06 Jun, 2024

Top Mobile App Development Blogs of 2024 You Might Have Overlooked

Discovering the latest trends in mobile development has never been easier, thanks to the wealth of information provided by mobile app development blogs.

Today, mobile app development blogs serve as invaluable guides, offering insights, hacks, and expert advice that cater to both novices and seasoned developers. However, in the vast sea of resources, pinpointing the most reliable sources can be a challenge. The abundance of development blogs can leave you overwhelmed and lost in the quest for accurate information.

To streamline your journey through the world of mobile development, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the finest app development blogs. Whether you’re delving into Android, or iOS, or seeking broader mobile development insights, this compilation aims to be your go-to resource. Join us as we explore the top blogs that are not only informative but also boast substantial online followings, ensuring you’re plugged into the latest trends and expertise in mobile app development.

Android App Development Blogs

Android is one of the most popular operating systems in the world—its mobile market share is 70.48% worldwide. Amidst the digital jungle of insights on crafting stellar Android apps, we’ve handpicked the five most vibrant development blogs that promise a thrilling ride into the world of Android app development:

1. Android Developers Blog

Unveiling the pulse of Android’s beating heart, the Android Developers Blog is a powerhouse of insights, fueled by none other than the tech giant Google. This blog transcends mere updates, offering a front-row seat to the latest news, cutting-edge advancements, and indispensable tips and tricks in the Android app development sphere. 

Authored by seasoned Google professionals immersed in the trenches of Android app development, Android Developers Blog not only keeps you abreast of the freshest OS developments but also equips you with the hands-on wisdom essential for navigating the intricate landscape of Android app creation. With this treasure trove of knowledge, your quest for Android app excellence is bound to yield groundbreaking results.

Readers: Android developers

Twitter (Х): 2.01+ million followers

Youtube: 800K+ subscribers

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2. Android Authority

Your go-to resource for everything Android, Android Authority is a comprehensive source covering apps, games, phones, laptops, and tablets. Offering detailed reviews on the latest Android updates, features, and development issues, this blog is a goldmine for staying informed. Navigate through comparison charts of Android devices to make informed choices, ensuring you’re on the cutting edge. Android Authority caters to both new and seasoned developers, making it the perfect hub for anyone seeking excellence in app development.

Readers: general audience, Android developers

Facebook: 2.3 million followers

Twitter (Х): 1.01 million followers

Youtube: 3.36 million subscribers

Instagram: 796K followers

3. ProAndroidDev

Hosted on Medium, ProAndroidDev stands out with its array of contributors from Google and the Android community, generously sharing insights into top-notch tricks and tips in mobile development. Dive into this development blog to explore a wealth of knowledge, from creating a Flutter app in just 30 minutes to mastering the optimal use of Kotlin for Android development. Uncover a myriad of tech-related how-to topics that promise to enhance your skills and elevate your mobile development prowess.

Readers: Android developers

Twitter (Х): 4K+ followers

Facebook: 60K+ followers

4. Android Weekly

A true gem for Android developers and designers seeking to remain at the forefront of the industry’s latest mobile app development trends, Android Weekly is a valuable resource. This blog not only delivers up-to-the-minute news but also offers insightful tips and how-to tutorials for crafting sophisticated apps. 

Visit this wealth of information, where you’ll find code snippets pulled from GitHub and other useful tricks that are updated weekly. Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in Android programming is essential for maintaining your expertise and skills. Android Weekly is a great resource for this.

Readers: Android developers and designers

Twitter (Х):15K+ followers

Facebook: 4.4K+ followers

5. Fragmented

At Fragmented, the exploration of app development extends beyond written articles to engaging Android podcasts. This platform comprehensively delves into tech-related topics, catering to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned developer, Fragmented ensures a wealth of useful information applicable to projects of varying complexities. There, you can immerse yourself in a learning experience that seamlessly combines articles and podcast discussions, providing valuable insights to enhance your proficiency in app development.

Readers: Android developers

Twitter (Х): 9.8K+ followers

Youtube: 760+ followers

Best Android app development blogs | LITSLINK company Blog

iOS App Development Blogs

Now it’s time to have a look at some popular iOS resources:

1. iOS Dev Weekly

With its weekly dose of carefully chosen articles about iOS mobile development, iOS Dev Weekly stands out as a light in the world of mobile application development. If you want the most up-to-date information delivered straight to your inbox, subscribe to iOS Dev Weekly. By exploring informative articles about Swift features, iOS tech tips, and more, you can keep up with the always-changing world of iOS development.

