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E-learning Software Development Services

  • $326 billion ― projected worth of e-learning market in 2025
  • 77% US corporations already use e-learning software
  • 98% US companies plan to incorporate it in their programs

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    About Our Custom E-learning Development Services

    Education Sector

    LITSLINK provides efficient software development services for schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to create various social learning projects, including EdTech platforms, educational apps and websites, college and university students’ and tutors’ applications.

    Education Sector

    Corporate Sector

    Online education is not limited to the education sector only. Many businesses require sophisticated e-learning solutions and online training programs to help their staff acquire new skills and knowledge. LITSLINK helps to build useful online training software for corporations.

    Corporate Sector

    Broad Audiences

    We help develop e-learning software for various target audiences. Online education platforms, mobile and tablet applications — we create truly helpful, easy-to-use, and eye-catching software that will appeal to everyone to enjoy the learning experience.

    Broad Audiences

    Services We Provide

    E-learning Product Development

    We help create full-fledged educational products from start to finish to satisfy the clients and their end-users’ needs. Our development team uses the latest technologies to develop scalable, fast, and reliable software.

    E-learning Product Development

    E-learning Mobile Application Development

    Your users can learn wherever they are. Educational mobile apps appeal to many users — from college students to corporate workers and others who can use such applications to learn on the go. With our e-learning mobile and web development services, users will have the most convenient access to your education software.

    E-learning Mobile Application Development

    UX/UI Services for E-learning Platforms

    With our comprehensive UX and UI services, we create software products and content that will provide the best learning experience for any user.

    UX/UI Services for E-learning Platforms

    Why Work With LITSLINK

    HQ’ed in the US

    The United States is a country of high-quality educational processes. As a top software development company, we strive to satisfy the e-learning market’s demand by providing excellent educational products. We’ve located our headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, with three more US and Europe offices to meet this demand.

    Experience and Expertise

    With a 220+ pool of specialists, such as tech engineers, software architects, developers, business analysts, product designers, and project managers, we can create genuinely great e-learning solutions that will satisfy our clients and their users’ needs.

    Proficiency in Latest Technologies

    Our development team always keeps an eye on the latest technology trends to create sophisticated custom solutions and provide comprehensive software development services for education. This approach to business gives us a competitive edge over other software development companies on the market.

    High Customer Satisfaction

    We support our clients at every stage of software development. We help you build an e-learning solution from the ground up, provide regular updates to keep you in the loop, assist you in releasing and maintaining your software by providing support.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you create custom e-learning solutions?

    Absolutely. We specialize in creating various educational solutions to create a custom e-learning platform from scratch and improve the existing products by adding new features, debugging, and providing technical support to cater to the needs of a specific target audience. We can create specialized Udemy or Skillshare-like platforms that will bring up the learning process. For instance, educative is a cutting-edge e-learning platform application that is designed to provide courses for software developers with the view of honing their programming skills.

    2. What kind of educational software can you build?

    Our experience and expertise let us build a wide variety of e-learning solutions for the business and education industries and everyone who wants to learn. We create education and e-learning platforms, evaluation platforms for corporate employees, language learning mobile applications, learning management systems, interactive courses, actively utilize AR and VR technologies to make learning processes fun and easy. All in all, we can build anything under the sun.

    3. What features will be in my e-learning software solution?

    It depends on your requirements for the project. If you want to test your e-learning software idea, our development team can create an MVP with essential features to see if it’s worth developing further. Our development team can also develop a solution that will include all the features necessary to provide the best learning experience and reach your goals. It might be a simple learning management system where teachers can track the success of their students or sophisticated MLS (managed learning system) with profound analytics, tracking, and reporting systems with document management and administration.

    4. Why should I work with you?

    Experience in creating various e-learning products and practical knowledge of the latest technologies make us a worthy partner that can help you create products in a short period of time, following deadlines, maintaining positive business relationships, and helping to reach your objectives. We do a rigid business analysis to find out what’ll work best for you, thus giving rise to a revolutionary e-learning software.

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