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18 Apr, 2024

What Can You Do With Python? Top 8 Applications of Python for Best-In-Class Projects

The Python programming language has been gaining notoriety since its inception in the early 1990s. However, it further gained a bigger spotlight with the advent of more sophisticated technologies such as machine learning, AI, or data analytics, and computer power in recent years, making Python one of the fastest-growing languages in recent memories due to its plethora of uses. Its open-source and ease of use appeal to programmers have further propelled its utility among startups.

What is Python?

So what is Python and why is it worth all the hype?

Python can be defined as an open-source, general-purpose, high-level programming language with an easy-to-use syntax and dynamic semantics.

In other words, Python can be used for all purposes, which include anything from software development, web development, and even machine learning.

In contrast to other languages with very steep learning curves, Python offers a beginner-friendly approach to coding. Essentially, you can type in a sentence, or a string and Python will oblige, not forgetting its large programming communities that create countless libraries to make problem-solving extremely easy.

With all these impressive capabilities, it becomes clear why the world has taken a liking to it and why your business will be better off with Python at its helm. But to the more pertinent questions of the moment, is Python worth the hype? What can you do with Python? Before we give flesh to these inquiries, let’s cover the basics.

Advantages and Features of the Python Programming Language

If you’ve been around in the IT world for a while, you’ve probably heard about Python. Its rise to fame is due to the plethora of features and benefits it brings to the table, amongst which are:

  • Open-source
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Plethora of utility
  • Wide range of libraries
  • Extensive support
  • Portability
  • It’s embeddable
  • It’s interpreted

It’s Open-Sourced

Open-source means that contributions to the project are allowed for anyone. That’s because the level of accessibility does not only make it popular among programmers, but it also makes the implementation of new features really easy. This is evident in the number of libraries that have already been recorded so far.

This means that problem solving has never been as easy as it is now for your business. With such a high degree of accessibility to the open-sourced language, your development team will easily solve any challenges they encounter during the work, including web development or data analytics. There’s no drawback to this advantage.

Beginner Friendly

Needless to say that coding requires a lot of brain work and time across the board. This is made even more of a challenge with the complicated syntax and semantics in coding languages. Python is used as an easy-to-understand approach to coding, reducing the learning curve and making it accessible even for a beginner.

What does it mean to your business? Python developers are relatively easy to find, which means the recruiting process won’t take long and you can scale your team quickly once you launch your product and get the first feedback from users.

Much like all the other perks of using Python code, startups and businesses are the ones that benefit the most from it. As more and more programmers learn to code with Python, it makes for a highly competitive market, which improves affordability.

Applications Across Various Industries

Following its rise to fame, Python is used by more and more programmers to complete a multitude of tasks. Today, this programming language has many real-world applications ranging from web development, desktop GUI, web application, and software development to machine learning and artificial intelligence. This goes to show that your projects will be developed with a programming language that’s thoroughly tried and tested. 

The Availability of Libraries and Support

One of the biggest advantages of Python code is the vast online community that creates libraries that solve problems. Case in point, machine learning algorithms are already available online, and you can use them to build your solutions without paying fees. 

Besides, regular Python is not competitive with such languages as C and C++ for numeric computing. Still, with the help of specialized libraries, Python can be extended with data structures and algorithms. And Python data visualization is also created with a number of graphing libraries and their multiple different features.

It’s Portable

Another worthy feature of Python is its portability. This means your team can write clear, understandable code with anyone, and it would work just as effectively as it did when you run it. Among web frameworks, Python occupies a special place because it is supported by any modern computer OS due to its high-level nature.

It’s Embeddable

Chances are other languages can run certain functions much better than Python, but that doesn’t prevent from integrating other programming languages, which makes Python skills a powerful ally for your sophisticated business projects.

It’s Interpreted

Python is interpreted line by line, which makes the management of CPU and debugging of the code much simpler.

Companies That Use Python

Considering all the hype around Python, nothing can better qualify the advantages it brings to the table than to see the IT world leaders use it. A few examples of companies using this web framework to provide their products and services include:

  • Instagram
  • Dropbox
  • Netflix
  • NASA
  • BitTorrent

Python performs a different function depending on the business direction adopted by these tech companies. For instance, while Google uses Python for backend development to help provide better search results with machine learning, a platform like Netflix applies Python for data analysis to provide the best recommendations for their viewers. It goes to show the versatility of the language.

