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Bring your boldest ideas to life with first-class VR software development catered to you by LITSLINK! We debunk myths, break stereotypes and always strive for the highest quality to ensure you get the most out of your product. With our seasoned team of VR developers, you are sure to get the solution tailored to your needs and requirements.

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About Our VR Development Services

Immersive Experience

Realistic VR experience is what most businesses are chasing for. By providing your users with eye-catchy environments, you can boost engagement and provide a new perspective on mundane tasks. Plunge your audience into a new fascinating virtual world and our experienced VR developers will help you with this task!

Scalable VR Solutions

Our talented team of VR developers creates scalable VR apps with detailed environments and low-poly 3D models that can be further used for a variety of purposes and require a single creation. Thus, you can build an MVP and scale it further to meet your business needs.

Business Focused

There is a common misconception that virtual reality solutions are limited to the entertainment industry. In fact, no matter what field you’re operating in, you can leverage the power of VR technologies and our experts will help you to get the most out of it!

Services We Provide

VR in Education

The introduction of online learning was a huge step ahead, making knowledge accessible to anyone. Virtual reality is starting the new revolution. This new technology is expected to bring new immersive experiences to learners, providing them with more possibilities for better education.

VR in Healthcare

Virtual reality is actively applied across the healthcare industry to guarantee higher quality of medical care and boost its efficiency. VR solutions are successfully used to treat phobias, anxiety and other disorders. Bring the healthcare field to a new level with your top VR solution!


The construction industry also benefits from innovative virtual reality solutions. It enables creating interactive immersive models of buildings and helps real estate agents organize virtual tours for potential buyers. Thus, VR has the potential to become a new black on the real estate market.

VR Startups

The VR industry will inevitably grow and become larger than computing and e-commerce markets combined. With such an ever-rising potential, there is a room for ambitious and promising startups to disrupt the field. And you may be the one to make that revolution in the world of VR!

We can help you make your VR project incredible

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Our VR Development Process

Discovery Phase

When you reach out to LITSLINK for quality virtual reality software development, the first step is to decide on the product we’re going to build and ensure it meets market demands. Our business analysts discuss your idea to come up with the right solution and an accurate estimation.


Upon approval of the project requirements, we assemble a team of skilled software engineers and move on to the prototyping stage. We provide our clients with an idea of how your virtual reality app will look and feel to ensure we’re on the same page with you.


This is the stage where we implement the whole idea of your virtual reality product. Our team of VR engineers chooses the tech stack, breaks your project into sprints and moves on to its realization.

Launch & Support

When the final product is tested and delivered, we’re ready to launch it on the platform of your choice. We create and fill out the account and send the product for the verification process. As soon as we get the approval, we launch your product on the app market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the range of your VR development services?
We believe in the power of VR to transform the industries at all levels, from entertainment to banking. We have already helped over 60 startups to start their success journeys with us and scale businesses to reach new heights. Our seasoned team of VR developers has vast expertise in all the latest techs, which makes them flexible in meeting your requirements.

Whether you have an excellent idea for your startup or already have a product that needs to be scaled, we have all the necessary resources to meet your needs. We are focused on the following industries: healthcare, education, BIM, and startup development. However, if you have a custom request, rest assured that LITSLINK, as a top virtual reality company in the US, will provide you with high-quality development services.
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2. What VR technologies do you use?
Keeping an eye on market trends is essential when it comes to virtual reality development. Thus, our team always follows the news and masters the latest technologies to avoid falling behind. For the majority of VR projects, we use Unity 3D and all the plugins and tools that allow working with virtual reality, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google ARCore, and others.
3. What does the process look like?
The first step is a discovery stage. The client contacts our development team in a way convenient to you (you can reach out to us via email, fill out the contact form, make a call or just drop us a line in the chat). Our representative looks at your request and contacts you back for more detail. You discuss all the requirements and decide on the VR product you’re going to build.

After we have a clear vision of the virtual reality software, we assemble a team of skilled VR developers assigned to your project. Our project manager keeps track of the progress and makes sure the development team meets its goals. Upon the client’s request, we create demos at the end of each sprint to provide you with an idea of how your virtual reality app will look.

When the product is ready to be launched, we fill in the accounts and send it for verification. As soon as it is completed, we are ready to launch the application on the market.
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4. How much does it cost to build a virtual reality application?
This is probably one of the first questions that spring to your mind when you’re looking for a vendor to build a VR product. The cost of a virtual reality solution will depend on a variety of factors that heavily affect the final estimate.

When it comes to budgeting, the type of content and software play a major role in estimating the cost of your project. If you have ready-made 3D assets, the cost will be significantly lower as designers won’t need to create 3D objects from scratch. Moreover, you should also consider such factors as the type of development, the choice of platforms, tech stack, deadlines, the scope of third-party integrations, etc.

Thus, to get an accurate project estimation, we advise you to reach out to our professional team of experts. They will discuss your request in detail and provide you with correct figures.
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