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18 Jun, 2021

Heads Up – LITSLINK is Moving to a New Office in Palo Alto

Palo Alto, California – Great news! LITSLINK is moving to its new headquarters – a cozy office in the heart of Palo Alto at 530 Lytton Ave, which is just a 5 min walk from the University street. To give you an idea of our new location, it is enough to say that we are a stone through from the major building in the city – C.M. Capital Corporation.

Although all our staff is working remotely by default at the moment, we keep our doors open so that you can make us a visit and ask your questions.

We are proud to have our headquarters based in Palo Alto – the world’s biggest tech hub that has been the birthplace of all the renowned tech giants. With Stanford being the core startup incubator, this place provided an impetus to millions of ambitious companies striving to revolutionize the market with innovative products. The spirit of entrepreneurship is embedded in our philosophy and we hope our guests enjoy it as well.

LITSLINK's Head Office in Palo Alto | LITSLINK Blog

Being the part of the biggest tech community in the business center of Palo Alto for many years now, we make it easier for our clients and employees to navigate the city, engage in meaningful conversations and contribute to the development of the local culture. While most companies abandon their offices and shift to a work-from-home model, we believe it’s our social responsibility to support local businesses during a turbulent period and contribute to the culture of unity and support.

It is also worth mentioning that we adhere to all precautionary measures and ensure visiting our office is safe for our guests. Therefore, all our employees work from home by default, but you always have a possibility to visit us by making an appointment.

You can catch up with us in our new office, whether it is just small talk or a fruitful discussion. We are always glad to see our old and new friends.

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