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What is Scotts Miracle-Gro?

Scotts Miracle-Gro is one of the leading American companies that helps gardeners around the globe to transform their lawns and gardens with the help of valuable resources, technology, and practical advice.


Scotts Miracle-Gro contacted LITSLINK about two things. Firstly, they wanted to advance their software that would improve the irrigation system, which is widely used by many US households. The product allows gardeners to control their watering systems with the help of a mobile application that is connected to a special controller. Thus, people can easily manage the watering process of plants and flowers in different parts of their gardens and lawns.

Secondly, as any other established enterprise-size company, Scotts Miracle-Gro wanted to increase overall agility with regard to software implementation.


To improve the irrigation system management server-side software, we worked to create a full-fledged IoT infrastructure for various garden devices and outdoor gadgets, namely, smart pots and irrigation systems.

We used advanced hosting solutions in terms of autoscaling, redundancy, and API availability. Thus, we dockerized the application and hosted it in the k8s cluster, and got 99.99 API availability.

To increase the agility of the company, we have made some significant improvements in terms of continuous deployment, namely, we have shortened the software deployment cycle. We’ve also improved security and testing processes.

Our engineers created separate projects for each environment to alleviate the workload for IT specialists as well as migrated from github to gitlab, which made it possible to keep the CI/CD system and code in one place.

We also did the next:
  • configured custom SSL certificates for ingress-controllers;
  • wrote terraform templates for all 3 environments;
  • optimized resources for pods inside k8s;
  • divided celery/front tasks into different tasks;
  • wrote non-trivial CICD


With the advanced irrigation system server-side software, it has become much easier to look after gardens and lawns. Users can control the watering schedule. Moreover, now it is possible to connect the system with various third-party services that help to decide whether plants need watering based on weather forecasts. Special controllers gather helpful metadata and send it to the remote servers for further processing.

We also accelerated the speed of the watering system, which allowed the technology in the shortest time to satisfy the needs of users. Moreover, a holistic approach to the improvements of the system gave us an excellent opportunity to significantly cut costs for the client.

Agility improvements let us help Scotts Miracle-Gro to deploy and scale software with greater speed, less risk, and reduce considerable cost.

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