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26 Apr, 2024

Breaking News at Your Fingertips: How to Build Your Own News App

Have you ever wondered how your grandparents heard the news? Just a few decades ago, people learned of the latest news from newspapers. Then, with the advent of television, it came from newscasts. Now, smartphone users can access 24/7 news and updates thanks to modern technology. Can you imagine your life without this? Probably not, because not knowing what is happening in the world, country, or city is scary. 

Luckily, technology allows us to access the news with a tap of a button. And if you want to be the source of that news, you need to create a trusty app that can help your scoop reach the eyes and ears of the people. Find out what you need to develop mobile news apps and what nuances to pay attention to in this article.

What Is the Point of Headline News Apps?

The whole point of news aggregators is to obtain information. As a rule, headline news apps enjoy increased popularity among members of progressive society. There are several reasons for this popularity:

  • The desire to always be aware of events
  • Logical decision-making
  • Confidence in the future
  • Increasing personal knowledge

In a word, an app for local news is truly invaluable for any conscious person. And being the source of that news should be treated with respect and understanding. 

It is also worth noting that there are a lot of news applications. Some apps allow you to read news from around the world and publish your own reports. Alternatively, you can follow the trend and develop your own news app. Let your imagination fly!

Top 9 Best Daily News Apps

LITSLINK Daily News Apps

The pandemic and other global events over the past few years have caused the demand for downloading news delivery apps to nearly double. What news apps are most in demand? Resources that allow you to read and publish news have become particularly popular. Below is a list of some of the best applications:

  • AP News
  • CNN News
  • Reuters
  • Apple News
  • Smart News
  • Google News
  • BBC News
  • NewsBreak
  • The New York Times

These news apps can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS. Learn from their experience for your own news app creation.

Must-have Features for Local News Apps

LITSLINK Local News Apps

A good local news app has a lot of features. Start with the following essential elements found in all popular apps:

  • Categories. Sorting news by categories is incredibly convenient and allows users to read what they want without wasting time scrolling through articles they don’t care about.
  • Search and filters. To get even more mileage out of categories, implement a good search function allowing users to filter within these categories. It could also help users find the information they need in a pinch.
  • Highlighting quotes and saving news. Some news and quotes are just too good to forget. Users might want to save memorable quotes and articles to use in the future, so providing that is a nice gesture.
  • Push notifications. Some news is too important to miss (hello, Covid), so having a push notification alert for the hottest news is vital for users. Notifications can also alert them of exciting developments in their favorite categories.
  • Profile for users. Having a profile on any app or website makes users feel at home. With some customization, they can tailor their viewing experience to their wants and needs.
  • Social media integration. Social media has become the center of human interaction, so leverage them. Add an ability to log in via popular social media apps and share entire posts or snippets with your online friends.
  • Editing. It might sound obvious, but many news agencies neglect the advantage of real-time news updating that apps grant them.

Having formulated the main idea and task of your service, you can create a more detailed list of the functions and capabilities of the application. Here are some ideas for advanced news app features:

  • API integrations. Integrating various APIs from third-party services can make your news app truly stand out. Consider adding Google Maps to pinpoint precisely where an event happens or YouTube to add videos to your articles.
  • Develop your own API. An API of your own allows other services to integrate your news source into their website, giving you more traffic. It’s basically free marketing for your news app.
  • Machine learning. AI and ML have been a boon to every industry, so why not incorporate them into your application? Many news apps already use them to analyze user preferences and provide the articles they want.
  • Newsfeed customization. Whether you implement ML or not, you can still make a personalized feed where users can choose what they want to see on their main page.
  • Interaction with content. Add an ability to comment, share, or interact with your content to create a truly interactive experience and foster a tightly-knit community.
  • Customization options. Customization can go any way you can imagine, from various themes to notification sounds and profile pictures.
  • Offline access. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to read all the news at once, so you want to download some articles to read later. Let your users read the latest developments while riding the subway, going on a long trip, or waiting for the Internet to reconnect.

How to Build a News App


Why do you need to build a news app? If you already own a news agency, branching out into the mobile market is a great way to increase your reach. You can make information available to your users from various sources, allowing them to avoid receiving information through social media platforms or other sites.

On the other hand, if you are just starting, having a news app ready at launch will significantly boost your chances of being seen and recognized as a great source of information.

Now, let’s look at how to build a news app. First off, mobile app development is about creating a unique application that is accessible and simple to use. The easiest way is to use an application designer. You can use an app builder in three simple steps:

  1. Go to the App Builder page.
  2. Develop your own news mobile application.
  3. Make your news mobile app available in the online marketplace.

Remember that you can also choose a narrow-profile direction. For example, you can publish only urgent news or only news in a specific category. There is a huge selection of application builders available to you.

You can also hire a development team to create a top-notch application for your news outlet. However, it will cost more and take more than a few months.

A knowledgeable team can give actionable advice on app monetization, improving user experience and app usability, and consult you on many topics. For example, our team at LITSLINK are experts at mobile app design and can help you with increasing user engagement. Creating an exemplary user interface design is half the job of making a successful app.

Consider your app development resources and pick the option that suits you best.


News will always interest people, so a business like this will invariably remain relevant. Making content consumption as convenient as possible for users who spend most of their time on their phones is the key to the success of mobile news platforms. To find your niche in the news app market, set a direction, take care of the basic features, and be unique.

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