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Platform for organizing and optimizing medical shifts

What is?

ShiftRx is a HealthTech platform that helps medical workers organize their shifts to ensure high-level optimization of the working routine. MDs have all the necessary information at their fingertips: they can register new patients during shifts (fill in their full name, age, date of birth, health history, medical, laboratory, and imaging examinations), flag them for special attention or conditions, manage flow, drug administration, and transferring patients from one team to another.

By the end of the shift, a doctor can transfer information to the next team to provide other doctors with a 360-view of patients’ data not to miss anything.


The client had a perfect idea about the tool that would help doctors organize their medical shifts and help them to keep track of their patients’ medical history. LITSLINK had to come up with a sophisticated design for the tool and its logic and then create a full-fledged platform.



The main challenge was to have a user-friendly design that would make the usage of the tool intuitive, fast, and appealing. To cover all the technical requirements of ShiftRx, we decided to use Flutter to build the cross-platform solution for both iOS and Android.

What the ShiftRx platform can do:

  • Keeping tracks of all patients
  • Keeping medical records
  • Transferring information from one doctor to another
  • Storing medical conditions of patients


The platform proved to be a great success. The client plans to launch the second version of ShiftRx with extended functionality.

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