25 Jul, 2024

Leading Market Trends: Top 9 Mobile App Designs in 2024

The mobile app market is not just booming; it’s skyrocketing. In 2022, the size of the worldwide mobile application market reached a valuation of USD 206.85 billion. Anticipated to exhibit robust growth, the market is projected to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8% from 2023 to 2030.

As we stand on the brink of this digital revolution, the mobile application design industry is witnessing an unprecedented surge, fueled by escalating consumer demand, technological advancements, and a myriad of other influential factors. 

The landscape is evolving rapidly, making it imperative for app designers and developers to stay attuned to the pulse of the industry.

In the quest for supremacy in this dynamic arena, the onus is not just on making apps eye-catching and stylish but also on crafting visual elements, interfaces, and navigational experiences that resonate with the evolving preferences and needs of the target audience. 

Are you ready to embrace the winds of change in mobile application design this year? In this comprehensive article, we delve into the popular application design trends poised to shape the landscape in 2024. 

The Importance of Prioritizing Mobile Apps in 2024

Mobile app design today is a great start to developing a profitable business. Apps are competing with adaptive websites because they have many advantages.    

The major advantage is the ease of use. After all, apps allow you to get all the necessary information faster and have better user interaction rates. In addition, it is possible to add push notifications, which is also very convenient for daily use. The design of a mobile app is, in most cases, more human-readable than the design of a website.    

The app also allows customers to create personal accounts, which greatly simplifies the process of using services that are needed all the time. Also, the app device provides an opportunity to keep all the information in one place. An important plus is the ability to use the application in offline mode, which saves when there is no way to connect to the Internet.  However, the high popularity of the mobile applications and their variety does not mean that all of them are of the same quality. Therefore, in order for your offer to become popular, it is necessary to work properly on its creation. It is very important to know all the rules of modern tendencies of designing such applications. Below, we will break down the basic ones.  

A Quick Exploration of the Background

The interface of a mobile app is a set of functional tools that allow the user to solve their task. Most people judge an application by the visual appeal of the interface, so the design of the program should be given increased attention. This is the UI design or user interface design.

Building something unique and innovative requires profound knowledge and the capable implementation of a step-by-step process. The first thing you need to create a mobile app that will gain popularity is app design. To develop a successful mobile app these days, it is important to understand and learn the layout and features used to create the best mobile app design.

When designing your app, there are many things to consider, such as determining who the users will be, what strategies competitors are using to promote their mobile apps, and so on. Missing any of these factors at the design stage can create problems. But don’t worry, because this article contains all the necessary information, steps, tips, and recommendations so that the best mobile app design is created at the end. We understand that it’s not always possible to keep up with all the industry trends. There are always new guidelines, animated content, videos, new approaches to illustrations, and many other concepts that you need to take the time to explore and test first. So, let’s proceed to the trend that will rule the industry this year!

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What’s the Significance of Keeping Up with Current Mobile App Design Trends?

Making an app modern and beautiful is not easy, given that app design trends never stay the same and something new is always emerging. With the help of our high-quality product design, you can attract more users.

Innovative and user-friendly design can make your app even more profitable and recognizable. Here are the main reasons to keep track of the trends that will shape the app development niche this year:

  • Attract users

Design is one of the essential factors that affect users’ decision-making process. Will they open your app again or uninstall it after a few minutes? Will users recommend this app to friends or leave a negative review on your website or social media pages? Outdated design can lead to an unclear UI, poor first impression, and product display issues.

  • Lead your industry

Your target audience is more likely to choose an app with an intuitive, responsive, and attention-grabbing design. Aligning your unique corporate style with innovative app design trends, you will outpace your rivals and keep users loyal. 

  • Persuade users of the app’s functionality 

You can’t make the first impression twice, so let your design speak for your product’s functionality and user experience. Even if you hired the most seasoned developers to build a feature-rich app but didn’t invest in trendy design, your prospects will skip it and go for a more attractive alternative. App design is relevant for any business, from a large manufacturing company to a soaring video game startup.

Essential App Design Features for the Current Year

Now that you are aware of the core reasons to keep an eye on mobile app design trends, let’s identify the most promising ones that will shape the industry this year:

  • Limitless Imagery

E-commerce and retail apps can stop showcasing their products within a hackneyed sequence of squares. Instead, businesses can implement limitless imagery to make items blend in the background and float freely on the screen. You can also enable users to interact with your goods by zooming in and rotating them for extra details.

Digital mobile app design

For a more immersive experience, pair limitless imagery with AR technology to let customers check out how your products would look in their homes before making a purchase. Using this trend, you will make your solution’s style more unified and provide customers with a more consistent and effective UX. 

  • Asymmetry for Menus and Galleries

Using asymmetry in mobile application design, you will draw the audience’s attention to the specific elements and boost your brand’s identity. For instance, if you need to sell a particular product faster, you can make it more attention-grabbing for customers using asymmetrical fonts and shapes on a page. 

Modern mobile app design

To make your solution stand out, we recommend you avoid the firm and polished patterns of regular apps and opt for more non-conforming graphics, sizes, and illustrations instead. 

