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Quality Assurance Services

Building an innovative product is just halfway to success. Bugs, errors and other inefficiencies might spoil the whole user experience and result in a complete disaster. Don’t take a leap of faith! Rely on LITSLINK, a top QA company in the US, and we will make sure your software runs like clockwork and meets your customers’ expectations.

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Our Customers Love Us

We are proud to have hundreds of satisfied clients across the globe. Our team treats every new customer as returned one and strives to provide best-in-class services to ensure you reach your goals.

Our Customers Love Us

Global Delivery

Imagine the whole world could work for you! Why not make it real? With two core offices in the US and R&D centers in Eastern Europe, we provide you with access to a vast pool of talents. Leverage global resources wisely to get an optimal testing solution!

Global Delivery

Experiences Across Industries

Whether you have a sophisticated enterprise software or want to build an MVP for your social media app, rest assured you’ll get first-class software testing services. Our QA engineers are well-versed in a variety of industries and can provide you high-quality services at any stage of the project.

Experiences Across Industries

Quality Assurance Services We Provide

Manual Testing

Manual QA services are required when a specific task can’t be assigned to a machine. Interface and usability testing as well as exotic scenarios are the tasks for a professional with an eye on software quality. Reach out to us for professional manual software QA services to get the best results in record time.

Manual Testing

Automated Testing

Complex applications require complex QA testing services. Automated testing enables the processing of thousands of tests in a limited time without human intervention. We render impeccable software testing services to let your app advance to the market launch stage within the shortest time.

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Automated Testing


HQed in the US

Get access to a global marketplace and enjoy the vast diversity of QA talents! With two offices in the United States and R&D centers in Eastern Europe, we can provide our customers with the service they deserve regardless of their location.

Award-Winning Software Partner

Having an experienced partner to back you up in any endeavor is vital. Our team has been rewarded as Top-Rated on Upwork and has a set of rewards to prove our expertise. Rely on our seasoned QA specialists to enjoy best-in-class software testing services!

Vast Pool of Talents

No matter whether you need a single QA specialist or a team of them, we are always here to meet your request. Our team of 220+ highly qualified tech professionals will test your software in the best possible way.

Faster Releases

We know how it is vital to get your product to the market timely. Our QA specialists are well-versed in a variety of projects, which means they can test and deliver your software fast without compromising on quality.

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Our QA Testing Process



We collect and analyze information from stakeholders (a client, business analysts, designers, etc.) and develop a list of software requirements.



Before our team gets down to actual testing, we decide on the type of test documentation that best fits the project specifications. Whether it is an extensive test design, a set of test cases, or checklists, we develop all the required assets to ensure we cover the entire product development lifecycle.



Product testing starts at the early stages of software development. Once developers submit the first features, we perform functional and non-functional testing to ensure your product works the way you and your users expect. Our QA team also performs regression testing before the release.



Upon completing the testing process, our team creates bug reports and analyzes the results of their work.

What our clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all projects require quality assurance?

Quality assurance is a vital part of the product development lifecycle. There is a common misconception that testing should be performed as a final step in the project.

The QA process starts at the very beginning when the development team submits the first features and functions to the app. A QA engineer's primary task is to test the product at every stage and ensure that everything the team delivers meets the project requirements. They verify and validate your product, which helps to build a seamless user experience.

By neglecting quality assurance, you risk releasing low-quality products full of bugs and inefficiencies, which would ruin your reputation on the market. Thus, it is always better to have a team of testers who will deal with all the vulnerabilities and ensure you get the product you can be proud of.

2. Do you follow quality assurance standards?

Sure, we apply the best practices and adhere to all the Software Testing Standards, such as the ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119.

3. What kind of QA software testing services do you provide?

We provide the full spectrum of QA services our clients might need. Our team of professional QA engineers performs all kinds of testing, including function, non-functional, regression, localization, usability testing and others.

The choice of QA services is highly dependent on the type of software you aim to build. For quality QA consulting services, reach out to us and we will analyze your request and come up with the optimal solution to meet your custom development needs.

4. Why should I outsource quality assurance?

Outsourced quality assurance might become a cost-effective solution for your app development project. If you are on a budget but need an experienced and qualified team to perform testing for your software product, outsourcing can perfectly meet your needs without compromising quality.

There are lots of software development companies out there ready to provide you with high-end QA services. Our QA engineers are well-versed in all types of testing and have dozens of projects under their belts, which means they will invest their knowledge and expertise to ensure you get quality software free from bugs and inefficiencies.

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