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Product design is not just about how it looks. We offer full-cycle product design, including business analysis, UI/UX design, product architecture, and more.

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Software product design services by UI/UX design agency LITSLINK

Business Analysis

Product design is meant to perform a specific function and serve for a particular purpose in business. If you want to create an appealing and practical design, market research is required. We involve our business analyst to research the industry and identify the needs and wants of the target audience. The tight cooperation of BA with the design team ensures that the software will become successful and occupy its niche on the market.

UX Design

Your app might be appealing and bright, but it turns into a total disaster when being used. If you neglect UX design, do not expect your customers to stay and your revenue to grow. Our skilled and experienced software development team pays attention to all the details that streamline the user experience. We start your customer journey with deep research to make sure that the created solution perfectly matches the needs of your target audience and industry. We develop interfaces where usability comes first.

UI Design

An awful interface can spoil the whole user experience, which means this part of product design can’t be neglected either. We follow the best industry benchmarks, apply the most effective practices, and latest trends to make your app stand out from the crowd in the app store. Successful UI design represents a mix of art and science, and we know exactly how to make it work.

Usability Testing

How do you know that your design works? There are various approaches to evaluation, but the best way to find it out is to ask your target audience. We conduct market research, talk to your users, and discover what appeals to them the most. Guessing or intuition won’t work here. We assess real feedback to achieve the highest results.

Brand Identity

What is your brand? How does it look? What are the underlying values behind it? Each brand is similar to a personality as it has its vision, style, and brand voice. All these aspects define your target audience and your success on the market. Together with LITSLINK, you have a chance to build a strong brand identity that will make you more competitive in the industry

About Our Product Design Services

A successful product development starts with a vision that helps businesses grow and prosper with highly intuitive interfaces. But product design is much more than that. It aims to simplify the user journey and address the main pain points with fully customizable and interactive UX/UI features. 

There are countless UX/UI agencies and firms with the focus on user interface design. LITSLINK provides qualified assistance in creating a brand identity that perfectly communicates your values and vision to the audience. By reaching out to our product design company, you’ll get the most optimal solutions! 

At LITSLINK, we provide top-notch product software design services, helping our clients stand out from the crowd with a captivating and adorable brand identity. With our experienced team of product designers, you can create interactive and user-friendly interfaces for your web or mobile products. By selecting LITSLINK as your core partner, you’ll get not only high-quality design but also streamlined and clear layouts that determine user interaction with your new product.

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What does the journey from idea to ready design look like?

Our development process starts with an in-depth business analysis that helps our UI/UX design team to determine what your target audience needs and wants. Regular sessions are held to ensure that we are on the same wavelength and move in one direction to reach successful results.

When you strive to create unique product design, detailed project documentation, case studies, and road maps are highly valuable. We assign a skilled business analyst to assist you with creating product requirements to make sure you have a strategy to follow.

Based on the provided documentation, our designer creates a prototype. We keep focused on user experience (UX) to provide your customers with an appealing and user-friendly design that does not require much effort to browse your website or an application.

UX is the skeleton of any app or software. To make it attractive for a user, a UI designer enters the game. At this stage, we create an interface that attracts your audience and boosts its engagement. Our team takes a wise approach to the design, making your business unique and successful.

When you have gone through all the essential stages of product design, you end up with a full set of deliverables. You get a functional prototype ready to be demonstrated to your users and investors together with well-developed project documentation, which provides you with a roadmap of the whole development process.

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