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  • Borders Around App’s Elements

Borders are a fantastic tool to separate your app’s elements like icons and windows, make information look organized, and build a hierarchical structure to simplify the navigation for users. 

Mobile app UI design

Borders are a fantastic tool to separate your app’s elements, like icons and windows, make information look organized, and build a hierarchical structure to simplify the navigation for users. 

  • Abstract Geometry and Animations

In 2022, mobile application design trends were all about minimalism and simplicity. This year, the trend has evolved toward new elements like abstract geometric shapes, predominantly spherical and circular ones. These patterns provide users with a more friendly and smooth experience so that you can use such shapes for imagery, backgrounds, and borders.

Digital mobile app design

Besides abstract patterns, you can benefit from animation to influence users’ perceptions of your app. Whether you require experimental typography to make your product recognizable or prefer attention-grabbing images to simplify navigation, your imagination is the limit!

  • Unusual Text Alignment

This year, specialists tend to break stereotyped traditions while designing copy layouts for applications. By experimenting with spacing and font and creating vertically or diagonally aligned texts, designers ensure users enjoy a more immersive and memorable experience. 

App design trends

Remember that it’s crucial to avoid implementing unusual text alignment for the sake of uniqueness. Your mobile application design should align with your brand identity, messaging, and values to better connect with your audience.

  • Multi-Directional Navigation

Make a user journey more engaging and intuitive with multi-directional navigation. Instead of mindless up-and-down scrolling through static menus, equip your app with dynamic horizontal sliders.

This mobile application design is perfect for streaming services and apps with multiple products. Fitting your content on a single page will reduce the time users spend waiting for it to load.

  • Brutalist App Design

As you can see, 2023 was all about encouraging unconventionality and breaking stereotypes, so this trend is no exception to this rule. Brutalism involves monochrome color palettes, sparse imagery, flat design, sharp edges, bold typography, and photos. 

Best mobile app design

Sometimes it may seem ‌gloomy, so it’s crucial to ensure this technique is adequately executed and delivers the right message to your audience. Brutalism will suit creative, eccentric brands and individuals. 

  • Layered Sheer Screens

Consider adopting this app design trend if you have to separate design elements from the background, create a page hierarchy, and make your solution look vivid and supple. 

UI UX app design

To implement this technique, designers use drop shadows on icons and text boxes, helping them stand out from the background image. This method is often used while creating subtitles to enhance readability.

  • Multiple Services Apps (Super Apps)

This app design trend from Asia is likely to become a global superstar in 2023. Such solutions include a range of services within a single application. Super solutions usually offer customers a reliable platform for shopping, banking, cab services, communication, and gaming. 

Modern mobile app design

Designers use vibrant colors and icons to make super apps look understandable and user-friendly. Combining this trend with multi-directional navigation, you can provide users with a straightforward experience without overwhelming them with too many products and services at once. 

Comparing Mobile App Design Trends: What Has Evolved Since 2023?

The mobile app landscape is a dynamic beast, constantly evolving with new technologies, user preferences, and design philosophies. As we enter 2024, let’s take a look back at some key mobile app design trends that dominated 2023 and see how they’ve transformed or shifted gears:

Let’s take a look at what trends will be popular in the coming year to stay on top of the wave.

Trend 2023 2024
Dark Mode Gaining traction, offering battery efficiency and visual comfort. Widespread adoption, becoming a standard feature for most apps.
Neumorphism Trendy, adding subtly raised elements for a tactile feel. Maturing, evolving into Skeuomorphism 2.0 with bolder depth and realistic textures.
Microinteractions Popular, adding delight and enhancing user engagement. Advancing into Hyper-personalization, adapting to individual user behavior for a dynamic experience.
3D Elements & Parallax Effects Emergent, adding visual interest and depth to interfaces. Expanding, and integrating AR/VR experiences for immersive user interaction.
AI-Powered Personalization Growing focus, tailoring app experiences to individual users. Deepening into Predictive Design, proactively suggesting actions, and customizing interfaces based on real-time data.

As the table illustrates, while a focus on simplicity and style remains a constant, the mobile app design landscape is constantly evolving beyond its core pillars. 

In 2023, the game was about pushing boundaries, blending usability with eye-catching elements like vibrant colors, unexpected text layouts, and bold illustrations. Dark mode cemented its place as a timeless option, offering sophistication and eye comfort. 

In terms of functionality, the rise of AI-powered personalization and predictive design promises to tailor apps to individual preferences like never before. And, who knows, the “super app” trend might just revolutionize how we access services, offering a one-stop shop for all our needs within a single platform.

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Final Note

There are millions of new app design apps on the market every day, making it increasingly difficult for e-businesses to keep their customers’ attention and retain it. To make their apps more interesting and truly compelling marketing tools, businesses need to constantly update them by adding the most prominent technical innovations. This is why e-businesses need to follow the latest UI / UX design trends and think about how to implement them with no pain and maximum profit.

LITSLINK follows the latest mobile app design trends to emphasize the strength of your idea and ensure your user experience is as seamless and optimized as possible. Our seasoned team of design experts is ready for your next successful project!

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