Readers: iOS developers

Twitter (X): 13.6K+ followers

2. Apple Developer News and Updates

Apple Developer News and Updates is the official site for iOS developers, so it’s the best place to find the newest pieces on hundreds of important topics. With this platform, you can learn everything from how to send apps to the App Store to get updates for iOS, Swift, Siri, and machine learning.  Check out Apple Developer News and Updates for all the latest information and tips to keep yourself informed and empowered as an iOS developer.

Readers: developers

Twitter (X): NA

3. objc.io

A wide variety of tutorials covering iOS and macOS programming are available on this website’s extensive mobile development blog. By exploring this site, you can find a wealth of premium and free content, allowing you to gain access to insightful analysis without spending a dime. In addition to basic knowledge, objc.io offers books on a variety of topics related to mobile app development, which can enhance your learning experience. To meet your demands as an iOS and macOS developer, delve into this extensive repository, where information is both easily available and carefully selected.

Readers: iOS and macOS developers

Twitter (X): 34.1+ followers

Youtube: 1.41K+ subscribers

4. iOS Developer Tips

iOS Developer Tips is your go-to platform for a diverse array of tricks, tips, advice, and tutorials catering specifically to iOS development. Whether you’re seeking guidance on integrating Flutter into your iOS app or mastering the art of handling errors in Swift, this development blog has you covered. Offering a wealth of practical insights, iOS Developer Tips ensures that your journey through iOS development is smooth but also enriched with a wealth of practical guidance.

Readers: iOS developers

Twitter (X): 50.3K+ followers

5. AppAdvice

AppAdvice, a blog dedicated to mobile technology, presents a collection of articles covering the best iOS mobile apps, messaging apps, Apple TV and Watch applications. Furthermore, it hosts charts featuring the best iOS games, along with gadget guides and deals.  At AppAdvice, you can find everything you need to know about the best iOS mobile products. 

Readers: general iOS audience

Twitter (X): 88.9K+followers

Best iOS app development blogs | LITSLINK company blog

Other Mobile Development Blogs

1. DroidCrunch

DroidCruch stands as a powerhouse of valuable insights, covering an extensive range of topics such as mobile devices, PCs, games, and operating systems, including both iOS and Android. Delving deeper, this development blog becomes an essential companion for Android developers, providing insightful how-to articles that go beyond conventional topics. Whether you’re troubleshooting issues, enhancing app security, or seeking innovative solutions for your Android development endeavors, DroidCrunch serves as an invaluable resource. With its dedication to covering a wide range of issues, this blog quickly becomes a popular spot for people seeking complete information on the constantly changing world of mobile technology.

Readers: general audience, Android and iOS developers

Twitter (X): 172 followers

Facebook: 4.9K+ followers

Instagram: 1.5K+ followers

YouTube: 6.4K+ followers

2. Sensor Tower Blog

If staying informed about the latest trends and news in mobile development is a priority, the Sensor Tower Blog is tailor-made for you. This mobile technology blog offers an immersive experience, providing insights into global top-grossing apps, the leading shopping apps, and a wealth of data on the most exceptional applications. With the Sensor Tower Blog, you can quickly and easily access a huge collection of information that will pique your interest and keep you up to date.

Readers: mobile app developers and general audience

Twitter (X): 13.5K+ followers

Facebook: 2.9K+ followers

3. MobileAppDaily

The app development community has found MobileAppDaily an invaluable resource for keeping up with industry news, trends, and helpful how-to articles. By providing thorough coverage of everything from the early stages of your application’s development to efficient marketing strategies, this source of information promises that you remain regularly updated. 

Readers: app developers

Twitter (X): 2K+ followers

Facebook: 103K+ followers

Instagram: 18.5K+ followers

YouTube: 1.6K+ followers

LinkedIn: 12.3K+ followers

4. Ray Wenderlich’s blog

From a technical standpoint, Ray Wenderlich’s blog transcends the ordinary. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill blog; it’s a powerhouse laden with tutorials covering a spectrum of mobile development domains—Flutter, Android & Kotlin, Unity, server-side Swift, and iOS & Swift tutorials. Tailored for mobile app developers, this resource boasts an extensive collection of 3000+ tutorials. If you’re a developer seeking precisely what you need, Ray Wenderlich’s blog is the definitive source for honing your skills in the multifaceted world of mobile development.

