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Top 5 VR Apps based on Unity You Should Definitely Check in 2O21

With the advent of VR technologies, the world will never be the same. Just don your headset and enjoy the atmosphere of virtual reality without leaving your home. And to make your experience easier and pleasurable, we’ve handpicked the best five applications that you certainly have to try.

But firstly, let’s figure out what makes VR apps “real” and how they are created. Unity is one of such tools that makes it possible for us to enjoy all the perks of virtual reality. Simply put, it’s an engine that was developed by Unity Technologies and is used to create immersive high-quality 2D & 3D games and applications. One of the most popular games ever created using the engine are Assassin’s Creed, Deus Ex, just to name a few.

But it’s even more than meets the eye, now with the abundance of VR headsets and other equipment, which cater to every taste and budget, you can pick up and enjoy a VR app on Unity. To alleviate the tasks, here are our five VR applications and games:

  1. Fruit Ninja VR
  2. Job Simulator
  3. Beat Saber
  4. Superhot
  5. Breaking Boundaries VR

Fruit Ninja VR — You Best Slice-and-dice VR App

If you’ve never tried your hand at playing Fruit Ninja even once on your mobile phone, you’re probably that rare gem. Released in 2010 by Halfbrick Studios, the game has been considered to be one of the most popular ones even to this day. According to the App Annie stats, Fruit Ninja ranks number nine in the top ten games by all-time downloads worldwide in 2010-2019 both for iOS and Android.

The concept behind the game is quite simple — you keep slicing fruit and get points. You can spend the points you earn in the game on various blades, backgrounds, or other rewards to make your game more exciting.

But headsets and special devices give you a chance to explore the full potential of the game compared to playing it on mobile devices or tablets. Ninja Fruit VR was released in 2016 and it’s required to have a headset and controllers to play it. Its new dimensions allow you to immerse yourself into the virtual world of the game and imagine yourself a ninja at an authentic Japanese kitchen. Moreover, you can double the pleasure of gameplay by using two swords instead of only one.

Job Simulator — Your Top Routine Game Which Will Spice Up Your Life

If you’re reading this article while being isolated in your room because of the COVID-19 outbreak, this game will definitely hit home. Or you might stay in because you feel sick or a bit under the weather at the moment. In case you’re desperately missing your normal day to day life, this game is just for you. But here’s the catch, in this app you can transform your office routine into a series of bizarre events in the world where robots have substituted people and taken over everything. You can do anything you want at your work table— throw trash out of your trash bin or spill your coffee over the working table. Do anything, but work. You can choose your role — to be a white-collar, mechanic or someone else. You’ll be doing a lot of tasks from the perspective of robots, which will turn your gaming process into a super funny and engrossing experience.

Job Simulator is a Unity VR game developed by Owlchemy Labs. And to play it, you need to have HTC Vive or Oculus Rift + Touch. It’s very easy to pick up and have a good time.

Beat Saber — Feel the Beat with Sabers

Beat Saber is a top VR Unity application that combines rhythm experience, nice music, and your strong hand gestures. The game was produced by Beat Games in 2018, and it has already managed to take the world by storm.

The logic behind it is also pretty simple — you need to crash colored blocks with two neon sabers while they are moving in a certain rhythm. On different levels, these blocks move faster and faster, and it becomes more and more difficult to avoid various obstacles. In addition, you can choose your favorite artist to beat blocks to them, like Green Day, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At the disco, and many others.

It might look easy at first, but when you move forward, you’ll have to accelerate your hand and body moves. So, if you want to keep fit, it’s the game that would keep you in perfect shape just using controllers and a headset like HTC Vive or Oculus.

Superhot — Not Your Average Shooter

Another VR Unity app that might interest you is Superhot developed by SUPERHOT Team in 2016. This is a first-person shooter or FPS, where the time moves as you move along — when you stand still, the time freezes, nothing happens, and you have to decide what your next move would be. In this game, you need to shoot ruby people with anything you can find at your fingertips.

Superhot offers you both the beauty of the atmosphere and the rush of the gameplay. To enjoy it, you’ll need an Oculus headset and controllers.

Breaking Boundaries VR

Unity does not only allow us to create awesome virtual reality games, but it’s also a perfect tool for building educational VR apps that can help us learn new information. Released in 2018 by Filament Games, Breaking Boundaries VR is an application that introduces us to the most celebrated women scientists in the world. You’ll get acquainted with the groundbreaking and innovative works, discoveries and activities of such prominent women as Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, and Grace Hopper.

You’ll be guided through their work environment while discovering considerable details of the scientists’ lives. The VR application is available for Oculus Go and Gear VR.


We’ve picked up only the top five VR apps and games based on Unity, but the market is flooded with more options than you can ever imagine. And it’s only a beginning as virtual reality applications are gaining their momentum. And if you want to be on the same page with the world, you can build your own VR best virtual reality games or software. To help you get your project off the ground, consider LITSLINK Unity app development services to create a product that will exceed your users’ expectations.

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