Data science featured

Data Science For Startups: Empty Hype or a Key to Success?

Data Science is a Gulliver that marches confidently through the gates of magnificent opportunities but, actually, it has already taken the world by storm.  Since Data Science i...
Manual vs automated testing featured

Manual vs Automated Testing: Pros and Cons

QA testing is an essential step that cannot be omitted if you want to deliver a top-notch software. This process helps you detect what inefficiencies your product has and make s...
How much does it cost to make an app in 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in 2020?

Probably many business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs are wondering how the COVID-19 pandemic is going to influence their domains. Indeed, the virus is going to leave a visib...
Node js types of apps featured

8 Types of Applications You Can Build With Node.js

Rarely do we think of what technology was used to build our favorite mobile apps. And that’s okay. We don’t spend much time questioning such routine things in our lives. But whe...
Computer vision featured

Computer Vision: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know (And Even More)

“Just like to hear is not the same as to listen, to take pictures is not the same as to see.” —  Fei-Fei Li Our minds process tons of data every day. While walking on the stree...
Oculus at workspace 1

Oculus for Business: A New Way to Stay Connected

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many governments were forced to undertake strict lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the disease. All at once, we couldn’t din...
5 lean canvas model featured

5 Lean Canvas Examples of Multi-Billion Startups [Template Inside]

Every business idea does need a plan. The plan that will help entrepreneurs avoid obstacles on their startup journey, mitigate risks and make sure their company will stand the c...
Flutter versus react native differences 4

Flutter vs React Native: What’s Better for Mobile App Development

In this ever-evolving IT realm, knowledge and skills in all the latest techs are precious. Since there is a high demand for mobile apps among users, their development won’t stop...
Covid tracing app featured 1

COVID-19 Tracing Apps: How Do They Work in Different Countries?

Imagine standing in the supermarket line when your phone buzzes, and you already know what it means — a notification from a newly launched tracing app. Somebody, you don't even ...
Startup mistakes featured 1

This Simple Tip Will Help You Avoid the Huge Mistake Many Startups Make!

In the maze of opportunities, the direct path often turns out to be faulty and so it goes with startups. Taking obvious steps, most IT enthusiasts skip one important move, witho...
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