Readers: junior and senior iOS and Android developers

Twitter (X): 74.3K+ followers

Facebook: 15.9K+ followers

5. DZone Mobile

Some of the areas that DZone Mobile covers are AI, cloud, IoT, Java, and web development.  This development blog stands out not only for the breadth of its coverage but also for the practical insights it delivers. Learn what you need to know about mobile app development, from Xamarin basics to Swift essentials and countless more helpful subjects.

Readers: general audience, mobile app developers, engineers

Twitter (X): 72.3K+ followers

Facebook: 45.6K+ followers

6.Big Nerd Ranch

Although Big Nerd Ranch is proud of the fact that Steve Jobs hired one of its founders in 1997, the company’s roots go deeper than this one event. A blog that is a great trove for developers, designers, and software engineers is at the heart of what it has to offer. This resource has a lot of useful app development lessons, but it also goes beyond the norm by giving designers and software engineers specific advice on how to deal with the tricky parts of their jobs.

The blog also acts as a guide for building teams by providing useful tips that encourage working together and coming up with new ideas. Big Nerd Ranch’s blog is an all-around platform that both honors its past and moves the industry forward by giving workers the tools and knowledge they need to be successful in mobile technology.

Readers: software engineers, iOS and Android developers

Facebook: 8.5K+ followers

Twitter (X): 13.3K+ followers

Instagram: 3.5K+ followers

Mobile app development blogs for developers - Top 2020 | LITSLINK BlogLITSLINK Expertise

Seasoned professionals with extensive experience in a software development company are invaluable wellsprings of knowledge. Drawing from years of hands-on experience, these individuals not only possess a deep understanding of industry nuances but also offer valuable insights into the challenges they’ve encountered and successfully surmounted in their diverse projects. 

At LITSLINK, our team of developers, equipped with a wealth of expertise, actively contributes to the community by sharing top-notch advice, insightful tutorials, and ingenious hacks through our Medium blog. Their contributions serve as a testament to our commitment to cultivating knowledge exchange within software development. The following mobile app development blogs, curated by experienced professionals, merit your attention for a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the landscape of technology and development.

Medium blog by Alex Melnyk

Discover a wealth of mobile development insights within Alex Melnyk’s curated Medium blog. This platform houses numerous articles covering a range of topics, from crafting blurred search fields for your mobile app to in-depth React Native tutorials and more. Dive into the nuances of tab bar customization and navigate through a rich repository of knowledge on various aspects of mobile development. Alex Melnyk’s blog serves as a hub for developers seeking practical solutions and creative ideas, providing an accessible space where innovative approaches and best practices in mobile app development are readily available.

Medium blog by Andrii Drozdov

If you’re interested in learning more about how to work with React Native, Andrii Drozdov’s Medium blog is a great place to start. With a focus on this flexible framework, Andrii gives helpful articles, tutorials, and tips to help developers find their way around React Native. This blog is a great place for both new and experienced workers to learn how to improve their React Native skills. It covers everything from basic ideas to more advanced techniques.

If you have an excellent idea for a mobile application, but you do not know how to start your project or you need extra help, get in touch with our professionals. They guide you from the project idea to the implementation stage to ensure you benefit from our software development services.

Emerging Trends and Technologies in Mobile Development

Maintaining a keen awareness of developing tendencies and technologies is of the utmost importance as we navigate the always-shifting terrain of mobile application development. In addition to the insights that are supplied by mobile app development blogs, developers are increasingly investigating new approaches to improve user experiences and streamline development processes. 

Some of the trends that are becoming popular are augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and progressive web apps (PWAs). These technologies are redefining the way that we conceive of and develop mobile applications. Incorporate these cutting-edge technologies into your development toolbox to maintain your position as a leader in the industry.

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Future-Proofing Your Skills: Continuous Learning Resources

As technology advances, so should your talents. Supplement your development blog readings with ongoing learning materials. Coursera, Udacity, and LinkedIn Learning provide courses on the most recent mobile development frameworks, programming languages, and design approaches. To remain competitive in mobile app development, stay curious, experiment with new technologies, and devote time to developing your abilities.

Expand your knowledge base by attending webinars and conferences hosted by industry experts. These events offer opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals, discover new trends, and network with fellow developers. Whether in-person or virtual, participating in conferences can provide unique insights and open doors to collaboration and career opportunities.

Wrapping Up

While mobile app development blogs serve as beacons of knowledge, it’s essential to navigate the mobile development landscape with a holistic approach. Incorporate insights from industry experts, stay informed about future trends, connect with the community, understand the synergy of design and development, and prioritize continuous learning. By embracing a comprehensive strategy, you’ll not only excel in the current mobile development environment but also future-proof your skills for the dynamic landscape that lies ahead.


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