The Hottest UI/UX Trends For 2021

What’s so special about UI/UX design is that they are always in flux. 2020 ended and marked a new chapter in web design. The competition is so fierce that it becomes more and more challenging for companies to stand out from the crowd of similar websites with an extraordinary design. By 2019, it’s already been 1.72 billion websites on the World Wide Web.

But how to create a really attractive website? First things first: make it easy, eye-pleasing, and fill it with the relevant information to describe your vision. That’s not all. Adhere to UI/UX trends in 2021. In every sense, they are the fastest way to level up your web design.

How Do Trends Appear?

Trends are the products of society’s inclinations and moods. To be precise, they are new developments or prevailing tendencies existing in society. Just appearing in the right place, the right time, the right moment, and among the right people, a trend can acquire widespread adoption.

How Do Trends Appear? | LITSLINK Blog UI and UX trends

Let’s take Art Deco as an example. It appeared in the post-war period when the atmosphere of luxury and affluence of roaring twentieth was perfectly reflected in this visual arts style. So, the right time and the right people maintained mass appeal to it. UI/UX trends have the same nature. Observing modern society, we can distinguish tendencies ruling this year.

There are many specific UI/UX trends in 2021 you should know. Let’s check them out!

Top UI and UX Trends in 2021

UI/UX design plays a key role in communicating the business’s vision and values.

Living in the age of information overload, we easily get distracted by insignificant things, which only complicates the task of creating an effective interface for UI/UX designers.

While working, employees lose about 86 minutes per day by getting distracted by other things except for their work, and every time it happens, it takes about 15 minutes to focus again. You can imagine how easily our minds start rambling. So, the designers task to create such an interface to translate the message of the website clearly.

Web Design - UI and UX trend 2021 | LITSLINK Blog

UI and UX designs are closely connected, but they are accountable for different website’s functions.

UI or user interface is a compilation of different web elements such as touchscreens, sounds, buttons, screens, pages, visual elements, and so on. All these components enable users to interact with the website.

UX or user experience is the full spectrum of impressions the user gets while interacting with a website. It often affects the user’s attitude towards the product or service the website offers. Thus unable to find the “Contact Us” button, the client will leave the website providing no contact information.

Now, let’s look at UI/UX trends!

Inclusive Design

Being more than just a UX design trend, accessibility helps individuals from different backgrounds navigate a website and attract more clients. You can’t even imagine the number of people who rely on this functionality — 20% of general internet traffic comes from people with special needs.

How to achieve better inclusive design and accessibility? Contrasting colors, large texts, clean-cut imagery, keyboard navigation, adding alt text to images, effective UX writing, and so on are the way to make website navigation more inclusive.

Inclusive Design - UI/UX Trend | LITSLINK Blog

Minimalism or Maximalism Extremes

Obviously, in 2021, we don’t go for a happy medium in web design. Sticking to average is not our case. Way more trendy is either minimalism or maximalism. Minimalism hooks with its simplicity and elegance eschewing excess elements. When applied properly, it boosts user experience. Minimalistic interface proves to be the best interface as it makes navigation intuitive and helps the user reach their goal.

Minimalism & Maximalism Extremes - UI UX trend 2021 | LITSLINK Blog

Maximalist design lets experiment with font variation, overlapping visuals, floating elements, and all the excesses. In the spirit of brutalist websites, it looks loud and bold. But don’t make too many extras. Some web designers use bright colors, disorienting patterns, odd cursors, and unnecessary animation, which in the end, looks like a dwarfy design from the 1990s. But behind all of its ugliness, there is an artistic hint.

Extended Reality

Submerging website visitors into virtual reality is another UI/UX trend that is going to dominate the UX/UI landscape in 2021. We are the generation that is pursuing unique experiences and impressions. Especially in the age of COVID-19 when everything moves online, providing your audience with a chance to interact in the digital landscape is essential as never before.

Extended Reality as a UI/UX Trend | LITSLINK BlogGDC 2020, the game industry professional event, transfers all its talks to virtual reality with 360-degree tours, chat rooms, webinars, and lectures. Thus, anyone who is interested in game dev could join the conference from any part of the world.

Besides, virtual tours to museums, art galleries, theatres are something truly awesome. Once you’re there, it’s hard to turn back. In its turn, IKEA has approached the issue of the usage of AR in web design even more creatively. Fiddling around with the cat twerking in your bedroom is not that useful as visualizing how this or that piece of furniture will fit in your apartment.

Activism and Health

In the wake of environmental issues, more and more people want to be engaged solely in eco-friendly projects. So, it’s a new UI/UX trend to spread awareness and educate people on how fragile the environmental situation is now and how we can help that.

Besides, since more and more people become concerned about how addictive and manipulative technology can be, web designers create safe web platforms. Thus, data protection and tracking the digital carbon footprint are the must.

The pandemic has been the instigator of new digital health opportunities, including wearables, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence. And in 2021, we can expect these behaviors to continue to trend.

Activism and Health as UI/UX Trend | LITSLINK Blog

Dark Mode

At the heart of this UI/UX trend is the dark-colored interface with a black or dark gray background. It emerged as a response to rising concerns over the increasing screen time. Dark is proven to reduce eye strain and eliminate headaches, improve work experience, and save battery life.

Dark Mode as a Trend - UI UX trends 2021 | LITSLINK Blog

Such tech corporations as WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Apple, and Facebook have already implemented this growing UI design trend into their software products.


