Machine Learning Services

Tons of manual calculations result in repeating mistakes, false predictions, and lost revenue. And what if your system could analyze and learn from real data, constantly improving its algorithms even without the intervention of software engineers? Yes, that’s possible! Machine learning web apps are getting more powerful, taking over the job that was usually performed by whole departments. And the quality of their performance is much higher.

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Machine learning services
Machine learning services 1
ML Model Creation & Training
Experts of our machine learning company analyze your business case and create a machine learning algorithm that exactly matches your requirements. The next step is training the model with your real data or mock data to achieve the best result. The ML development solution we deliver is ready for implementation and use straight away.
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Data Engineering
Your business software processes big amounts of data daily. Want to make use of it? Data engineering is what you need first. Our professionals render infallible machine learning services by creating reliable data pipelines, gathering information from various sources, and adapting it for future analysis.
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Data analysis
Use data science to get the most out of your database inputs. Proper analysis enables you not only to understand customer needs and motivations, but also to make predictions about changes in market demand, pricing, competition, etc. Want to be ready for the changes? Analyze your data!

Development process

We start machine learning web development with extensive research to make sure that there is a potential market for your idea. By analyzing competitors, we evaluate their strengths and uncover weaknesses. This stage is vital to maximize the value of our machine learning service.

It is important to validate the idea with real customers. We make it cost-effective with a machine learning engineering prototype. Creating a digital product in the shortest time enables us to receive early user feedback and identify the true needs of your target audience.

We at Litslink don’t offer template solutions. We believe that a custom-tailored solution can easily beat premade services. The reason is simple - such software targets the specific needs of each business and solves the tasks in the most efficient way.

We support you during product launch and beyond to make sure that the service works as it is expected to work. In case of any issues, our support team is always there to solve them in the shortest time. We are the tech partner who is always by your side.

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