SaaS development

The world has become too flexible for expensive lifetime licenses and on-premise software. The era of SaaS is here.

Software as a Service is a business model from today? You pay only for what you use, always access the latest version without downloading the updates, and you generally don’t have to download anything. Users love it.

Building a SaaS app is a great opportunity for service providers!

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Fast iterating
Running your SaaS business? We know you can do better! We dive into the industry, analyze user feedback and scan your competitors. All these efforts result in a backlog full of new features and critical improvements. Together we test the hypothesis, implement changes and extend the functionality and optimize your pricing to achieve better results.
Expenses optimization
We know you are not ready to invest a fortune into SaaS app development. And you don’t have to. Our extensive expertise in the industry enables us to work 40% faster than our competitors. You can finally allocate time and budget to implement all that backlog features and sell more! No upfront investments into the unknown, you see the result straight away.
Smart scaling
Data is king. SaaS products usually process huge data volumes and this should be used for your benefit. We implement analytics services, work with incoming information and help you make correct conclusions. The data gathered show the right direction for scaling and give valuable ideas for new functionality and continuous improvements.

SaaS development process

Most likely, there already are SaaS apps in your niche. But, for sure, they don’t cover all the needs of your target audience. How to know where you can outdo existing competition? Deep analysis of the market and user interviews will help.

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Some projects run with 2 professionals, while others require a team of 20+ professionals. We allocate the team that exactly matches your needs and assign a project manager to ensure proper cooperation.

We offer full-cycle product development, including business analysis, UX/UI design, frontend and backend development, testing, marketing, and business development. Litslink is your partner from A to Z. No exceptions

Our job is not done even after product release. We take over support and maintenance of the application. This means that you are never left alone with user queries and technical issues. We keep improving the SaaS product so that it leads in the industry.

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