Used to be purely a means to express an emotion in your text, emoji have raised into a UI/UX trend. In 2021, you may see them successfully integrated into website interfaces.

A nice move is to create your own emoji that represents your business by adding some personal touch to your brand. These funny and playful elements look good on any site as they are highly effective in grabbing attention.

Emoji in the Interface - UI UX trends 2021 | LITSLINK Blog

As statistics say, a text with an emoji can increase engagement on Twitter up to 25.4% and 47.7% on Instagram. It builds trust between your company and your customers.s. So, don’t ever doubt this smiley face!

“I guess we’re used to expressing emotions with the help of emojis in online communication. To evoke a more emotional response, web designers hype the interface with emojis, thus attracting more attention.”
Evgeniia Liuts, Head of UI/UX Department at LITSLINK


An animated words, a full-screen video, a background image ― animated elements in web and app interfaces magically keep the user’s attention for a bit longer than just bare information does.

In 2021, a number of unique and good illustrations are bombarding users from everywhere. The task of web designers is to make UX more interesting by animating them. But not only animating illustrations and icons can make your website more interactive but small microinteractions that create a unique user experience.

Microinteractions are small moments of the user and design interaction. For instance, when you tap two times on someone’s photo on Instagram, an animated heart icon appears on your screen. Microinteractions in your interface where they are appropriate would breathe refreshing vibes into it. Building up an interface’s unique temper and aura, they have the only task — to delight and engage users.


Since web design refuses to remain stagnant, adding some unparalleled typography tricks can help your website stand out from the crowd. Playing with different fonts can make your website look truly eye-pleasing.

Adding some creativity to your design might enable you to experiment and play with forms and structures. In order to implement this UI/UX trend, you can customize fonts according to your needs making them bold and loud, minimal sans serif, hand-drawn, animated, 3D, or colorful.

Typography as a Trend - UI UX trends 2021| LITSLINK Blog

Bold typography may provide a set of advantages to your brand:

  • the website looks more dynamic and eye-catching;
  • Typography enables UI/UX designers to experiment and show their creativity.

Also, don’t be afraid of lacking balance because asymmetric doesn’t mean chaotic. To gain harmony in design, conceptualize each item’s weight, color, size, and movement of the elements on your page, and how it’d look.

Pastel Colors

Pastel is the king in 2021. This color is likely to dominate the web design landscape this year and become a new UI/UX trend. These are not only elegant but highly practical colors. Besides, pastel colors are easy on the eyes.

Pastel Colors in App and Web Interfaces - trends UI 2021 | LITSLINK Blog

In the midst of minimalism’s flurry, pastel colors perfectly get in sync with it. They imbue a website with lightness and simplicity. Creating pastel colors is also quite easy: just make the background and watermark bright but faded in accordance with the general concept and graphics of a website.


This UI design trend is not a newbie in the world of web design. But in 2021, the gradient effect should be more airy, light, and add in volume to fit the trend. This evolutionized type of gradient is more complex. Using just a linear gradient is out of date, but layering, mixing different colors, and color blur effects on the background are what really define this trend.

Gradient - UI/UX Trends | LITSLINK Blog

With the combination of 3D icons and pastel gradients, an interface acquires depth and volume, and a website morphs into a truly agreeable eyeful.


Among UI trends of 2021, skeuomorphism is the one that strives to mimic real-life objects. It’s the play with hyperrealism and shadows and volumes to achieve such authentic results. Aiming to show the volume of objects, web designers experiment with light, shadows, textures, and flares. As a result, it looks enticing and eye-pleasing.

It’s always intriguing when an element of a web design looks or how users can interact with them. For instance, the recycle bin icon on Windows is what successfully fulfills mimicking real life in both appearance and function.

3D Icons & Illustrations

As you’ve noticed with the previous UI/UX trends, 2021 is definitely the year of design. 3D icons and illustrations keep climbing the trends’ chart. And why not? Deep, innovative, and imaginative, 3D objects may glue you to the screen and grab your attention in several seconds.

3D Objects - UI/UX Trend | LITSLINK Blog

Web designers may strive to add more and more 3D icons and illustrations on their website and look for free illustrations on the web, which is obviously the wrong way. To stand out of the crowd, come up with your own graphic ideas and you’ll see users will love it.

Voice UI (VUI)

No wonder VUI is one of the hottest UI trends in 2021. If you have used any of the Amazon, Google, or Apple products, and we are pretty sure you have, you are already acquainted with Voice UI. Have a look at Google! No need to type a search request ― just voice your query and a smart AI algorithm will provide you with the best answer. It’s easy, quick, and entertaining to give voice commands like: ‘Ok Google, find the most popular Asian cuisine restaurants in New York’ or ‘Alexa, let’s listen to jazz.’

Voice Assistants - UI/UX Trends | LITSLINK Blog“Voice is a new way of interacting with technology, and now, many try to save a lot of user steps and eliminate the requirement for a graphical user interface,” says Evgeniia, “You can order a taxi through speaker saying, “Hey Google, I need a ride,” and you’ll get a car. Those things make our lives easier.”

That’s why VUI has the potential to be implemented by more and more organizations and stay trendy for quite a lot of time. 2021 promises to bring more tools and techniques to advance this technology.

Implement The Best UI/UX Trends To Boost Brand!

With the help of this list of UI/UX trends in 2021, making interfaces even more user-friendly and appealing is easy. If you want to make your brand stand out, reach out to us, and our team of skillful designers will create stunning app design services tailored to your needs and goals.

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