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Web & Mobile Real Estate Platform for 360° Tours

Skyward - Real Estate Platform

What is?

The product is a web & mobile platform for clients and real estate agents that is designed to streamline the rental experience by providing 360° VR tours. A mobile application connected to Theta Z & V 360° cameras via Wifi allows users to book and access showings from any part of the world.

Skyward app - screens


The client reached out to LITSLINK with a request to develop a platform and a mobile app for VR tours that will enable clients and real estate agents to conduct showings from any location.

The primary challenge lied in establishing a stable connection with cameras and providing smooth video streaming together with the highest photo quality. The platform had to engage users and let them view a house or an apartment from different angles without compromising the quality of the VR experience.




Skyward app - Add new tour screen


A team of designers and developers built an interactive and user-friendly web platform that is integrated with Theta Z & V 360° cameras and a mobile application. Skyward enhances the rental experience of its audience by providing their clients and agents with a chance to access showings from any device and location.

The platform simplifies the experience of searching for the right real estate object. Clients can look through the listings, choose an object they like and schedule a showing just in several clicks. Yes, it is that easy!

Skyward app - Add new tour screen 2


In the era of COVID-19, sticking to precautionary measures, such as social distancing, has become a life-saving practice. In this context, Skyward helps real estate agents to operate safely on the market by providing their clients with a possibility to book a showing without leaving their homes.

Furthermore, the platform also simplifies the process of creating and uploading VR assets. Agents just need drag and drop photos and place pins to organize a tour and the system will do the rest.

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