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Mush is the #1 application for moms in the UK, helping moms everywhere to instantly become part of the local community of moms, and gain the inestimable support of this powerful network.

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Mush is a cross-platform social media mobile app that allows mom-users to find friends who have kids of a certain age, chat with them; arrange meet-ups and get-togethers. The app operates as a sort of mix between Tinder and Facebook. That is why it has a convenient and intuitive interface that makes the user experience easy and pleasant. Mush has a geolocation search that allows users to easily browse moms living nearby.


As Mush founders, Katie and Sarah, are both experienced moms, who certainly know what daunting challenge motherhood can be. However, with the help of those who have faced similar problems previously, any struggle can be resolved. Katie and Sarah realized that it is vital for moms to communicate with other parents freely and, so they came to LITSLINK mobile development agency with their idea of a mom-focused app.

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Every cool startup starts with a bright idea, but usually, it is all founders have. LITSLINK can advise clients with the next steps, guiding their product all the way to the successful launch.

After Katie and Sarah shared the problem they wanted to solve, LITSLINK understood that a special social platform would help them achieve their goals.

In the beginning, LITSLINK created a cost-effective solution for the MUSH startup. The app was created on simple, yet effective technology. As soon as the development team launched the MVP, the business model was successfully validated; and MUSH found its product-market fit in a very short period. The app has been growing since then, and LITSLINK engineers proposed the migration to a novel-at-the-time React Native technology that suits the app’s needs perfectly, which included the cost-effective best match to run the app’s feature list.

LITSLINK has been working on the app updates constantly since then, and the most recent thing is the completely new chat engine made on Firebase. It cut costs down to 1⁄3 on the chat support, which is a huge benefit as there are just over 100K chat users online daily.During the work on the MUSH platform, the LITSLINK team always dedicated between 4 to 12 experts, and the project has continued to grow


MUSH platform successfully resolved the issue of mother loneliness with the help of technology. It took two years of intense collaborative work between LITSLINK and Mush teams to guide this startup from idea to the Top-1 rated application on the UK Apple App Store. We proud of creating over 1.5 million mom friendships with MUSH App.

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Katie Massie-Taylor & Sarah Hezh, founders
Mush Ltd., UK
We felt like we were working with a business partner rather than a service provider. Patient but persistent, fluent English-speaking, LITSLINK delivered all releases in time, within requirements and budget, performing thorough Quality Assurance and continuous project management.

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