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Nutralete is the ultimate nutrition tool for fitness professionals and their customers. It’s a macro-tracking product that allows users to track their nutrition and achieve personal goals. Users receive personalized calorie and macronutrient targets suited to their body and lifestyle, based on the diet plan set by their coach.

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Nutralete is an intelligent and interactive cross-platform mobile app that allows fitness professionals, who want to coach their customers, to easily create diet plans and share them with their followers. The app gives fitness instructors a way to make, automate and manage these diet plans, as well as reach an unlimited number of followers, without having to put in too much effort.

Users of the platform subscribe to their coach’s diet plan and set their profile to receive personalized calorie and macronutrient targets based on their body type and lifestyle. They can track their diet daily to make sure they are reaching their goals. Users input their weight and body measurements weekly; the system learns from that data and adapts accordingly, ensuring the best possible results.

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Nutralete founders understood how hard it was for fitness professionals to reach out to, and manage a large following base regularly. They required an app that had the capacity to support fitness instructors in reaching and managing an unlimited number of followers with minimal effort.

They also wanted the app to be financially viable for fitness professionals, so they could benefit from a recurring income while focusing on the important parts of their business. Nutralete also wanted to improve customer retention rates and provide excellent results for users using scientific methods. That is why they reached out to LITSLINK as a custom web development company to build a high-quality product for fitness trainers.

The customer required the app to be developed from scratch. They also needed a website with a simple site structure for Google indexing to be built in order to support the app. The LITSLINK team was required to do in-depth industry and product research as part of the first development phase.

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The LITSLINK team worked closely with Nutralete to build an app that was intelligent and easy to use for both fitness professionals and their customers. The company also built a website that was functional and aesthetically appealing in order to maximize conversion rates, prompting fitness professionals to start using the app. They adjusted their working hours to suit Nutralete users.

The designers used ReactJS for the front-end on the app design, as well as Movable, Sketch and Photoshop during the design process.

The LITSLINK team focused on the following features during development:

  • Tracking macronutrients like carbs, fat, and protein, as well as fiber intake
  • Allowing users to easily add their own food entries
  • Selection of food via barcode scanning
  • Setting of different goals  for different days of the week
  • Allowing users to check their total meal macronutrients in meal details
  • Allowing users to log the body measurements they care about i.e. weight and waist
  • Creating an intelligent system that would adjust according to changes in those measurements


Nutralete app and website design were perfectly suited the customer’s needs. The website provides everything that fitness professionals need to get started with the app, and the product itself is intelligent and user-friendly.

It allows fitness instructors to build their businesses with minimal intervention while allowing their customers to reach fitness and nutrition goals.

Nutralete and the LITSLINK team have developed a tight collaboration and continue to work together on other projects.

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