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AI Photo and Video App Development

  • 300+ skilled tech experts
  • An in-house Mixed Reality Department
  • Expertise in a variety of industries and techs
  • Knowledge of the latest market trends

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    About Our AI Photo and Video App Development Services

    Effective Resource Management

    Our AI photo and video app services help you cut costs on software development by increasing time-to-market speed by 50%. You’ll get a full-fledged application much faster so that you can disrupt your niche right away.

    Effective Resource Management

    Easy to Use and Scalable Products

    We build an app with its success in mind. More and more users would want to use the app. That’s why it needs to be scalable and easy to use and maintain. We will help you add new features and satisfy the current demand for the application.

    Easy to Use and Scalable Products

    Unique Design

    Apple Store and Google Play have countless applications, and to stand out in the crowd, you need to build a user-friendly app with an excellent design that will capture your users’ attention. With talented designers on board LITSLINK, we’ll create an AI photo and video app that appeals to your users.

    Unique Design

    Services We Provide

    Mobile AI Video and Photo App Development

    If you plan to target iOS and Android users with your next killer AI photo and video application idea, then LITSLINK mobile app development services are the right choice. We create genuinely great apps that will satisfy iOS and Android users who value outstanding quality, functionality and enjoy utilizing various photo and video editing, gallery, or sharing apps.

    Mobile AI Video and Photo App Development

    Web AI Photo and Video App Development

    Web AI app development service is the most cost-effective method of creating AI photo editing apps, video editors with advanced effects and features to cater tousers’ needs. Easy app maintenance, reduced development time, and cost make web AI app development a highly preferred and practical option.

    Web AI Photo and Video App Development


    Experienced Team

    With more than 220 seasoned professionals onboard LITSLINK — software engineers, developers, QA specialists, business analysts, project managers, product designers — we will help you create the most sophisticated AI photo and video application that your users will fall in love with.

    Experience in App Development

    We’ve built enough apps on knowing what works best in terms of technologies to create genuinely unique, competitive, and easy-to-use applications. Our development team is equipped with the latest knowledge of tech trends allowing them to get any project off the ground.

    HQ in the USA

    With the headquarters in Palo Alto in California and another office in Orlando, Florida, we try to offer our services to US clients who want to work with predominantly home companies. But we also have two more offices in Europe to be closer to our clients wherever they are.

    Data Science Department

    We always keep an eye on the latest technology trends — we know how important data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are for businesses and their users. We’ll build an advanced photo or video application utilizing AI so that your users can enjoy incredible experiences.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What type of photo and video app development should I choose?

    It all depends on who you want to target. Suppose you want to go for iOS users. In that case, AI photo and video app development services are right for you; if Android users are of primary importance, you can use Android services, respectively. But we would advise you to look at cross-development app services, which are cost-effective indeed. It also takes less time to create such an app. Thus, you’ll be able to target iOS and Android uses, spending less time and money resources.

    2. How do I know that my app idea is safe with you?

    We know that it might be frustrating to trust your idea to a third-party company. To ensure our collaboration’s confidentiality, we offer you to sign an NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement where the document will protect your interests. Your app idea is safe with us.

    3. What does the development process look like?

    When you get in touch with us, we go through several stages of development.

    At the first stage, which takes approximately two to four weeks, we elicit the necessary information from you — your app idea, requirements, etc. We carefully analyze the data and develop the app prototype, including a comprehensive description of business logic and a technical proposal.

    At the second stage, we assemble a team of developers and appoint a project manager responsible for the communication between you and the team. If need be, you can supervise them yourself without any intermediary. The software developer will have the knowledge and practical experience in the tech stack that will be most suitable for your project. We’ll provide you with the results of the development projects regularly.

    At the third and final stage, which are launching and ongoing support, we’ll make sure that the application is launched, runs smoothly, and has no bugs. We also support your app after we’ve launched it.

    Once your application has gotten popular with its users, we can easily scale it by adding new features.

    4. Why should I work with you?

    We’ve developed enough AI photo and video applications to know what works best for our clients. For instance, you can check out Toolook, a video editing app. This is an AI-powered application for iOS and Android users that creates an illusion of a photo, retouch and enhance images and add real or unreal objects. You can also use AI effect filters in real-time.

    Equipped with expertise and experience in the latest technology and profound knowledge of the tech market and many other industries inside, we know what tech stack to use to create an outstanding application.

    Looking for a trusted partner to build a unique AI-powered video or photo app?

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