Rust Development Services

If you're looking for a versatile programming language for your next successful project, Rust is for you. This multi-paradigm, and general-purpose technology is suitable for any business, from startups to large corporations. Its performance, reliability and storage security enable the development of fast, resource-efficient, cross-platform solutions.

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Rust Development Services

Advantages of Using Rust for Your Project

More Result With Less Coding

Rust lets you do more with fewer lines of code. This programming language helps ensure that developers have the best possible approach to creating fast and secure software. This is beneficial for businesses that want to reduce the time and effort required for development and still get a robust solution.

More Result With Less Coding

Thorough Vast Documentation

Rust has an extensive ecosystem that is rapidly expanding. Multiple tool chains and documentation of each library are available to you by default. Developers can access all the materials they need on one community site — This makes it easier to deliver high-performing software as you can access the best tools.

Thorough Vast Documentation

Memory Safety

Rust software development enforces secure memory management without compromising speed. This also helps prevent bugs and build solutions to avoid data race conditions. Rust's extensive type system and ownership model ensure memory safety.

Memory Safety

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Whether you need exactly Rust iOS development services or a cross-platform solution, the language helps you minimize the effort required to achieve that goal. Thanks to its cross-compiling capabilities, it works on most existing platforms and assists companies in reaching a wider audience.

Cross-Platform Capabilities

Rust Development Services We Provide

CLI Programs

CLI stands for the command line interface. When creating these programs, Rust software developers can use utilities from the language's extensive library. Therefore, they choose Rust for creating CLI, as it compiles excellently for various target systems.

CLI Programs

WebAssembly Programs

Rust is capable of developing high-performing WebAssembly programs. WebAssembly is an assembler-like low-level language with a binary format. It was developed for a stack-based virtual machine that's now been implemented by all major browsers. It's used to debug, test, optimize and teach programs.

WebAssembly Programs

Networking Services

If you want to develop backend services that are performant and scalable, the Rust programming language is a great choice. With production-ready frameworks and support for basic features like logging and authorization, the Rust ecosystem is mature enough for that.

Networking Services

Embedded Programs

These are programs that run on embedded devices designed for a specific purpose. Some examples of such programs that can be developed using Rust are electronic calculators, fitness trackers, GPS, and IoT devices. Hire Rust developers to get a fast and efficient solution.

Embedded Programs


5+ Years of Expertise

Our Rust development team has solid experience and enough knowledge. LITSLINK professionals have helped 60+ startups develop cutting-edge software and deliver high-quality solutions that meet market demand.

Skilled Team of 300+ Tech Experts

Whether you want to build your solution from scratch or develop a custom product, our team of world-class Rust software developers is here to meet your needs and address the specific requirements of your business.

Flexible Hiring Options

When you hire LITSLINK — a Rust development company — you get a flexible and easy-to-scale team. Whether you need a developer or a team of engineers, fixed price or T&M, we're flexible in cooperation, because the most important thing for us is to respond to your requirements and needs.

Support Through the Entire SDLC

We dedicate ourselves to each project and accompany it from the idea phase to the product launch. Besides, we can provide post-release support for the Rust solution if requested. If you're looking for reliable full-stack Rust developers, LITSLINK is the right partner for you.

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Meet Our Leadership Team
Illia Fedotov -  Rust Developer at LITSLINK
Illia Fedotov

Rust Developer

Hlib Protasov -  Rust Developer at LITSLINK
Hlib Protasov

Rust Developer

Sergey Pahomov - Solution Architect at LITSLINK
Sergey Pahomov

Solution Architect

Developer’s Quote: “Rust is an easy-to-learn, multifaceted, fast and promising language. I came to Rust after Java, and although these languages are very different, I quickly mastered Rust. The language helped me get into the field of blockchain development. In general, this language is a great solution for both back-end and web3 development.”

Illia Fedotov, Rust Developer

Tech Stack

Core Technologies

  • Rust
  • Tokio
  • Serde
  • Clap
  • Reqwest
  • Actix
  • Diesel

Blockchain libraries

  • Solana SDK
  • Near SDK
  • Substrate

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of software can be built with Rust?

We've already given some examples of solutions that can be built with Rust — CLI programs, WebAssembly programs, networking services, and embedded programs.

Here are some more: Web applications; Monitoring applications; Webservers; Compilers; Virtual reality simulation engines; Mail servers; Databases; Web browsers; Operating systems, etc.

2. Can I estimate the pricing of my Rust product?

The cost of Rust development services depends on multiple factors, from the type of app, design and functionality to updates and maintenance.

However, LITSLINK has an online cost calculator. You can answer a few multiple-choice questions about your industry, the platforms you want to develop an app for, the type of app, etc. Thereafter, you'll get a rough estimate in no time.
Alternatively, you can contact LITSLINK by filling in the form below. Our sales managers will then provide you with all the details and an approximate cost estimate for your future Rust project.

3. Does Rust have better memory safety capabilities & speed than C++?

The two programming languages have similar syntax, but they differ in terms of memory safety.

Rust is known more for its advanced safe concurrency features, while C++ has sacrificed memory safety for speed. It doesn't use garbage collectors, but rather an ownership system that eliminates the need for manual memory management. If you want to avoid memory leaks, Rust is the language for you.

Then, we will define the level of your involvement so that you can choose how to manage your team. You can focus on more strategic tasks of your business and delegate the development process to our professional project managers. We will divide your project into sprints and provide you with demos and reports at the end of these sprints.

If you want to manage a team yourself, we have all the technical resources to ensure you can communicate with team members regularly.

4. Can I monitor the progress of my project?

After hiring the Rust blockchain developers, we'll give you access to all information related to the project.

If you would like to be informed about the progress, you can always contact our support team and project managers. There is also an option to schedule regular calls with the team, receive detailed reports and demos, and share feedback. We'll keep you up to date with any changes and encourage you to be present at every stage of the Rust app development process to be on the same page.

All you have to do is answer a few multiple-choice questions, share your contacts, and get a free quote in no time! It won’t take more than five minutes for you to complete this questionnaire.

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