Real-Life Application of The Python Programming

Python has come a long way since its inception and it’s got receipts to show for it. Today, the uses of Python language can be found in different project systems to perform a plethora of tasks. Some of the most popular applications you can think of include:

  1. Desktop GUI
  2. Text processing
  3. Audio and video processing
  4. Web development
  5. Web scraping
  6. Embedded applications
  7. Operating systems
  8. Image processing
  9. Business applications
  10. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

With this much utility and the computing power in modern times, there’s very little you can’t achieve with Python.

8 Best-in-Class Projects That Can Be Built With Python

As Julius Caesar once said: “Experience is the best teacher.” Our programmers always strive to acquire relevant practical Python skills that make them advanced developers. That said, the only sure way to progress in your field is by having hands-on relevant experiences working with the technologies of the day through skill-targeted projects. Good examples of Python applications include:

  • Web Scraper
  • A Basic Web Server
  • A CHIP-8 Emulator
  • Desktop notifier application
  • Expense Tracker
  • AI and ML Products
  • Data Science Projects
  • Game Development

Web Scraper

One of the cool things to do with Python is building a web scraper software. It’s something that every business that is intended to go digital should try at least once as it provides the company with lots of benefits, especially when it comes to task automation. Needless to say, it makes for a convenient way to do repetitive and boring tasks that can easily be automated with web scraping. To achieve this, developers also use machine learning and data analytics.

Web Server

It goes without saying that building a web server takes the crown on this list. That said, this is a project that might cost you a few dollars but it’s also likely that most people would have an old PC somewhere gathering dust that will prove useful in building your server.

Also, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the world’s most powerful server to realize you’ve built one. It can essentially serve as your cloud storage. And in the light of the longstanding concerns about the use of user data on the Internet, it might be a good idea to have one.

Game Development

Python comes with an array of libraries that equip developers with all the required tools to create engaging games. So, if you’ve always wanted to build the next World of Tanks or Civilization, Python might make a great match for you.

What Can You Do With Python? - Game Development | LITSLINK Blog

CHIP-8 Emulator

It ought to be said that while building a CHIP-8 emulator is more difficult than the others on the list, it can open up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of writing emulators for more advanced platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, or whatever else you might want to get your teeth into.

Desktop Notifier App

Notifications are great allies to help keep you on schedule, as such, they often come in handy in an office space. As opposed to purchasing a notifier app online, you would be better off with your own web development that’s in tune with the internal processes of your company, helping to keep meetings and deadlines on the dot. 

Expense Tracker

If history is anything to go by, then financial mismanagement has always been one of the driving forces of the business collapse. Be it through sheer incompetence or extravagant expenditure, one thing that many bankrupt companies have had in common is the ineffective or insufficient cost tracking. Clearly, entrepreneurs and startups have an obligation to themselves and their employees to ensure their finances are in good condition. What is a better way to achieve this than with a personalized expense tracker that will document your finances which includes savings, expenses and profits.

AI and ML Systems

If you’ve been struggling to find the best Python app ideas, then you might want to opt for state-of-the-art techs, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning. These technologies make the headlines of all renowned IT blogs, which means they cause hype around your project and open up numerous investment opportunities for your business. Along with several other programming languages, Python has gained popularity in its use for developing AI and machine learning software. Its impressive security features combined with impeccable performance make Python suitable for a wide array of projects. 

Data Science Projects

Today it is already evident ― those who have big data will rule the world. Why? Data analysis is the key to understanding your customers’ needs, spotting opportunities on the market, conducting thorough industry analysis, and gaining a competitive advantage. But possessing data is not enough to extract meaningful insights. You should have an innovative system in place to help you deal with that overwhelming amount of information. 

What Can You Do With Python? - Data Science | LITSLINK Blog

This is where Python comes in handy. The Python ecosystem offers a wide variety of excellent Python libraries which you can use to solve your data science problems, do efficient data analysis or data visualization, and build comprehensive systems. TensorFlow, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, and others have been developed to create innovative software that would deal with various data science tasks.

Wrapping Up

Every indication points to the fact that more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are finding effective means to provide quality products and services to consumers with Python and it’s only judicious that you get a piece of that pie. So why not take it?

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