Product design

There many products with similar or even identical functionality on the market. How does the user decide which one to start using? It’s all about design. 

We create products that don’t just look good, they feel right. And this is what helps our clients attract and retain customers.

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Business analysis
Product design is here to solve specific tasks. And to do this efficiently, deep research is required. We involve a business analyst to research the industry and uncover the needs and wants of the target audience. The tight cooperation of BA and design teams has to ensure that the product hits the bull’s eye.
UX design
There are so many apps that look awesome but are a total disaster to use. Their creators fail to think about user experience. But we don’t. Our UX designer starts with deep research to make sure that the created solution perfectly matches the target audience, the industry, and the specific business case. We create interfaces where usability goes first.
Ui design
UI design
An ugly interface can spoil the whole user experience, so this part of product design can’t be neglected either. We follow official guidelines, best practices, and latest trends to make your app stand out from the crowd in the app store. Successful UI design is a blend of art and science, and we know exactly how to make this cocktail work for your benefit.
Usability testing
How do you know that your design works? There are no algorithms for that. Your intuition or experience won’t help you either. The only way to find out is to ask your target audience. We talk to your potential users to know exactly what appeals to them and what still needs improving. All guesses aside. We work with real feedback to achieve the best result.
Graphic design
Brand Identity
Who is your brand? What does it look like? How does it speak? What are its values? Each brand is a personality with its own look, style, and voice. And all the aspects mentioned define what clients you attract and your success overall. Together, we build a strong brand identity that helps you conquer the market. Let’s rock together!

What does the journey from idea to ready design look like?

We involve a business analyst to help our UX/UI design team realize the needs and wants of the target audience. Regular sessions with the client also ensure that we are on the same wavelength, producing an exceptional product

For successful product design and development, detailed project documentation, user stories, and road maps are invaluable. We assign a skilled business analyst to assist you with creating product requirements.

Based on the available documentation, our designer creates a prototype. On this stage, the main focus is on user experience (UX). We ensure that the product is convenient to use and doesn’t force the user to think too hard.

UX is the skeleton. To make it attractive, a UI designer enters the game. Here, we create mood boards and the whole visual interface. The app’s look and feel are defined right now!

Going through all the essential stages of product design, you end up with a full set of deliverables: a non-functional prototype ready to demonstrate to your target audience or early investors, and the project documentation, which is the roadmap for the whole development process.

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