Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an inevitable stage of every software development process. The QA engineering team has to predict all possible scenarios of user behavior and make sure that in all of these cases, the software responds adequately. Software testing may look like a child's game. But it defines the success of your application.

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Quality assurance
Quality assurance 1
Automated testing
Complex applications require complex QA testing services. Automated testing enables to process thousands of tests in a limited time without human intervention. It works perfectly for performance-critical apps. We render impeccable software testing services to let your app advance to the market launch stage within the shortest possible time.
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Manual testing
Manual QA services are required when a specific task can’t be assigned to a machine. Interface and usability testing, worst-case scenarios - these are the tasks for a professional with an eye on software quality. Contact us for professional manual software QA services to get the best result within the most optimal timeframe.
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Functional testing
Functional testing is conducted to ensure each function of an application works accurately and conforms with determined technical specifications. This type of black-box testing involves providing input and verifying that output aligns with expected outcomes. This type of Quality Assurance can be performed manually or with the help of automated software.

About Service

The quality of software testing consulting services that you use when preparing your product for a market launch is a critical success factor. Be it an e-commerce platform, a game, or an app, its reliability and operational stability will make it either fail or fly, and it’s in your power to help it fly. By subjecting your product to a number of automated and manual quality tests, you may receive a clear idea of its readiness for launch, its weak and strong sides, potential sources of risks, and overall automation, usability, and performance. This data is critical for final improvements and guaranteed smooth market entry.

Experts of LitsLink are ready to provide complete, thorough QA software testing services for any kind of software you need. Here we guarantee rigorous examination of your product or prototype in terms of accessibility, compatibility, functionality, and localization. We’ll run your game, software, or app through all kinds of performance tests to uncover its weaknesses, troubleshoot all bugs, and improve its usability. 

By using QA and testing services of LitsLink, you may guarantee your project’s success and a flawless market entry without technical emergencies of any kind.

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Development process

We render quality assurance testing services along with extensive research to make sure that there is a potential market for your idea. By analyzing competitors, we evaluate their strengths and uncover weaknesses. This stage is vital to achieving the best result with the app we build together.

It is important to validate the idea with real customers. We make it cost-effective with a prototype. Creating a digital product in the shortest time enables us to receive early user feedback and identify the true needs of your target audience.

At Litslink we don't just offer template solutions. We believe that a tailored solution can easily beat premade services. The reason is simple - such software targets the specific needs of each business and solves the tasks in the most efficient way.

Our company supports you during product launch and beyond to make sure that the service works as it is expected to work. In case of any issues, our software QA services support team is always there to solve them in the shortest time. We are the quality assurance testing company that is always by your side.

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