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E-learning Platform App

The ​Educative is a cloud-based web portal, where people can create their own coding courses for a worldwide audience of software engineers.


Educative is a comprehensive online platform that combines an e-commerce functionality, a full-fledged marketplace and a complex e-learning portal all in one place.


A provider of interactive courses for software engineers contacted LITSLINK as a company with solid expertise in e-learning and cloud app development. They were looking for a team to build a web platform that would facilitate the e-learning process by providing seamless client data and activity management. The solution had to include a module for users to register and subscribe to various e-learning services.

LITSLINK had to create an interactive in-browser environment that would keep users engaged. An educational platform had to contain all the features we were thinking about, but it had to be smooth and not clunky.


Educative is a web-based application with a responsive design. Its architecture is cloud-based and does not need any special system, software, or environment to build a new e-learning course. Even a person without technical background can launch a programming course on Educative.

The LITSLINK team developed a web-based application that provides comprehensive educational materials, a range of interactive courses, advanced tools to track users’ achievements, powerful WYSIWYG editor, a number of communication tools, and other features. The interactive in-browser environment keeps users engaged and tests their skills and progress.

Additionally, optimal payment methods are integrated into the portal. It handles payments and hosting of user content, access to educational services provided by customers and their partners. This way, LITSLINK was one of the application companies that helped Educative stand out from fierce market competition and create the innovative software service.


The developed solution represents a cloud-based web platform, where people can create their own courses for a global audience of programmers, share knowledge and expertise with like-minded people, and build their brand by promoting courses to the community.

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