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React Native

Write once, deploy anywhere! Create high-performing mobile apps that can seamlessly run on any platform of your choice with a leading React Native development company. Our top-notch software engineers build stunning cross-platform software products for the best user experience.

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React.js Web and App Development Services by React js Development Company LITSLINK

Why React Native

Native Experience

Does Facebook feel native? Probably, yes! The company created this popular cross-platform framework to boost their own social media and succeeded. Skyrocket your app’s performance with first-class React Native application development services catered to you by LITSLINK!

Native Experience

Cross-Platform Framework

With a single codebase for several platforms, React Native allows building software products that run on Android and iOS and provide seamless experience. No need for two development teams. Build once, deploy anywhere.

Cross-Platform Framework

Cost-Efficient Solution

Thanks to a reusable code and ready-made components, React Native enables developers to reduce the development time and cost. Hire one development team, decrease your time to market and disrupt your niche with a brand-new app!

Cost-Efficient Solution

React Native Development Services

React Native Development for Android

Build high-performing mobile apps for Android with seasoned React Native developers. LITSLINK software engineers will bring their knowledge and expertise to the table to create a product that meets your audience's needs and wants!

React Native Development for Android

React Native Development for iOS

Create flawless applications for iOS with an experienced team at LITSLINK. Reach a broader audience, boost performance and reduce your development time with our React Native application development services.

React Native Development for iOS

React Native Customization Services

Bring your software product to a brand-new level with
a team of experts! By building high-quality customization components, our React Native developers can make your app stand out among millions of others.

React Native Customization Services

React Native Support & Maintenance

Have a software product that needs maintenance? With LITSLINK, it always runs like clockwork. Entrust your project to our knowledgeable engineers to ensure your customers enjoy the best user experience!

React Native Support & Maintenance


US-Based Software Partner

With 4 offices globally, we provide first-class React Native application development services to clients across the globe. Whether you want to outsource a project or hire a dedicated development team, we have all the resources to meet your request.

Experienced Team

We’ve been working with React Native from the time of its launch on the market. With a solid experience under our belt, we have enough knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality cross-platform apps that meet the market demand.

Decreased Time to Market

Launch your app fast with a leading React Native development company! We always keep our promises and meet deadlines to ensure you reach your ambitious goals.

Consistent Delivery

We always keep you in the loop about the project status. A dedicated project manager ensures your software development team sticks to requirements and sends demos at the end of each sprint.

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Tech Stack


  • React Native
  • JavaScriptCore
  • Hermes


  • React-navigation
  • React-native-reanimated
  • React-native-svg
  • React-native-firebase
  • React-native-paper


  • Detox
  • Appium
  • Jest
  • React-native-testing-library

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Swift


  • SSL Pinning
  • Keychain

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform framework built with React.js that allows developing high-performing cross-platform applications. With a single codebase in the core, they can run on several platforms and provide users with exceptional experience.

Apart from that, React Native apps are fast and do not take much time to develop compared to native mobile applications. Also, you do not need to hire two development teams to maintain your product. So, if you are on a budget and need an efficient solution, React Native is your choice.

2. How long does it take to create a React Native app?

The timeframe of a project depends on a number of factors, including the app’s complexity, features you want your app to have, the project scope, etc. Reach out to our team and we will be glad to schedule a discovery call and discuss the project details.

3. How much does it cost to build a React Native app?

The rates vary depending on the type of an app you want to build. Fill out the form below and our expert will get back to you with an accurate estimate for your project. Alternatively, you can use our online cost calculator and get a ballpark quote in no time.

4. How do I know React Native is the right fit for my project?

If you were mulling over an idea of developing an app that would run on several platforms, then the best decision is to opt for a cross-platform framework.

React Native has all the tried and tested practices applied by software developers from different regions, industries and backgrounds. It is an open-source technology with a rich community who are constantly working to make the technology better. Thus, when it comes to mobile app development, React Native is one of the best options to consider.

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