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26 Oct, 2021

How to Choose the Right Software Development Company

A single country such as the US, Ukraine, or Poland can have hundreds of thousands of software development companies. 

All in all, there are pretty many countries globally that have a multitude of software service providers. And it’s easy to get lost once you’ve decided to find the software development firm that would be a perfect match to meet your business needs—whether you chose to launch a mobile app or build in-house software. Here’re a few tips that will help you find the best software development company. 

Check for Social Proof, Rating, and Reviews

Choosing the wrong software development firm can have devastating consequences, such as losing precious time and a ton of money. This is why you have to be meticulous. Surf as many reliable online sources as possible. For instance, you can always go to Clutch and check profiles of numerous companies around the globe. You can check the company’s rating, average hourly rate, minimum project size, number of employees, years of experience, etc. 

What’s more important, you can see what other clients are saying about the company by reading detailed reviews and seeing more ratings based on four parameters: quality, schedule, cost, and willingness to refer. 

Websites such as Clutch, Goodfirms, App Development Companies, Top Developers, Top App Development Companies, Techreviewer,, and UpCity can help you immeasurably pick the right custom software development company. These companies also have awarded the best software development firms, so you can always check the winners’ lists.  

  Resources that will help you choosing the right software development company | LITSLINK Blog 

Check The Company Case Studies

No matter how good the company claims it to be on its every page, the company’s deeds, or, to be more precise, case studies speak louder than any words. A company portfolio can provide you with an overview regarding the prime areas of expertise, challenges that their clients had and how the company helped them solve those challenges. 

Keep in mind that if you didn’t find a relevant case study for your business on the company’s website, it does not necessarily mean that they don’t have the relevant experience needed for your projects. Many custom software providers sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that forbids them from releasing any information about projects. In this case, it’s always safe to get in touch with the company’s representative and ask them directly if they can meet your requirements. 

Check for Technologies 

The tech world is not standing still, and software is evolving. To keep up with the tech progress, companies have always kept an eye on the latest technology trends. Learn what kind of technologies and software systems the company uses. If you don’t have a lot of experience in software development, a software engineering firm experienced in many technologies can help you choose the best tech stack for your project. Or, if you do, you can select the right specialists from a vast pool of the company’s talents. 

Check Geographical Location

With video and call conferencing, communication around the world has become accessible almost to everyone. Online collaboration tools have destroyed barriers among companies that are situated in different corners of the planet. The only valid obstacle that can be present in the modern world is the language barrier. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your dedicated software development team or software engineers have a perfect command of the English language. 

How can you check it before arranging any communication with the potential software development partner? You can find out where it is located. For instance, If the company has an office in the United States, even though its developers might be from a different country, the chances are its employees speak English.

Check What Kind of Services They Provide 

See what kind of services they provide. Can they create software solutions from scratch? Are they proficient in the development you need such as mobile & web development, SaaS and cloud, artificial intelligence, VR & AR? Can you hire a team of professionals or only one developer? All this information will provide you with a complete picture of what the company is capable of and what kind of experience it has and if it suits your business needs and requirements. 

How to choose a software development company | LITSLINK Blog

All these things will definitely help you pick up the right software development custom software development company.


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