iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Development Services

At LitsLink, we know too well that you also know Android commands a huge market share in the smart device world. We also know that only 15 out of every 100 smartphones are iOS-powered while only 25 out of every 100 tablets are iPads. But do these figures need to worry you and throw out iOS mobile app development? The answer is a big resounding “No” and you are going to learn why and how.

At LitsLink, our mobile app development solutions are designed to allow you to make the best out of your apps. For that reason, we intend to leave no single stone unturned so that you can maximize the potential that mobile applications present to your business.

iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Development Services Services

What evidence does LitsLink have to warrant its Apple iOS app development?

Here are the reasons why we are a reliable iOS development agency:

  • The majority don’t always have their way

As a serious iOS app development company, we allow you to be the jury and judge us based on the evidence we present to you. We have been in business long and smart enough to know some secrets. Business success is not a political contest where the majority has their way, no.

In business success, we look at the ability of your prospective clientele to pay. We also know that not all your customers’ clients are in the lower or middle class. That is why we leave the door open because some of you are targeting the upper class that is mostly inclined toward iOS especially in the developing world. Moreover, these are the minority who control the larger chunk of the wealth circulating in the market hence it is suicidal to write off iOS for not being a market leader.

  • A safer transaction platform

One of the areas where iOS beats Android is the safety of transacting and making payment. In this area, Apple has pioneered in designing apps that allow its users to make payments safely and without hassles by using their iPhones. This competitive advantage means it is easier and safer for your customers to make payments as opposed to other platforms such as Windows and BlackBerry. Apple integrates superior anti-hacking and phishing security features into its payment platform. As a responsible iOS app development agency, LitsLink values this dimension of your engagement with your customers because it contributes directly to the backbone of your business—cash flow.

  • Stable and standardized hardware

As an Apple app development company, we look at the two sides of every coin. The reason here is that a mobile app does not work in a vacuum but on a mobile hardware. The need for mobile hardware also affects the way your users will enjoy your apps. In the case of Android, you have your apps running on all types of devices ranging from high-quality to fake ones from China. With this kind of disparity in hardware quality, different users will have different user experience depending on the quality of devices they use. But Apple’s case is different because all iPads and iPhones come from the same qualitative manufacturer hence there is no possibility of mixed quality experiences among users.

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iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Development Services Services


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iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Development Services Services


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iOS (iPhone/iPad) App Development Services Services


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Having stated the facts and drawn business sense out of them, you cannot have the wildest temptation to write off iOS mobile apps unless you want to sign up for downfall. The platform still provides limitless potential and opportunities for you to optimize and take your customers’ mobile experience to the next level using our iOS app development solutions.

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