LITSLINK is Going on Trade Mission to Norway!

LITSLINK will join the Export Promotion Office of Ukraine on the Trade Mission to Norway. We are honored to represent our country and join the global community of IT leaders. As an award-winning software development company, we always strive to keep up with the growing trends on the market, collaborate with international players and contribute to the development of the IT sector by promoting innovation at all levels.

Why Ukraine? 

Large Talent Pool of Developers. With nearly 200 000 software engineers and more than 4000 companies on the market, Ukraine is globally recognized as one of the biggest IT hubs in the world. According to the latest report released by Baker McKenzie, 2018 fiscal year marked a new stage in the software development field. The export of IT services in Ukraine has risen by 2.3 times, which indicates a positive tendency for outsourcing companies. With such a rich talent pool of skilled developers and professional approach to customer service, Ukrainian IT companies can compete with market leaders in the global arena.

IT Outsourcing Infographic | LITSLINK Blog

Accessibility of Technical Education. Ukraine has always been the leader in the technical field due to a large number of skilled and qualified professionals striving to develop in the IT industry. Such a growing talent pool was created thanks to the accessibility of technical education in state universities. Equipped with profound knowledge of technical sciences, any student, regardless of their background, can enter a higher educational institution and get a degree in Software Engineering. Furthermore, employers eagerly look for young talents to complement their teams and provide opportunities for professional development. Thus, countries experiencing a shortage of IT experts can rely on local vendors to fill this gap on the market.

Geographical Proximity. Geographical proximity is essential when it comes to IT outsourcing. Having a chance to keep track of the project in the working time provides customers with greater security. Since Ukraine is only in several hours flight from Europe, it makes the region an appealing destination for major market players. The possibility to keep in touch with the team and monitor the project progress serve as additional benefits experienced by customers, who choose to outsource software development from Ukrainian companies.

Ukraine & Norway: New Opportunities for Win-Win Collaboration

IT industry represents a promising sector of cooperation between Ukraine and Norway. While the talent pool of developers specializing in a variety of technologies is expected to grow further in Ukraine, Norway is going to face the shortage of software engineers in the nearest decade. There are several ways to fill this gap, but the easiest and fastest one is outsourcing. By delegating software development tasks and projects to companies specializing in the IT field, Norway can reap the benefits in the form of agile and cost-effective development services performed by skilled professionals. Moreover, geographical proximity makes cooperation more convenient and less time-consuming. As an average flight from Norway takes only 3-4 hours, there is no need for managers to work overtime or spend weeks on a business trip.

Taking into account the current tendencies in the industry, we see new opportunities for win-win collaboration. LITSLINK will be glad to meet new partners, discover opportunities, and support local companies on the way of tech development.  We hope that the upcoming Trade Mission will strengthen the ties between Ukraine and Norway and provide both parties with new insights into the IT sector.

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