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QuickPix case study - software development company LITSLINK

What is?

QuickPix is an Uber-like platform represented by two mobile apps that are specially designed to cater to the needs of both creatives and users. These applications are powerful tools for photographers to find a gig at any convenient time with no supervision, and for users to look for available creatives to take a pick of them at a required location. QuickPix is a convenient application for efficient on-demand photo services.


LITSLINK is more than just a software development company as we provide clients with a realistic plan on how to turn any idea into a fully-fledged product.

QuickPix reached out to LITSLINK, a mobile app development agency, with the killer idea for a platform that could connect creatives and users for profitable gigs and fast and high-quality photo services. QuickPix wanted to create a user-friendly and effective platform for both parties — photographers and their clients at a reasonable price.

B8B8A577-8C7E-4140-9997-3596931F82F2 Created with sketchtool.


Based on the client’s idea, LITSLINK came up with a top-notch design for future QuickPix applications with major features.

LITSLINK created two mobile applications that would comply with the major requirements of QuickPix to satisfy users and creatives. The user could request a quick photo shoot by selecting the right type of camera, such as an iPhone camera, digital camera, or DSLR. The pricing of the photo service varies according to the chosen type of camera. Moreover, the app lets you see the price of the selected service in advance and track your creative’s whereabouts. Once the photographer has arrived at the designated place, the user sets up time and gets the photos in 2 hours.

The creative can choose between online or offline modes and pick up a gig at any convenient time.

We created user-friendly mobile-apps with a stylish design, easy navigation, convenient payment method by credit cards, and built all the necessary features to satisfy QuickPix users.


QucikPix and LITSLINK as a software development company in USA banded together to create an efficient platform with all the chances to become the next hit app in its domain for photographers and users.

Brosnan Hoban
President, Quick Pix App
Their communication is top-notch and attention to detail is best in the business.

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