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13 May, 2024

10 Best React Native Apps

Although there are real pain points and challenges, the overall gains significantly outweigh the costs which motivates us to keep investing in the platform”. – Funghao (Robin) Chen, a Mobile Lead at Discord.

React Native made a revolution in cross-platform mobile app development. Instead of two products, you can build one with extensive functionality. React Native heaves a sigh of relief for developers now across the world. There is no need to create a code for each application. What is also fantastic about React Native is that with its fast development, you shouldn’t compromise on app quality.

Curious to know what benefits React Native helds for app development and what apps were built with it? If so, speed up to read!

Why React Native?

What's React Native | LITSLINK Blog

What is awesome about React Native and why developers adore it? The answer to this question is evident – simplicity. The simplicity in creating outstanding user interfaces, highly intuitive user experience, and, of course, cross-platform mobile apps. By the way, software engineers should code only once – and voilà – a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms can be released on the market soon.

Why is React Native good? So, let’s mention the key advantages of React Native over the other frameworks like AngularJS, PhoneGap, and Cordova here:

  • UI rendering for iOS and Android platforms at one go;
  • Compatibility with Windows and tvOS platforms;
  • Easy incorporation of React Native components into the code of an existing app;
  • Simple code deployment on iOS and Android platforms that saves time and costs for developers;
  • Debugging approach is quite comprehensible, and it eases the process of determining and preventing code issues.

Facebook, Tesla, Walmart, UberEats, Instagram, and other business giants chose React Native as a core technology for their apps. Thus, let’s discover famous app examples built with React Native one by one.

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1. Facebook and its Ads Manager

React Native App - Facebook | LITSLINK Blog

Facebook is considered to be the creator of React Native. The framework was initially presented as a hackathon project in 2015. Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, found the solution to generate UI features for the iOS platform based on the background of JavaScript thread. The tech giant also utilized React Native to build several components for Facebook and developed its first cross-platform mobile app – Facebook Ads Manager.

So, why did Facebook choose this technology? Faster iteration and better code reusability are the main benefits that React Native brings to cross-platform mobile app development. This way, it helped developers create highly intuitive user experiences with simple navigation for Facebook and its Ads Manager.

2. Tesla

Tesla React Native Apps | LITSLINK Blog

Each of us must have heard about the revolutionary nudge that the owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, did in 2003 with the invention of electric cars. But this renowned company didn’t stop generating innovative ideas and launched a revolutionary cross-platform app to improve the drivers’ experience.

Developers did a great job with React Native and managed to build an intuitive app to improve the lives of Tesla owners around the world. With a Tesla app, drivers can park, hoke the horn, and flash the lights to find the car in a parking area. Among the other user-friendly features of this product, it’s worth mentioning ‘Smart Summon’ that allows a car to drive itself to a chosen location and get a vehicle from a parking spot or garage.

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3. Uber Eats

Uber Eats React Native App | LITSLINK Blog

This product was launched in 2014, aiming at providing seamless food delivery experiences to its users. Uber used React Native as a core framework in its tech stack, ensuring that this app could be accessed on iOS and Android platforms.

Developers love React Native because this technology helps them build native navigation and authentication system with Web-View pointing. These features enabled restaurants, food delivery parties, and eaters to communicate better regarding order placement, acceptance, arrival, and completion. All these options users could access on the Restaurant Dashboard that was built with the react-router library, a declarative routing for React Native to improve navigation.

4. Instagram

Instagram React Native App | LITSLINK Blog

This video-sharing social media app was developed with React Native framework in 2016. Developers applied this technology to build the views of Push Notifications and Edit Profile for Instagram.

When the development process was finalized , the company analyzed the metrics and found out that React Native helped programmers improve the app performance. Fast iteration and code sharing were the key advantages of this framework. Also, engineers indicated that React Native didn’t require to build massive navigation infrastructure, which simplified the process of releasing the product on iOS and Android platforms.

5. Discovery VR

React Native App - Discovery VR

The product was released by a famous mass media company – Discovery. Inc – that transmits TV programs about wild nature, world history, and so on. With Discovery VR, users can explore the world in virtual reality and acquire exciting 360 video experiences.

Imagine that you can hike in the Alps, see breathtaking sceneries somewhere in Switzerland or Austria, or even dive in the Red Sea. Wherever you want to be, Discovery VR transports you in any corner of the world. The only thing you need for your virtual trip is a VR headset like Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, or any other. To create such an amazing app, developers implemented React Native for better integration of the product into iOS and Android platforms.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest React Native App | LITSLINK Blog

Are you looking for the best Indian curry’s recipe or maybe you want to see a bunch of roses in front of the Eiffel tower? If so, you should try Pinterest – a visual discovery tool that allows users to collect images of their interest, create their personal dashboards and share them with others.

The app is highly popular as it has more than 200 million monthly users around the world. To build Pinterest, developers used React Native as a core framework for integrating a product into iOS and Android platforms. This technology helped software engineers save time in developing a native app at low cost and efforts.

7. Discord

Discord App | LITSLINK Blog

If you’re a passionate video gamer, you might have heard about this app. Discord was founded in 2015 and quickly acquired more than 200 million active users worldwide, including not only gamers but also K-Pop singers, writers, and other professionals operating in the creative industry.

With its impressive features, users can engage in conversations , create voice channels, send music tracks and videos, share information about their gaming experiences and much more – and all that is free! React Native enabled software engineers to reap the benefits of leveraging a reusable code across platforms faster and develop a native iOS app.

8. Walmart

Wallmart React Native App | LITSLINK Blog

The Forbes contributors believe that this app built by the top US retail company is supposed to be a “game changer” on the market. Walmart decided to ease shopping experiences in stores and developed a cross-platform mobile application with React Native. It has an amazing navigation that helps customers find the specific shelf with products, showing them the way of how they can get there in a shop from their current location. Walmart has a bunch of useful functions like:

  • A product barcode scanning for checking a product’s availability in a store;
  • Walmart pay mobile wallet system for paying at the cashier desk.

9. Gyroscope

Gyroscope React Native App | LITSLINK Blog

Want to improve your health, lose weight, or track your fitness results? If your answer is affirmative to this question, have a look at Gyroscope – a wellness app that might help you achieve your fitness goals and share your results with friends, healthcare professionals or anyone you like.

Software engineers used React Native to ensure users can access the app through Android and iOS platforms Anand Sharma, a developer who worked on developing Gyroscope, tried it by himself. This app showed him that he walked more during warmer months and ate more Mexican food at that time. Such results helped Anand Sharma understand his fitness activity and eating habits better.

10. Bloomberg

Bloomberg React Native App | LITSLINK Blog

If you work in media or you are just curious about what is going on in the world, Bloomberg app – a reputable news agency — will make the right match for you. This mobile app was released in 2016 with streamlined and easy-to-use features like a video news feed.

So, what does Bloomberg actually deliver to its users? Take a moment and imagine that you can swipe a headline, save a bookmark, or see a sparkling animation on your smartphone. By downloading the Bloomberg app, you’ll be updated on the latest global news in politics, business, innovations, and much more!

Wrapping Up

We’ve shortlisted top 10 React Native app examples for you, and who knows, maybe, your next app project will be included in this list soon. So, what makes the React Native framework popular for the mobile app development process? Well, simple integration into iOS and Android platforms, seamless development process, and fast code iteration are the main reasons why developers love this technology.

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