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Finding experienced and proficient developers is a struggle. Especially, when you’re restricted in resources, this venture might turn into a zero-sum game which will most likely bring negative consequences for your business. We at LITSLINK are well-versed in a variety of industries and techs, which means we can help you find the right match quickly and efficiently!
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Why Hire LITSLINK Developers
Flexible cooperation
Flexible Cooperation Models
One developer or a team of software engineers? Fixed price or T&M? We ensure our collaboration is fruitful for all parties involved. Thus, we’re quite flexible on the terms of cooperation as we always strive to meet your requirements and attain your business goals.
Hqed in us 4
HQed in the US
With two offices in the US based in Palo Alto and Orlando, we remain close to our customers. If you have any questions or just want to make us a visit, you can drop us a line and our managers will schedule a meeting to discuss your query.
Transparent Communication
Communication is vital when it comes to software development. To build a quality product, you need to ensure your team has a single vision and clear goals. For this purpose, our project manager administers all the tasks to make sure we see eye to eye on all the issues.
Talent retention
Talent Retention
Hiring experienced software engineers is just a halfway to success. Retaining your team members is as important as finding them. To ensure your project is on track, your employees need to work without disruption. With a rapidly growing HR department in place, we ensure our developers are satisfied and motivated.

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Technical Leadership
Viacheslav Petrenko
Chief Technology Officer
In over 20 years of successful experience in the IT industry, Viacheslav managed to complete numerous complex projects, including web, mobile & hybrid mobile applications and solutions.
Volodymyr Matsola
Software Architect
Andrii Drozdov
Software Architect
Evgeniia Liuts
Head of UX/UI Department
Maksym Sviechnikov
Software Architect
Yurii Kliuiev
Software Architect
Sergiy Pahomov
Software Architect
Oleksandr Ovcharenko
Software Architect
Kateryna Stetsiuk
Data Science Head
Tatiana Serikova
Quality Assurance Lead
Valentyn Kalyn
DevOps Head
Maksym Pugach
Software Architect
Andrii Kovalenko
Software Architect
Outsourcing Services We Provide
Staff Augmentation
Hire top software developers at LITSLINK and complement your team with the right talents. Our clients admit that our staff augmentation services helped them to reduce recruitment costs by 40-60%, shorten the time to market and deliver higher quality software at a shorter timeframe.
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Hire a Development Team
From the discovery phase to the final product, our team invests their competence and expertise to help you deliver a top-notch solution. We augment a team with software engineers proficient in the required technologies and field and assist you with building processes, motivation and other issues.
Hire a development team
What our architects say
What keeps us really motivated is our clients and their results. I enjoy the diversity of projects we have here at LITSLINK and the knowledge and experience we gain while working on them. We always strive to build a solution that will give a boost to customers’ business and provide them with a benefit they have been looking for.
Yurii Kliuiev, Software Architect
Business Models
Networking 1
Onshore Model
One developer or a team of software engineers? Fixed price or T&M? We ensure our collaboration is fruitful for all parties involved. Thus, we’re quite flexible on the terms of cooperation as we always strive to meet your requirements and attain your business goals.
Offshore model
Offshore Model
As everything is moving online, location no longer matters. By extending your search to other countries, it’s easier to find the right developer as you get access to a vast pool of talents. Hire offshore software engineers and jump start your project right away!
Steps to Hire Software Developers
Tell us
Tell Us Who You Need
Do you need an extra pair of hands or require a development team? Web or mobile? Cross-platform or native? Provide us with essential details and other requirements and we will shortlist the best developers for your project.
Interview Candidates
We hand over a set of CVs of developers with experience and knowledge that meet your requirements and initiate the interviewing process. You speak to the candidates and ask them questions to hire programmers that best suit your needs.
Coding  1  3
Start a Project
Once the team is assembled, we can get down to the software development process. And here you can go with two options. We can assign a dedicated project manager who’ll oversee all the operations. Alternatively, you can manage software developers yourself and have full control over the process.
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Case Studies
DevOps Services for IoT
Scotts Miracle-Gro is one of the leading American companies that helps gardeners around the globe to transform their lawns and gardens with the help of valuable resources, technology, and practical advice.
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Cloud Services
AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab, Terraform
Cs icon
Case Studies
Livestock Management App
A powerful application for livestock farmers that uses shared data to optimize yield, quality, and profitability.
See Case Study
Product Design, SaaS development, Mobile App Development, Web Development
React.js Development Services, React Native Development Services, Frameworks, Apollo GraphQL, Typescript
Cs icon
Case Studies
Gyms Booking App
The sports app helps users easily locate nearby gyms and fitness studios that provide daily or monthly pass options with the best price guaranteed no contracts, no administrator, no induction, and can be canceled any time.
See Case Study
Re-design, Mobile App Development, Web Development
React.js Development Services, React Native Development Services, php laravel
Cs icon
Case Studies
E-learning Platform App

The Educative is a cloud-based web portal, where people can create their own coding courses for a worldwide audience of software engineers.

