Mobile vs web for startups featured

Mobile App vs Mobile Web: What Would Best Suit a Startup?

Brilliant idea for your startup — checked. Users do need your product — checked. A mobile application or a mobile website for your business — well, here’s when you have some sig...
Business model canvas featured

A Complete Guide to Business Model Canvas

Business plan is what differentiates market-leading companies from complete failures. It serves as a cornerstone of any enterprise, providing founders with a detailed guide on h...
Best educational apps featured

The Future is Now: Best 10 Educational VR Applications

No more boring classes — virtual reality is here to bring considerable interest into traditional education to students, educators, and everyone who wants to learn something new ...
How to build an app like tinder featured

How to Сreate a Hit Dating App Like Tinder?

We have come a long way from radio to the Internet, but technical progress is moving much faster today. World is so rushed that we barely find time for anything, especially when...
Saas product development checklist featured

SaaS Product Development Checklist

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur creating your first SaaS product? Use this must-have SaaS development checklist to help you build a successful product and avoid the most commo...
How to build an app like printful 1

An Excellent Win-Win Idea for Your Startup: How to Build an App Like Printful

A win-win in the business world is the new black. But not so many businesses nowadays can yield profit and help other companies to have their piece of the pie at the same time. ...
Ar art

What is Augmented Reality and How Does it Work?

Today is the epoch of tech-enriched, computer-mediated lives. It’s not enough for people to live in the physical world anymore; they crave for richer experiences that technologi...
Product design

Learn How Product Designers Shape the App Development Process

Technology evolves at an exponential rate - so fast that you may find it hard to keep up! New products are entering the market in the hope to get their cut of the take and becom...
Education and technology featured

Education and Technology: The Biggest Distraction or the Biggest "Force Multiplier"? 

Let’s face the truth: technology has penetrated into all spheres of our lives, and education is no exception. Modern classroom has gone far from what our parents used to envisio...
Vr in ecommerce f

Ecommerce Innovations: How Virtual Reality is Changing the Face of the Industry?

Contents Market Overview Top Applications of VR in Ecommerce VR shopping VR fitting rooms VR to Boost User Engagement Virtual Assistants Benefits of Using VR in Your...
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