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Does the manufacturer of an Android app have any meaningful impact on its effectiveness? Of course, yes. The reason here is that the law of source and resource dictates that the quality of a resource is just as good or as bad as that of its source. Put differently, every tree bears fruit according to its kind with the bad tree bearing bad fruit, and the good one bearing good fruit.

When it comes to optimizing the numerous business capabilities and opportunities Android presents to your business, you have to judge the app by its manufacturer. The quality of the manufacturer will directly be reflected in the way your customer will interact with the app. At LitsLink, we invite you to gauge the quality of all apps against our traditional parameters such as stability, safety, and ease of use.

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This is what a great Android app development company should offer your business

As a leading Android app development agency, LitsLink knows the many business possibilities that a well-crafted Android app can open your business to. Below is a list of the criteria you should use to judge our applications.

  • Suitable for emerging business

At LitsLink, we don’t believe in small businesses hence we hold that every business has growth potential. It is, therefore, our desire to help you emerge to greatness. Our customer-focused apps are engineered to help you tap into the most important resource that will enable you to emerge to greatness—customers.

But what informs this thinking? The facts and figures tell it all. We know a platform like iOS has a 15% of the total market share in the smartphone category. Only 15 out of every 100 smartphone owners use iPhones with only 25 out of every 100 tablets running on iOS. These figures mean that for an emerging business seeking to tap into the mass market, our Android apps will get you there.

  • Ease of approval

Another reason why our team is committed to offering you Android mobile apps is that they don’t need strangulating requirements to get approval before getting into the market. The ease of releasing the applications mean you can access your target clientele faster and easily.

  • They are customizable

For any business, the ease of customizing your apps to suit the needs of your clients is priceless. Our Android app programming services allow you to customize your apps to make them more appealing and flexible to use by your clientele.

  • A greater scope of access

When you approach our programmers to design you an Android app, never worry about how your existing customers and prospects will access it. The reason is that Google allows you to market your app on its official Play store and other platforms. This way, you have a wider pool of people from different platforms.

  • Near-universal hardware compatibility

Another assurance that our Android mobile app development company offers you is that you will never worry about the scope of device compatibility. The truth is that all smart device manufacturers power their tablets and smartphones using Android except Nokia (Microsoft), BlackBerry, and Apple. This fact means you can reach more smartphone and tablet users using your app than an iOS mobile app.

  • A cheaper option

For a business, getting the best services and products at the cheapest rates makes good sense. As a professional Android apps developer, we are not foreseeing another operating system dislodging Android from its leading position in the near future. So, you can be sure that developing Android apps for your business is aligning your business to the best and most affordable option. The reason is that it is cheaper to develop an Android app compared to an iOS one. Android has availed its Software Development Kit to developers free of charge so as to reduce the cost of developing and getting licenses for the apps. That is why LitsLink, a leading android app development company confidently designs these apps for your business.

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Final thoughts before you outsource Android app development

Before you sign up for Android apps development service, what do you want to achieve? Moreover, can your offshore android application development company assure you of what LitsLink offers? If not, contact us today because of our proven track record as a successful and customer-focused Android development company.

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