React Native

As an established React Native development company, we are committed to availing this framework to our customers. This technology is a JavaScript code library developed by Instagram and Facebook that enables users to build their native applications and deliver a seamless native user interface. It also allows using the code for other purposes across the Internet and mobile devices, which significantly saves your time and effort.

React Native Technologies

Benefits of React Native

React Native has a lot of advantages that you and your company can benefit from:

  • React Native is compatible with all major platforms like iOS and Android.
  • It takes a shorter period to develop React Native across Android and iOS platforms because there are many React components available due to its open-source nature. You can enjoy faster updates since you no longer need to wait for approval from an app store because you can push your pending release without any updates or changes. 

How Working with LITSLINK can Benefit your Business:

You will get a lot of advantages when you work with our expert team.

  • Establishing an easy and excellent rapport with you

Our customers are our most significant assets. Therefore, we are committed to meeting their needs and finding the best ways to fulfill them. To achieve this, we go beyond reaching out to customers, identifying their pain points, and moving on to working with their requirements.

At LITSLINK, we have no greater mission than satisfying our customers. We devote our time and effort to properly evaluating the pain points our clients face, then we solve all the problems.

This approach lies in the core of our culture for many years. This principle helps us to eliminate the possibility of errors leading to greater precision in executing customer specifications and satisfying them.

  • Keeping you ahead of trends

Our talented development team is always aware of all the trends in the market. Equipped with the latest knowledge of development technologies and methodologies, we can provide you with a competitive edge by making your product as innovative as possible. We always invest in the latest tools to meet your most critical needs and prepare you for the future.

  • Providing you with a multi-talented team

You can significantly benefit from tapping into the diversity of our team. Our skilled staff comprises designers, engineers, and project managers to supervise your projects. With such a full house of qualified experts, you can be sure of receiving the best React Native services.

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Why we love React Native

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Modern Tools and Technologies

By investing in the latest tools and technologies, our React Native service allows you to remain in touch with modern trends so you can prove your business against future technological upheavals.

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Community Participation

This technology is community driven. The availability of many software engineers pooling together allows users to share and exchange their expertise and experiences, and hence, sharpening their skills.

React native 3

Optimal Code Reuse

With React Native, you can use the same code on both Android and iOS. This way, you save yourself a lot of time and expenses during the development process.

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Faster Development

It is faster to develop React Native across Android and iOS mobile platforms given that our team has many React components available for use under its open source nature.

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