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Augmented reality emerges in various industries. We help outdo your competitors by empowering your business with tailored AR software.

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Augmented Reality Services
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Augmented Reality with Geolocation

Do you judge the whole AR industry by the Pokémon GO application? Augmented reality, coupled with geolocation, can do much more! Tourism, hospitality, real estate, retail − these are just a few industries that geolocation-based AR development is transforming.
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Augmented Reality in Education

Modern technologies affect the way we learn and acquire new skills. Augmented reality is one of those game-changers. Schools make use of AR services to teach history and science, and medical colleges adopt augmented reality to practice surgery. This is just the beginning of AR education era.
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Augmented Reality in IoT

IoT is already used in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, retail, etc. Connected sensors process terabytes of data. The AR service is here to visualize this data, making any tools’ maintenance or stock management much easier than before. IoT enhanced with AR can solve many business problems.

About Our Augmented Reality Services

With so many businesses embracing the AR technology in a variety of sectors, building your advanced AR app with a reliable, experienced augmented reality app development company is a sure market strategy. AR gaming is gaining momentum with millions of dedicated players joining the tribe. Augmented reality e-commerce solutions impress buyers with realistic product experiences. Industrial and medical AR applications advance the sectors and promise sizeable improvements in end-user experience. Become one of the champions of the AR-enhanced business solutions to get an indisputable competitive advantage. 

By choosing LITSLINK as your AR development solutions provider, you will work with a dedicated, experienced partner guiding you at all steps of AR product development, launch, and post-launch. We analyze the market to come up with non-trivial solutions and go the extra mile to help clients outperform their competitors with innovative, technically flawless offers. Our designers and managers always include clients in decision-making and development as well as providing continuous support and assistance from idea to product launch. We favor creativity and perfection, thus investing extra efforts into the production of impressive AR products.

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AR App Development Process

We start the augmented reality app development by conducting extensive research to make sure there is a potential market for your idea. By analyzing competitors among augmented reality technology companies, we evaluate their strengths and uncover weaknesses. This stage is vital to achieving the best AR application development result.

It is important to validate the idea with real customers of every augmented reality company. We make it cost-effective with a prototype. Creating a digital product in the shortest time enables our AR technology company to receive early user feedback and identify the true needs of your target audience.

At LITSLINK, we do not offer template solutions. We believe that tailored AR mobile app development can easily outclass premade services. The reason is simple − such software targets the specific needs of each business and solves the tasks in the most efficient way.

We support you during product launch and beyond to make sure that the service works as expected. In case of any issues, our support team is always there to solve them in the shortest time. We are the tech partner that is always by your side.

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