which will enable you to target a broader audience. However, if you aim to launch a native application, you’d better have a look at Objective-C, Swift or Java. We also use other technologies upon your request as we prioritize the needs and requirements of our clients.
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4. What type of mobile development should I choose?
We recommend having a look at cross-platform or hybrid development. For more than 5 years, companies prefer this type of development as it helps to create a single app that will run on multiple operating systems. Moreover, such development type is both fast and cheap if compared to native development where two separate apps are created to target iOS and Android users. And it also makes the development of a cross-platform app easier and more cost-effective.

Nevertheless, we are not restricted to cross-platform development only as it all depends on project requirements and specifications. And if you want to target only a specific platform, we also offer native mobile development services.
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