Hottest Mobile Development Trends 2019

Smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices are already an inseparable part of our daily lives. We communicate with friends, listen to music, check emails, watch videos, and do so many other things using mobile technologies. Let’s face it, they have dramatically reshaped our world, which makes it understandable why so many startups bet on this channel when trying to meet today’s customer demands. This also determines the importance of staying in touch with the latest application development trends that continue to show new shapes and colors every year.

Mobile app industry trends 2019

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly among the hottest trends in mobile app development this year. Chatbots, smart digital assistants, and other AI technologies are already successfully used by such giants as Google, Facebook, and Amazon on a daily basis. No wonder, more and more startups are trying to adopt this practice and to embed artificial intelligence into their applications.

2. Augmented and virtual realities

Another mobile app development trend that will stay with us in 2019 is augmented and virtual reality. We all remember the last summer boom of Pokemon GO, which has changed the way people interact with apps. This augmented reality (AR) concept is sure to grow in popularity this year, especially if combined with virtual reality (VR).

3. Internet of Things technology

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most quickly developing mobile app industry trends as well. Since automotive, healthcare, security control systems, telecommunication, insurance, and other areas that use IoT solutions require integration of mobile devices to improve services and cut costs, development of IoT technology in applications will continue to create new business opportunities.

4. M-Commerce

M-commerce has also broken into the list of latest mobile development trends due to a whole range of technological advances that make it more comfortable for people to shop through their mobile devices. Moreover, it is now the main channel for shopping that has changed consumer habits in just several years. Well, this trend is unlikely to disappear, so why not use it to your advantage

5. Cloud technology

Cloud technology provides people with almost unlimited virtual resources to networking, storage, data collecting and analyzing computation, and security, which makes it one of the leading trends in mobile app development. In fact, cloud computing has already helped many businesses transform themselves over the past several years, but now we witness a whole new stage that pushes the boundaries of cloud services.

6. Application security solutions

After years of being pushed to the background, application security has finally come to the fore. Sophisticated data encryption methods, complex logging algorithms, and other secure technologies able to protect confidential and sensitive information from theft or misuse are now in demand among both businesses and individual users.

Though this list is not exhaustive, these 6 mobile development trends are sure to provide you with some insight into the future of mobile apps. Follow them thoroughly, and they will bring you closer to success. LITSLINK, one of the best software development companies in the US, knows it well, so we’re ready to help you with these endeavors!

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