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Reduce your operating costs and grow your business with our top-notch cloud application services. No need to spend money on additional applications to organize seamless working processes in your company. With our high-quality cloud solutions, you will store all necessary data online and share it easily among employees. By reaching out to LITSLINK, you will create secured, accessible, and advanced cloud software systems.

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About Our Cloud Services

Advanced Security

Protect your corporate data with our high-end cloud app development services. No matter how complex your organizational processes are. With LITSKINK’s seasoned cloud engineers, you can build a highly secured system that will protect your organization against hacking attacks.

Excellent Scalability

Update and add numerous documents to the cloud hassle-free. With our highly experienced cloud engineers, you will develop a scalable cloud product tailored to your business needs and budget.

Superb Accessibility

Give access to your corporate data to all your employees at lightning speed with our top-quality cloud application services. Contact us if you want to develop a highly accessible product for your company.
Cloud App Development

Services We Provide

Cloud Migration

Move your working operations to the cloud infrastructure and empower your business with LITSLINK’s cloud app development. We have highly experienced cloud engineers on board who will accelerate your company’s growth to new heights.

Cloud Optimization

Maximize your ROI (Return on Investment) and optimize your cloud architecture with LITSLINK. Our cloud experts will help you automate your working operations and leverage your business growth.


Keep your data secured with our first-class SecOps (Security and Operations). If you want to improve agility in your organization or streamline IT operations, you can do it with this cloud service.

Hybrid Cloud Development

Eliminate security risks for your business with our top hybrid cloud development services. If you want to create a cloud computing system that combines both private and public features, reach out to us, and LITSLINK’s cloud engineers will bring it to existence.
Case Studies
DevOps Services for IoT
Scotts Miracle-Gro is one of the leading American companies that helps gardeners around the globe to transform their lawns and gardens with the help of valuable resources, technology, and practical advice.
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Cloud Services
AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab, Terraform
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Our Cloud Development Process

Discovery Phase

The process might be a bit different for structured and unstructured data. But in most cases, we begin with exploration. Our ML engineers do it with the help of various packages and libraries available for Python. At this stage, they analyze the amount of data you have and identify how much information they need to design a machine learning solution for your business.

Cloud App Development

After the discovery stage, we begin a cloud app development process. At LITSLINK, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to leverage your business.


Once we finish the cloud development process, our seasoned cloud engineers initiate a launching phase. After that, you can use a newly created cloud software system to automate and scale your business operations.


If you need to upgrade your cloud system or you’d like to automate all business processes in your organization, you can always rely on LITSLINK. Drop us a message, and we will find the optimal solution catered to your needs and budget.
What our clients say
Luke Wilson, Mighty Immersion Founder about top software developers at LITSLINK
We really enjoyed working with LITSLINK. Our developer was extremely competent in a wide range of programming languages and frameworks, which allowed us to pivot and explore while maintaining the same team. We really felt like the LITSLINK team could handle anything we threw at them.
Luke Wilson, Mighty Immersion Founder
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Brosnan Hoban, QuickPix Founder & CEO about top software developers at LITSLINK
The whole LitsLink team has gone above and beyond my expectations. Their hands on approach and attention to detail is the best in the industry. They helped us bring our app idea to life. I can't thank them enough for everything they have done for us.
Brosnan Hoban, QuickPix Founder & CEO
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Pierre Guy Bareges, Digital Service Group CTO about top software developers at LITSLINK
We work with Litslink for more than a year on different projects. They helped us on many different tasks ranging from design to backend. Working remotely means that communication is key and they never failed us. They were able to had a lot of flexibility to our team. We move fast and lean and they give us the ressources to doing so. Highly recommended !
Pierre Guy Bareges, Digital Service Group CTO
Erik Bolmsj about top software developers at LITSLINK
The LITSLINK team did an excellent job in developing an app from scratch. We were in need for designer/front end/ back end and it was all managed by a PM at LITSLINK. A very tight schedule was never a problem, and we are really overwhelmed by the quality and client focus of the staff at LITSLINK.
Erik Bolmsj
Katie Massie-Taylor & Sarah Hezh, Founders about top software developers at LITSLINK
We felt like we were working with a business partner rather than a service provider. Patient but persistent, fluent English-speaking, LITSLINK delivered all releases in time, within requirements and budget, performing thorough and continuous project management.
Katie Massie-Taylor & Sarah Hezh, Founders
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Euan Cameron, Willo Co-Founder & CEO about top software developers at LITSLINK
We are growing our user base 150% month-on-month since launch and have now powered interviews in over 40 countries around the world. The team at Litslink have become invaluable members of the Willo team and we could not have built such a reliable and robust platform without them.
Euan Cameron, Willo Co-Founder & CEO
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Alex Volkov, President, Mailfeed Corp. (US) about top software developers at LITSLINK
LITSLINK has been our core software development partner from initial stage to launch and have delivered solid, high quality results during the whole project integration. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable software development company with a  complex challenging project and would like to appreciate their team’s professionalism, responsiveness and communication skills.
Alex Volkov, President, Mailfeed Corp. (US)
Fedor Karmanov, CEO, Toolook Inc. (US) about top software developers at LITSLINK
We were very happy with technical delivery of all project's parts, especially taking into account release time pressure. LITSLINK showed severe dedication to our project, paying attention to details still maintaining holistic approach to the complex multi-level project.
Fedor Karmanov, CEO, Toolook Inc. (US)
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Michael Kader, Project manager, Department of Environment (Cayman Islands) about top software developers at LITSLINK
I had an excellent experience working with LITSLINK. They effectively saved our project, turning a poor developed app into a fine working one. Now as the app is launched we recognize needed changes and LITSLINK quickly and efficiently makes the requested changes. LITSLINK are professionals in app development business. our project would nit have succeeded without them. I can confidently recommend their services as being of the highest standard, with excellent communication and always agreed within budgets.
Michael Kader, Project manager, Department of Environment (Cayman Islands)
Gavin Stewart, HMBIA Development Committee head, HMBIA federation (Switzerland) about top software developers at LITSLINK
The delivery was exactly what we had hoped for: fast and reliable. Since the pages went live they have been running smoothly and in practical terms for us this helped us to sell the highest possible number of tickets for our event in 2015. LITSLINK provided us with a competitive, professional service which has greatly helped our organization achieve its goals.
Gavin Stewart, HMBIA Development Committee head, HMBIA federation (Switzerland)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can my business benefit from cloud application development?
With high-end cloud application development services, your business will gain numerous advantages. From backing up and storing your important files on the advanced cloud storage to sharing them seamlessly with the employees.

Whatever your company does on the market, your organization can automate organizational processes and reduce operating costs. So reach out to us for cloud development services, and we’ll help you scale your business.
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2. What types of cloud app development exist?
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) are the core types of cloud app development. Depending on your business goals, LITSLINK’s software experts will help you choose suitable cloud app development based on your needs and budget.
3. Why should I move my business operations to the cloud?
Apple, Netflix, Instagram, and other world-leading market giants reap numerous benefits from the cloud. Higher data centers’ capabilities, excellent system performance, and great scalability are among a few advantages that companies can get from moving their business operations to the cloud.

If you plan to increase data processing capacity or make document automation faster, the cloud app will be a perfect choice for that.
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4. What instruments do you use in the cloud app development process?
At LITSLINK, our seasoned cloud engineers keep pace with the progress to learn innovative technologies. Thus, it helps them develop top-quality cloud products that extend your business to new heights. So if you need to improve and update your infrastructure, we use Terraform, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

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