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Unity Development Services

Create immersive 3D experiences with Unity — one of the most evolving ecosystems for building appealing, realistic, and scalable applications. Whether you are looking for a technology to build a casual game or want to create a detailed simulation, Unity will make a perfect match for you. Its impressive cross-platform capabilities, rich feature set, and strong community are just a few of the benefits you will find with this tech. Reach out to LITSLINK — a top Unity game development company in the USA — and get the best out of our services!

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Unity Game Development Services by LITSLINK company, USA


Why Unity is The Best Match For Your Project


Unity provides software engineers with a rich feature set that comes at no cost. The platform is open-source and does not charge a royalty or anything you earn from your project. Thus, it is a perfect choice for those who want to get excellent performance and optimize their expenses at the same time.


Fast Development

In contrast to its counterparts, Unity has lots of out-of-the-box solutions that allow developers to build awesome 3D scenes quickly. It means your Unity development team does not need to build everything from scratch, which may significantly shorten your time to market.

Fast Development

Graphical Components

The platform equips Unity developers with a set of graphical opportunities to work with lightning, materials and textures. Thanks to NVIDIA PhysX technology, Unity enables software engineers to recreate real-life behaviors for the objects in the scene, which helps to streamline the user’s experience.

Graphical Components

We Provide

Unity App Development Services

Cross-platform App Development with Unity

Are you in two minds of what platform to choose for your product? Select several of them and make your app famous! With Unity, you just need to write a single codebase, which could be run on any platform you want.

Cross-platform App Development with Unity

AR/VR/MR-based App Development

Create unforgettable VR and AR experiences for your users with Unity development services from LITSLINK. With our highly qualified team, you can build immersive environments, eye-catching 3D scenes, fascinating games and awesome VR worlds!

AR/VR/MR-based App Development


Skilled Team

We are quite picky about who we work with. Our team of 130+ software engineers contains best-in-class developers proficient in all the latest techs. They are aware of all the trends and keep an eye on innovation to provide our clients with the best solutions. Therefore, when you reach out to LITSLINK, you are sure to get high-quality Unity game development services from top experts!

Expertise in a Variety of Industries

Despite a common misconception, Unity development is not limited to the entertainment and game industry. This technology is widely applied in a variety of industries, such a healthtech, education, fintech and much more. By reaching out to us, you get a chance to discover the whole world of opportunities catered by our top-notch Unity app development services.

US-based Unity Development Company

US-based Unity Development Company LITSLINK is HQed in Palo Alto, California. We also have R&D centers in Eastern Europe, which makes us closer to all our clients. No matter where you are based in, we are only a few hours' flight from your destination. We always invite our clients to visit our offices and get acquainted with our friendly team!

Flexible Hiring Options

We believe that collaboration should be convenient for all parties involved. Thus, we provide our clients with freedom to choose how they want to work with us. Fixed price or T&M? We will discuss all options and come to the optimal solution that meets your business needs.

Gear your development with our top-notch Unity services!

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Meet Our Team!

We are proud of every member in our Unity development team. Each of these people are here for a reason — make the world better with innovative products and bold ideas!
Olexandr Shcherbonos Senior Unity Game Developer
Olexandr Shcherbonos
Senior Unity Developer
Pavel Vinogradov Unity Game Developer
Pavel Vinogradov
Unity Developer
Unity is the technology developers were waiting for so long. Earlier, you had to choose a specific platform for your product, as migrating was a time-consuming and challenging process. Unity makes it simpler for businesses to implement their ideas with lots of out-of-the-box solutions and multiplatform support. With Unity, prototyping has never been such a fascinating and creative process.
Pavel Vinogradov, Unity Developer
Unity Development

Tech Stack

Core Technologies

  • Unity3D Engine
  • Unity3D Plugins for game play services and IAPs
  • Java, Obj C, and C# programming languages


  • UNET
  • Mirror
  • PUN
  • Sockets


  • Blender
  • Photoshop


  • Steam .Net framework


  • Vuforia
  • XR ( AR / VR ) Foundation
  • MRTK ( Mixed Reality Toolkit )
  • VRTK ( Virtual Reality Toolkit )
  • ARKit / ARCore
  • OpenCV / EmguCV
  • Oculus SDK
  • Vive SDK
  • Google Cardboard SDK
  • WaveVR SDK
  • Mapbox SDK
  • Ricoh Theta API


  • Android Studio, Android SDK
  • XCode


  • WebGL
  • WebVR

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1. What is the range of your Unity development services?

We are a full-cycle Unity development company with a focus on quality and precise attention to detail. It means that we can meet almost all customers’ requests starting from complementing your team with the right talents to developing complex applications from scratch

Unity is a cross-platform game development engine, which means you can launch your product on several platforms to reach a broader audience. The Unity editor is currently supported by 25 different platforms, including the most popular ones, such as macOS, Windows, Linux, AR Core, and others. Reach out to our qualified team, and we will come with a solution to meet your business needs!

2. What apps can be built with Unity?

Although Unity is one of the most popular engines used to create high-resolution games, it is not limited to this use case. The capabilities of this technology are almost endless. Healthcare, fintech, architecture, manufacturing, training, and legal are just a few of the spheres that can benefit from high-quality Unity development services.

Unity is almost a one-size-fits-all solution in all cases. Whether you want an ARK tailored to a single platform or you want your software run on several of them, this technology will provide your team with all the necessary tools to make your idea real.

3. What does the process look like?

When you contact us, our representative schedules a discovery call with you to discuss your product idea and business needs. After a thorough analysis of your project, we make an accurate estimation to provide you with an idea of the project budget and timeframe. We agree on all the terms, prepare the documentation, and move on to the development stage.

We break the project into sprints, where we set specific goals for our Unity development team. Based on design documentation and information from the client, we choose the right platform for their product and confirm it with all parties. After that, our software engineers initiate the development stage — they set up all the components in the Unity 3D engine, import assets, and start the process. At the end of each sprint, we prepare a demo for our client to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome.
When the product is thoroughly tested and ready to be launched on the market, we create accounts on the platforms and prepare the application for the launch. Alternatively, we can deploy the product to your storage and provide access to the project.

4. What projects does Unity best suit for?

Unity is a perfect choice for developing extended reality projects (AR/VR/MX), high-quality games, and detailed simulations. In the next few years, the Unity team is going to deep dive into VR and AR technologies to make that long-awaited breakthrough that will change the way people perform daily operations.

Tim Cook, CEO at Apple, also supports this belief that augmented reality will become the core technology of the future. Therefore, if you’ve also decided to opt for XR projects, Unity should be included in the tech stack of your project.

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