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    Why Hire Java Developers at LITSLINK

    US-based Software Partner

    Working with us is convenient, efficient and hassle-free. Whichever cooperation model you choose, you can be sure we are always here to answer your questions. With two core offices in the United States, we stay close to our clients. Drop us a line to schedule a call or make us a visit.

    Vast Experience

    By delegating your project to our Java developers, you get a qualified tech professional and a trusted partner all in one. We’ve completed hundreds of projects in a variety of industries and gained valuable experience which helps us build top-notch solutions that perfectly meet the market demand.

    Timely Delivery

    We always meet our goals and deliver what we promised to our customers. Trust is a number one priority for our team. Thus, we always go out of our way to attain your objectives and help you reach outstanding results with our Java experts.

    Flexible Contracts

    Working with us is a breeze: you send us your requirements, we assemble a team of Java engineers and start working. It’s that simple. You are free to choose the level of your involvement and manage the development process the way you like.

    Java Developers for Hire to Strengthen Your Team!

    Hire us!

    Services We Provide

    Scale Your Team

    Complement your team with experienced Java programmers to accelerate your development! Our Java engineers have worked with a great variety of projects from different industries and niches, which means they can cope with the most difficult tasks and overcome even the toughest challenges.

    Scale Your Team

    Build Software Solutions From Scratch

    If you’ve been looking for a team to build innovative software solutions, hire our dedicated Java developers and get your project off the ground! We will guide your project from the discovery phase to the product launch and ensure it resonates with your target audience.

    Build Software Solutions From Scratch

    Improve Existing Products

    Need to add new features to a product, fix bugs or, perhaps, you are stuck with a challenge? Rely on our professional Java engineers to scale your software. Depending on your business goals, we will come with a custom solution tailored to your particular case.

    Improve Existing Products

    Our Team of Java Developers

    Java engineers in the team
    Java engineers in the team
    Years average experience
    Years average experience
    Projects <br/> completed

    What Our Developers Say

    Sergey Pahomov - Software Architect

    Result-oriented approach to work is one of the key factors that lie in the core of our philosophy. From MVPs to large-scale enterprise software ― we treat every single project with the same success-oriented eye to detail, which lets us deliver solutions that appeal to its users and solve real-life problems.

    Sergey Pahomov - Software Architect

    Business Models

    Onshore Model

    Onshore Model

    Onshore business model is a good match for those who prefer working with their team in the office. Tell us where you are based and we will send Java developers directly to your location.

    Offshore Model

    Offshore Model

    The world is rich in great tech talents. Don’t restrict yourself to the local market! Extend your reach to other regions and hire experienced Java programmers really fast.

    Turn-key Solutions

    Turn-key Solutions

    Don’t want to fiddle about with recruitment? Delegate all the management tasks to us and we will build a software solution based on your needs and requirements

    Steps to Hire Java Developers

    Discovery Meeting

    Discovery Meeting

    It is the first step in our collaboration. At a kick-off meeting, we look at your needs, develop a list of requirements and decide on the team composition.

    Interview Candidates

    Interview Candidates

    Once we agree on the terms of our collaboration, we proceed to shortlisting the right candidates. We also carry out a set of interviews where you can speak to our Java developers and decide if they are a good fit for your project.

    Start Development

    Start Development

    The process of assigning software engineers to your project takes 5-10 business days. As soon as you make your choice, we assemble a team of Java developers and get down to the development process.

    Ensure Seamless Development with Our Proficient Java Programmers!

    Hire Developers

    What our clients say

    Our Solutions

    Enterprise Applications

    Java is widely known as a strict-type programming language, which minimizes the possibility of an error and allows for developing high-quality software. Exceptional performance, reliability and scalability make this technology an excellent choice for enterprise software.

    Enterprise Applications

    Big Data Technologies

    You have probably heard of Hadoop, one of the most popular big data platforms written in Java. This programming language is a good match for building high-load big data systems. Create next-generation software with our skilled Java engineers and disrupt the market with a brand-new solution!

    Big Data Technologies

    Cloud Applications

    Cloud is climbing the charts in the list of top development trends in 2021. There is a high demand on the market for cloud solutions and you can become the one to occupy this niche! Hire our Java engineers to build a product that will resonate with your customers!

    Cloud Applications

    Custom Solution

    If you are looking for a team to make your idea come alive, our Java programmers are always here to meet your custom development needs. Just tell us your requirements and we will shortlist qualified tech specialists to build your solution.

    Custom Solution

    Tech Stack

    Programming Language

    • Java


    • Spring
    • Quarkus
    • Micronaut


    • PostgreSQL
    • Mysql
    • connectivity
    • MongoDB
    • ELK
    • Redis
    • ORM (Hibernate ...)

    Event streaming and queues

    • Kafka
    • RabbitMQ


    • JUnit
    • Postman

    Code Quality

    • SonarQube


    • Gitlab CI
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • AWS codepipeline
    • Jenkins


    • AWS
    • GCP

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the recruitment process?

    Our collaboration begins with a discovery meeting where we develop a project description, set goals, analyze your needs and decide on the number of developers required to build your software solution. After that, we shortlist candidates that align with your requirements and schedule interviews where you can ask all the necessary questions and ensure our software engineers are qualified enough for your project.

    The process of hiring Java developers usually takes 5-10 business days. Once we agree on the terms of collaboration and have the team assembled, we move on to working on your project right away.

    2. How many Java developers can I hire?

    We do not limit you to the number of Java developers you can hire for your project. Suppose you have a complex project that requires an extensive team of software engineers. In that case, our development team will bring their experience and expertise to the table to build a high-quality solution.

    But if you have a talent gap in your organization and need only one Java developer to fill it, we will be able to meet your request as well.

    3. What are the hiring options?

    We strive to build win-win collaboration for all parties involved. As we focus on long-term partnership, we want to ensure working with us will be convenient for you and your team. Fixed prices or time or material? Choose the model that best suits your needs and we will provide you with top-notch Java developers to boost your development.

    4. While hiring dedicated Java developers at LITSLINK, how will I be reported?

    We are flexible on the terms of our collaboration, which means we always provide our customers with the possibility to decide on the level of their involvement. If you want to focus on strategically important tasks and delegate all the management work to us, you can rest assured our project managers will keep you in the loop on the progress.

    At the end of each sprint, you will get a detailed report covering all the work performed by your team. Upon your request, we can also make a demo for you to ensure you have the full picture of the development process.

    Hire Dedicated Java Developers to Build Best-in-class Products!

    Drop us a line to hire experienced software engineers and strengthen your team with the right talents.

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