Custom Healthcare Solutions

In times of pandemic, when humanity has faced one of the biggest challenges in the history of mankind, we should utilize all the means to aid healthcare institutions. Leverage LITSLINK expertise to build medical software solutions that optimize workflows, streamline processes, automate operations, and provide exceptional patient experiences.

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Custom Healthcare Solutions

About Our Healthcare Development Services

Compliant & Secure

We stand out as a reliable healthcare solutions provider that caters to your needs and goals. Our team applies the best practices and industry standards to build HIPAA and GDPR compliant software.

Compliant & Secure

Custom Solutions

We do not provide you with out-of-the-box solutions. Our tech experts carefully analyze every request to deliver best-in-class healthcare development services that meet your needs and solve real-life problems.

Custom Solutions

Get Your Needs Covered

As a one-stop software development company, we provide our customers with all the services they need to build first-class software solutions for healthcare. Delegate all the hassle to us and develop your app fast with qualified experts!

Get Your Needs Covered

Services We Provide

Clinical & Health Management Software

Enhance data management and bring your healthcare services to a new level with medical software solutions built by our team of experts. Use technology wisely to streamline data flow, process requests fast and improve performance in your organization.

Clinical & Health Management Software

Mobile Apps For Healthcare

Did you know that more than a half of worldwide traffic comes from mobile devices? Build high-quality healthcare apps that will cater to your users’ needs and provide them with top-notch experience.

Mobile Apps For Healthcare

Custom Healthcare Solutions

Have an incredible idea for a healthcare software? Reach out to our qualified development team. They will bring their knowledge and experience to the table to build a solution that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Custom Healthcare Solutions


US-Based Software Partner

We have two core offices in the US and R&D centers in Eastern Europe. Our locations enable us to deliver top-notch healthcare development services to all our clients wherever they are.

Vast Expertise in HealthTech

By hiring technology experts at LITSLINK, you can be sure to work with accomplished tech specialists. With dozens of completed projects, we know how to develop medical software solutions

On-Time Delivery

Have strict deadlines? Rely on our professional team to build your healthcare software solution fast. They will work on agile to build the software that aligns with your requirements and meets your expectations.

Team You Can Trust

We work in close cooperation with our customers and industry experts to deliver scalable and reliable solutions compliant with world-proven standards and technologies.

Build Custom Healthcare Software With Industry Experts!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of healthcare solutions do your services cover?

We cover the full spectrum of healthcare app development services our customers need to build a successful solution and launch it on the market. If you have an awesome idea for a revolutionary software but have no clue how to make it real, rest assured our professional team will provide you with quality consultancy and guide you until the release.

LITSLINK team is well-versed in building healthtech software of various complexity. The spectrum of our services comprise enterprise software, electronic health record and electronic medical record systems, clinical software, telemedicine solutions, etc. Whichever request you have, we will assemble a team of qualified engineers to meet your development needs.

2. Do you provide custom medical software development?

Sure. We offer an entire pull of services required to build healthcare software solutions that perfectly align with the market trends. From business analysis to quality assurance and support, we guide you through this thorny to ensure you have your business goals met.

3. What security standards do you adhere to?

We comply with all the regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure you won’t meet any obstacles when launching your product. Our team has vast experience in working with healthtech solutions and has a profound knowledge of building secure and reliable medical systems.

4. Do you have experience in developing healthcare mobile apps?

Our software engineers have experience in creating healthcare mobile solutions of various complexity. Medical record systems, patient tracking software, chronic condition management platforms ― our developers are well-versed in projects of different scope and complexity. Check out our case studies to get an idea of our work.

Build Innovative Healthcare Solutions

Reach out to us for quality software development services, and we will get back to you shortly!