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No matter how good the developers are, mistakes are inevitable. Our QA team makes sure that no bugs make it through to app release.

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Automated Testing

Complex applications require complex QA testing services. Automated testing enables the processing of thousands of tests in a limited time without human intervention. It works well for performance-critical apps. We render impeccable software testing services to let your app advance to the market launch stage within the shortest time.
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Manual Testing

Manual QA services are required when a specific task can’t be assigned to a machine. Interface and usability testing as well as exotic scenarios are the tasks for a professional with an eye on software quality. Turn to us for professional manual software QA services to get the best result in record time.
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Functional Testing

Functional testing is conducted to ensure each function of an application works accurately and conforms with determined technical specifications. This type of black-box testing involves providing input and verifying that output aligns with expected outcomes. This type of Quality Assurance can be performed manually or with the help of automated software.

About Our Software Testing Services

The quality of software testing consulting services that you use when preparing your product for a market launch is a critical success factor. Be it an e-commerce platform, a game, or an app, its reliability and operational stability will make it either fail or fly, and it’s in your power to help it succeed. By subjecting your product to several automated and manual quality tests, you receive a clear idea of its readiness for launch, its weak and strong sides, potential sources of risks, and overall automation, usability, and performance. This data is critical for final improvements and guaranteed smooth market entry.

Experts at LITSLINK are ready to provide complete, thorough QA software testing services for any kind of software you need. Here we guarantee rigorous examination of your product or prototype in terms of accessibility, compatibility, functionality, and localization. We’ll run your game, software, or app through all kinds of performance tests to uncover its weaknesses, troubleshoot all bugs, and improve its usability. 

By using QA and testing services of LITSLINK, you may guarantee your project’s success and a flawless market entry without technical emergencies of any kind.

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Our Stages in QA Testing Services

We analyze each test requirement carefully to deliver top-notch software to you!

We prepare a QA testing strategy to achieve the best quality results for your product!

Our software testing company executes a QA testing process to find out how your software can work faster and better.

We keep you updated on all our testing activities and what bugs your software has.

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