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Kubernetes as a Service

Kubernetes is an open-source container coordination framework for scaling and administering containerized apps. It allows developers to rapidly develop containerized apps greatly reducing time to market as a result.
Wherever you need to move your workload, Kubernetes lets you do it effortlessly.

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Kubernetes as a Service

Advantages of Using Kubernetes in Your Project

Portability and flexibility

Kubernetes is portable and flexible since it can work with any container runtime and infrastructures. Whether it’s a private cloud, public cloud, or an on-premises server, this framework is equally effective.

Portability and flexibility

Multi-cloud Capability

Kubernetes is a perfect instrument for multi-cloud strategies. Workloads, running either on single or multiple clouds, can be hosted and easily scaled with the framework.

Multi-cloud Capability


As an open-source framework, Kubernetes is preferable to many businesses. Thanks to the active community, developers can use many libraries and tools to speed up development. Thus, upgrading software or adding new features to it is a seamless process.


Market Leader

Popular within the IT environment, Kubernetes gains trust by its maturity. It is a framework of choice when it comes to container orchestration. By choosing this solution, you can be sure of its excellent performance every time.

Market Leader

Use Kubernetes Features to Put Your Digital Product on a New Level!

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Kubernetes as a Service

Get a cutting-edge cloud-native application with LITSLINK! With the help of Kubernetes services, you can build a revolutionizing application. Thus, whatever bold idea you have, we’ll help you bring it to life with Kubernetes!

Kubernetes as a Service


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Having headquarters in the US and some R&D offices in Eastern Europe, LITSLINK ensures its global presence. Wherever you are, we’re up to level up your business in the IT field.

Extensive Expertise

LITSLINK has already worked with numerous companies from different industries. Not limited by only the entertainment and game development spheres, we also deal with health tech, education, fintech, and so on.

Top Developers

With a team of 300+ best-in-class tech specialists, LITSLINK offers high-quality software services. If you’re looking for a passionate professional team that follows the latest trends, reach out to us.

Flexible Hiring Options

We ensure comfortable collaboration for all the parties. Whether you want to work on a fixed price or T&M or if you require just consulting, any option is okay with us if it meets your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should you choose Kubernetes container orchestration platform?

Deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications is Kubernetes' primary mission. This open-source system manages the workloads to make them run smoothly and efficiently.

Being built by Google, Kubernetes takes its best practices on how to successfully run containers in production. It's a rock-solid platform that brings together software development and operations. Thus, if you want to create an advanced and stable app, Kubernetes will help you with this!

2. Is it possible to scale apps with Kubernetes?

Yes, it’s possible. Kubernetes has support for scaling based on various metrics. Once you need to scale your application, our devoted team of tech specialists will do it with the help of Kubernetes. No matter what needs to be done — scaling up the functionality or modifying containers — we’ll do it for you to the highest standards!

3. What is Kubernetes mainly used for?

Kubernetes is a perfect tool for deploying and managing cloud-native apps. Since we use containers to run cloud-native apps to make them portable and flexible, Kubernetes is designed to deal with them.

Build an innovative cloud-native app with Kubernetes services!

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