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  • Talent pool of 220+ qualified tech professionals
  • A rich portfolio of successful case
  • Cost-effective and fast mobile development
  • Expertise in a variety of industries

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    Why Hire Flutter Developers at LITSLINK

    Home-Based Tech Talents

    When it comes to building your own product, staying in the loop is paramount to develop a high-quality tech. With two core offices in Palo Alto and Orlando, we remain close to our customers so that they can always reach out to us or make us a visit

    Top Rated Software Partner

    We are proud to be rewarded as a Top-Rated Agency by Upwork. Our team has been working hard to earn this trust and build strong bonds with our customers. Rely on our qualified engineers to have your expectations met.

    Experienced Professionals

    By hiring Flutter app developers at LITSLINK, you get a seasoned partner interested in your success. We went through a thorny path of ups and downs to get a valuable experience, which helps our developers overcome even the toughest challenges.

    Wide Range of Talents

    We are proud to have an extensive team of 220+ tech professionals well-versed in all the newest techs and trends. Whether you need one Flutter developer or a team of them, we will be able to cover your needs without wasting valuable time and resources.

    Hire English-Speaking Flutter Developers
    To Boost Your Team!

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    Services We Provide

    Strengthen Your Team

    Hiring the right talents takes patience, perseverance, and expertise. You should consider all the options as making the wrong choice might cost you a fortune. Don’t take a leap of faith ― rely on us, and we will provide you with the best experts for your team.

    Strengthen Your Team

    Build Innovative Software Solutions

    Our Flutter developers will help you build truly innovative solutions following the latest trends on the market. They will bring their knowledge and expertise to create a software product that will guide you to success.

    Build Innovative Software Solutions

    Scale Your Software Product

    If you have a product that needs to be scaled or fixed, our Flutter developers are here to make it stand out. We have already completed dozens of projects in various industries and know what it takes to build high-quality software.

    Scale Your Software Product

    Our Team of Flutter Developers

    Flutter engineers in the team
    Flutter engineers in the team
    Years average experience
    Years average experience
    Projects  <br/>completed

    What Our Developers Say

    Business Models

    Onshore Model

    Onshore Model

    Do you prefer to have a team onsite? Then opt for our onshore hiring model and have your team working on the project in your office. Regardless of your location, we can hire and send software engineers to work with you.

    Offshore Model

    Offshore Model

    If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-efficient solution, an offshore hiring model is your choice. Look beyond the boundaries to find experienced experts and jumpstart your project right away!

    Turn-key Solutions

    Turn-key Solutions

    Focus on strategic tasks and get rid of the need to manage your development team. Delegate this task to us, and our qualified project managers will ensure your product will be released timely while following your requirements.

    Steps to Hire Flutter Developers

    Tell Us Your Requirements

    Tell Us Your Requirements

    Our long-term collaboration begins with a discovery meeting held to discuss your requirements and decide on the team composition.

    Carry Out Interviews

    Carry Out Interviews

    To ensure you have the right people working on your project, we organize a series of interviews for you to speak with developers, ask your questions and choose the ones that best fit your business needs.

    Start Your Project

    Start Your Project

    We do not beat about the bush with agreements or documentation. Once you make up your mind and hire Flutter developers, we start working on your project right away.

    Hire Top Flutter Developers to Augment Your Team
    With Strong Talents!

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    What our clients say

    Our Solutions

    Chat Application

    Chat apps have been growing in popularity during the last year and they are expected to bring even more users online. With more than 2 million users worldwide, they have been hitting the charts in all sectors. Hire Flutter app developers at LITSLINK to build the next WhatsApp!

    Chat Application

    Marketplace App

    $2 billion was spent globally in marketplaces the previous year. With the closure of brick-and-mortar stores, numerous businesses move their operations online. Create the next revolutionary marketplace app with our Flutter developers to get your bite of the cherry!

    Marketplace App

    Streaming Service

    Since the beginning of pandemic, streaming services are on the rise. The increase in the number of viewers has shaken the market and this splash is not going to fade in the nearest future. With Flutter engineers from LITSLINK, you are sure to build a reliable service that will appeal to your audience.

    Streaming Service

    Custom Solution

    Have an idea for a breakthrough application? Delegate your project to our seasoned Flutter experts and bring it to market fast without wasting essential resources. Tell us your requirements and we will take care of the rest!

    Custom Solution

    Tech Stack

    Programming Language

    • Dart

    Code Quality

    • Unit/Widget/Integration
    • Mockito
    • Golden


    • http
    • dio
    • connectivity
    • chopper

    State Management

    • BLoC/Rx
    • Provider
    • Riverpod
    • GetX


    • Material
    • Cupertino


    • flutter_localizations
    • flutter_i18n
    • i69n

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does the process look like?

    For our software expert to analyze your request and shortlist best-in-class engineers, please, fill in the form with your contact details and a short description of your project. Our collaboration begins with a discovery meeting where we discuss your needs and decide on the team composition. We also compose a list of requirements, including experiences, proficiency in the tech stack, expertise in a particular industry, etc.

    Once we agree on the team composition, we schedule interviews with developers so that you can ask questions and choose the ones that best meet your preferences. The process of augmenting a team usually takes 5-10 business days, depending on your deadlines and the project scope. As soon as we have a team, we get down to the development process.

    2. Can I hire one Flutter developer?

    We do not have restrictions on the number of developers you can hire. Whether you need a single software engineer or an extensive team working on your project, we will be able to meet your request. With 220+ tech specialists onboard, we have a rich talent pool of developers proficient in various techs and industries. Thus, you can always rely on us in shortlisting the right talents to your team.

    3. How do I know software engineers fit my project?

    Our software experts always listen to your requirements and preferences before selecting candidates for your project. We take into account a number of factors, such as the years of experience on the market, expertise in the required tech stack, industry knowledge, soft skills, etc.
    For you to ensure we hired the right professionals, we organize a series of interviews where you can ask all your questions or provide us with a test task.

    4. What is the level of my involvement in the development process?

    You are free to choose the level of your involvement. If you prefer to manage your team yourself, we will ensure your team has all the necessary resources to maintain regular communication with you and other team members.

    Alternatively, if you want us to manage the whole process, we will assign an experienced project manager who will lead the team, set goals and keep you in the loop of all the changes to your product.

    Hire Professional Flutter App Developers to Build Your Product in No Time!

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