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Web App Development
React.js Development Services, Redux Development Services
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What our clients say
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We felt like we were working with a business partner rather than a service provider. Patient but persistent, fluent English-speaking, LITSLINK delivered all releases in time, within requirements and budget, performing thorough and continuous project management.
Katie Massie-Taylor & Sarah Hezh, Founders
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Zero person 2d53d6793c26a2812023b4cf784fedeaf909786eb3a4931bf53316797fca2ab8 Zero
LITSLINK has been our core software development partner from initial stage to launch and have delivered solid, high quality results during the whole project integration. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable software development company with a  complex challenging project and would like to appreciate their team’s professionalism, responsiveness and communication skills.
Alex Volkov, President, Mailfeed Corp. (US)
Toolook person 956fc989f41e203a5dece6293193f91443ac05a66b3acab0bc572597ca9faf73 Toolook
We were very happy with technical delivery of all project's parts, especially taking into account release time pressure. LITSLINK showed severe dedication to our project, paying attention to details still maintaining holistic approach to the complex multi-level project.
Fedor Karmanov, CEO, Toolook Inc. (US)
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Cayman islands Department of environment
I had an excellent experience working with LITSLINK. They effectively saved our project, turning a poor developed app into a fine working one. Now as the app is launched we recognize needed changes and LITSLINK quickly and efficiently makes the requested changes. LITSLINK are professionals in app development business. our project would nit have succeeded without them. I can confidently recommend their services as being of the highest standard, with excellent communication and always agreed within budgets.
Michael Kader, Project manager, Department of Environment (Cayman Islands)
Hmbi person a91391e2f0aaa06096db8d3f789aec776b5a319f0105f131f2abece30e84ae4b Hmb
The delivery was exactly what we had hoped for: fast and reliable. Since the pages went live they have been running smoothly and in practical terms for us this helped us to sell the highest possible number of tickets for our event in 2015. LITSLINK provided us with a competitive, professional service which has greatly helped our organization achieve its goals.
Gavin Stewart, HMBIA Development Committee head, HMBIA federation (Switzerland)
We bring technology expertise and experience to the table to build effective software solutions tailored to your business needs and goals.
Mobile Technologies
Bring mobile development to a brand-new level with LITSLINK’s team of experts.
Front-end Technologies
Build user-friendly interfaces that will appeal to your audience with state-of-the-art technologies.
Back-end Technologies
Make your app run like clockwork with professional back-end development catered to you by qualified engineers.
Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Catch on to the latest development trends and boost your business with a smart AI solution.
Ml 1 Computer vision Nlp Data science
Mixed Reality Technologies
Extend your reality with cutting-edge VR&AR technologies and impress your users with innovative solutions.
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Our Software Solutions
Marketplace app 1
Marketplace App Development
Marketplaces have been among the top trends of the upcoming year. In 2019, gross merchandise sales increased by 15%, and this figure is expected to grow during the upcoming year. Disrupt the market with a brand-new marketplace that will take your industry by storm!
Social media app dev 1
Social Media App Development
Hire software developers to create a social media app that will climb the top charts. With more than 3 billion social networks out there, it is quite challenging to cut through the noise. But with the right knowledge and expertise in place, we can create a solution that will find its place on the software development market.
Fitness solution app 1
Fitness Software Solutions Development
Want to find skilled coders to build a solution for your fitness business? LITSLINK is here to give a boost to your business with a scalable mobile app. Rely on our team of software engineers to build an application you’ve always wanted to have.
Education 1
E-learning Platform Development
E-learning platforms bring together distant audiences and provide them with relevant knowledge and skills. Hire our software developers to build an EdTech product that will revolutionize the industry!
Ai video ed 1
AI Photo and Video App Development
Artificial intelligence has been recognized as one of the most promising techs of the current century, which has already been applied in a variety of fields. Let your users create stunning photos and videos with a smart mobile app built by LITSLINK top developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of tech professionals can I hire?
LITSLINK has a talent pool of 220+ tech professionals including software engineers, developers, designers, business analysts with the knowledge of all the latest technologies. Our specialists can handle a project of any complexity as they have an experience of working on projects of different size and complexity.

Our developers have vast expertise in React Native, Flutter and other cross-platform techs, which are quite popular on the software development market. They are also experienced in web development, AR & VR, SaaS development, product design, quality assurance, and cloud services.

We also have a well-established department of data scientists who can advise you on the development and implementation of AI, ML & DS solutions. Thus, whichever request you have, you can always get in touch with our manager and we will find the right specialists to give your business a boost.
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2. How can I manage my team?
We are quite flexible on management, which means you can choose how to define the level of your involvement. If you want to oversee all the processes yourself to track the progress and introduce changes, you can manage software engineers remotely or by visiting our office.

In case you are busy with other tasks, we can assign a project manager who will be responsible for managing a team. We break the project into sprints, assign tasks based on priority, and get down to the development process. Upon your request, a project manager can develop reports and a demo at the end of each sprint.
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3. What does the hiring process look like?
When you reach out to us, our managers analyze your request, define your business goals and needs to ensure you hire IT professionals with relevant skillset and experience. Once we agree on the terms of our collaboration, we start shortlisting candidates that will best suit your project.

We make a list of software engineers, categorize them based on the criteria you give us and send their CVs. After that, you choose the candidates you want to invite for an interview, bring them for an online session and ask your questions.

As soon as the interviewing process is over, you provide us with a list of developers you think will make the best match for your project. We assemble a team of programmers and move on to the launch and development stage.
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4. What sort of administrative support do you provide?
A well-established HR department and professional office managers ensure your team has all the necessary resources to demonstrate exceptional performance. They make sure the working process runs smoothly so that nothing can distract your team from performing well on the project.

Healthcare support, team-building activities, regular meetups, knowledge exchange sessions, educational opportunities and other activities are among numerous perks our employees enjoy at LITSLINK.
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Whether you need a single developer or a team of engineers, reach out to us and we will provide you with the best talents.

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