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C# Software Development Services

Create multiple apps with powerful programming language — C#. Its scalability, simple structure, top security, and strong community create no limits to create revolutionary software products. Reach out to LITSLINK —
a leading C# development company — and refresh your business with unique solutions!

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C# Development Company LITSLINK - Top-Notch C# Software Development Services

Advantages of Using C# in Your Project

Object-Oriented Language

Being an object-oriented programing language, C# allows creating modular, maintainable applications and reusable code, and makes development and maintenance easier.

Object-Oriented Language

Better Integration

Full integration with the .NET library provides access to vast functionality and support. Legible coding, scarcity of choice, and programming support also enhance C# integration.

Better Integration


C# is an effective language since it gives users a structured approach, vast data types, and more. The rich class libraries make most functions easy to implement.


Community Support

Its impressive performance and simplicity makes C# is one of the most acceptable, organized, and popular programming languages with a lot of libraries and programming support.

Community Support

C# Development Services

C# Application Development

Create a revolutionary app with C# development services from LITSLINK. With a team of professionals, who have strong expertise in C#, you’ll build up a scalable, full-fledged, and highly interactive app tailored to your needs.

C# Application Development

C# Server-Side Software Development

We know how to create a successful server-side application using C#. Knowing all the aspects and pitfalls of this kind of product and constantly dealing with dynamic content, we build groundbreaking apps.

C# Server-Side Software Development

C# SaaS Development

While building a SaaS app, you need to choose the right and technology and development partner. C# helps you with making your app more productive and structured and reduce infrastructure cost.

C# SaaS Development

C# Cloud Development

Build fast, scalable, and modern C# cloud apps. Reaching us out, our team of seasoned developers guarantees you a top-notch product with stable performance, high data security, and productivity.

C# Cloud Development

Build Up an Incredible Product with C# Software Development Services!

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Skilled Team

Our team of 220+ tech specialists contains best-in-class developers proficient in all the latest techs. They keep an eye on all the trends and innovations to provide you cutting-edge solutions. Reach out to LITSLINK, and get high-quality C# development services from top experts!

Vast Expertise

C# is widely applied in various industries, and we have the expertise in working for multiple of them as well. Working with a variety of projects, we’ve gained a lot of experience. Take a look at our case studies page to see some of our most interesting projects.

US-based Company

Besides, being based in Palo Alto, California, our US-based C# Development Company LITSLINK also has an office in Orlando. There are also our R&D centers in Eastern Europe, which makes us closer to our clients. No matter where you are based, we are only a few hours' flight from your destination!

Flexible Hiring Options

We believe that collaboration should be convenient for all parties involved. Thus, we provide our clients with the freedom to choose how they want to work with us. Fixed price or T&M? We will discuss all options to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Tech Stack

xR technologies

  • Unity3D
  • WebGL/We
  • ARKit/ARCor
  • OpenCV/Em
  • UNET, Steam .Net framework
  • Google Cardboard
  • Google Play Services
  • Socket's
  • Photoshop
  • Unity3d ARFoundation
  • Mapbox SDK
  • SteamVR(HTC Vive)
  • MixedRealityToolkit (UWP)
  • Vuforia SDK for iOS & Android
  • Oculus SDK for Android
  • Oculus(Rift/Go/Gear VR)
  • Photon Networking
  • Photon Cloud
  • RICOH THETA Camera Development
  • 360 stereo videos
  • Zbrush
  • FaceUnity


  • 2D skeleton animations (Default/Spine)
  • 3D Generic and Mecanim animations
  • Third-Party SDK integration
  • Unity Plugins
  • Mobile platforms native plugins integration


  • UGUI/Custom UI tweaks

Unity Shader and effects:

  • Diffuse Shading
  • Mobile Shader Adjustment
  • Screen effects using Unity Render Texture
  • Effects using Texture Blending
  • Texture packing
  • Modifying UV values
  • Shuriken Particle System Optimization in Unity 2D, 3D games (Profiler, Static and Dynamic Batching, Assets organization)

Game Algorithms

  • Gameplay
  • Game lifecycle
  • Game Architecture
  • Levels scenario implementation
  • FSM
  • Sensor System
  • Object path moving


  • .Net
  • ASP
  • C#
  • JS

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What apps can be built with C#?

Being a full-cycle C# development company, our top priorities are quality, efficiency, and proficiency. No matter what request we get from our clients, we are always ready and able to accomplish it, developing complex applications from scratch with flying colors.

There are just a few examples of projects we can accomplish with C# :
Video Games;
Anti-hacking Software;
Windows Apps (e.g. Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Skype, and so on);
Mobile Apps (e.g. Slack, Pinterest, The World Bank, and so on);
Windows Store Apps.

2. What does the process look like?

1. Right after you contact us, we schedule a call to dwell on your product idea and business needs.
2. Then, taking a little time, we go through the details of your request, analyzing your idea, budget, and timeframe, and we come back to you with all terms agreed and prepared documentation. Now, we can move to the development stage.

3. Breaking the project into sprints based on design documentation and information from the client, we choose the right platform and confirm with all parties.
4. Our C# software engineers initiate the development stage, set up all the components, import assets, and get going. After they’re ready with a demo for our client, they send it to them to ensure that the client is satisfied with the outcome.
5. After the product is thoroughly tested and ready to be launched, we create accounts on the platforms and prepare the application for release.

3. Can I estimate the pricing of my product?

Sure, use our cost calculator to get to know the approximate price for your C# project. Answering a few questions related to your project, you can not only find out the cost but get to know a bit more about the industry and the peculiarities of creating your future app. Just a few minutes and a free quote right in your hands!

4. How can I track the progress of my project?

No worries! We always keep our clients in the loop. Since we start working on your project till its successful release, we keep you updated with any changes that might occur and

even encourage you to be involved in every stage of development. So we can build a cutting-edge C# product that fits your business needs. Any time, you can count on our support team and project managers. If you have any questions or suggestions, just reach them out — they’re always happy to help!

Build Innovative C# Solutions With LITSLINK!

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