Mobile app development

How to Launch an App and Earn on It: A Step-by-Step Guide

With so many apps hitting the Google Play and iOS App stores every day, and some of them making their creators really rich, more and more people are getting interested in breaking into the market and taking a fair share of the app users. Numerous success stories hit the headlines, so most startups sincerely believe it’s pretty easy to become suc...
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Web Summit: Where Innovations are Born. Why to Visit and What to Discover?

Web Summit is “booming”. You are standing in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out your way to the main stage. Thousands of people are passing by with their heads in the phone, streaming the latest tech trends and sharing their insights. This year, 70 000 attendees are on the venue — that’s nothing but amazing! On the right, a startup from...
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Chatbots in business

Top Benefits of Chatbots for Business

You’ve probably watched tons of videos where people test chatbots asking them various questions to see which one is smarter — Google Assistant, Siri, or maybe Alexa, or which AI will understand the name Benedict Cumberbatch pronounced in English, but in different accents. But chatbots are more than just fun. They can be quite different in their ...
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Social media apps

How to Make a Social Media App?

In the world of cutting-edge technologies, coffee is no longer the first thing in the morning. When you wake up, you lean towards your phone to get the latest updates from FB news feed, read your followers’ comments on Instagram or chat with your friends in WhatsApp. Indeed, social media has taken a big share of our lives. With 3+ billion active...
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Php picture

Why all the hate for PHP, and why to use it?

PHP is surrounded by haters and admirers all over the world. But if you hit the search button for PHP in 2019, you will see that there is a war between the two parties in full swing, and the language is being bitterly criticized. Is it a reasonable disapproval, hype, or just plain softism — discrimination against other programming languages? Wha...
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React360 frame threejs

WebVR Technologies: React 360 vs A-frame and Three.js

Virtual reality topics have been dominating the headlines of all IT blogs. Its ability to immerse a user in an exciting, brand-new environment is hard to overestimate. Until fairly recently, the idea of emerging in a virtual world seemed to be impossible, currently such technologies as React 360, Three.js, and A-frame provide access to best VR e...
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Web summit lisbon

LITSLINK is Heading to Web Summit this November!

Web Summit is one of the most significant technological events in the business world. Thousands of people from different continents come together every year in Lisbon, Portugal, to attend presentations delivered by hundreds of keynote speakers across the board. As a strong player in software development, LITSLINK will be among Web Summit visitor...
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Mobile dev blogs

Best Mobile App Development Blogs in 2019 You Might Have Missed

The best and fastest way to find out what is going on in mobile development and get your questions answered is through mobile app development blogs. There are so many hacks and advice regarding mobile development that you can definitely find whatever you need. However, with such a rich variety of resources, what sources should you look for the a...
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React angular 2

React vs Angular: Which Technology to Choose?

JavaScript frameworks and libraries are in high demand nowadays. They are indispensable when it comes to front-end development. React and Angular are one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript technologies that are applied to build rich user interfaces. React and Angular are both open-source pieces of software under the MIT license. Thou...
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Why Should You Start To Use Expo ?

The world is leaping forward with giant strides, and the technological world is no exception. More and more companies are trying to find the fastest way to launch their apps that would run on iOS, Android, or any other mobile operating system without the slightest hitch.  Not so long ago, Expo was no way up for this task. It used to have quite ...
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