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26 Jul, 2021

A New Release of iPad Pro and ARKit 3.5 from Apple: What’s so Revolutionary Behind?

Modern digitized reality is much more boundless than you might think. Whenever you feel bored and want to add a bit of magic to your working routine, just take your smartphone or tablet, download a new AR app and get prepared to plunge into an exciting world filled with adventures, supernatural creatures, and fascinating events. Especially, in the age of the coronavirus crisis, it is important to have a kind of an escape where you can recreate the atmosphere of the real world or be able to augment your environment with something you are missing so much in self-isolation.

With the release of the 2020 iPad Pro and its acclaimed LiDAR scanner, AR software has progressed to a brand-new level, bringing unforgettable experiences to its users. The recent upgrade of ARKit 3.5 has all the chances to become a real “game changer” in the world of AR with its superior image quality, accurate object detection and a set of innovative features that make AR experience even more joyful. In this short piece, we expanded on what ARKit 3.5 is, how it differs from previous versions and why it matters.

Scene Geometry API of ARKit 3.5

By creating accurate 3D maps of the environment, a developer can enhance the user’s experience and ensure seamless interaction with the device or software. Scene Geometry API is one of the most significant innovations brought by a new ARKit 3.5 as it allows producing better results to build immersive AR experiences.

ARKit 3.5 - Scene Geometry API | LITSLINK Blog

People Occlusion

Have you had that experience when some of your friends pass between your device and virtual object, and suddenly the scene becomes less realistic and a bit distorted? This happens because all items in the scene are treated as “background” for virtual objects in augmented reality.

A new release of ARKit from Apple takes the full advantage of machine learning to estimate the depth and height of objects in the camera better, and thus allows creating more realistic AR environments. What is so innovative about this tech is that people can be occluded, or covered partially by the objects, even when the entire person is not placed in the AR scene.

ARKit 3.5 and New Release of iPad Pro from Apple - People Occlusion Feature | LITSLINK Blog

Instant AR

Do you remember the time when you had to wave your tablet to detect objects and make them appear in the AR scene? Instant AR helps you to get rid of all these conveniences as it allows adding 2D and 3D objects to the environment in an instant. You don’t have to wait for a comprehensive scan to be formed as the software will bring AR items to the real-world view almost immediately.

ARKit 3.5 from Apple - LiDAR Scanner | LITSLINK Blog

LiDAR Scanner

What is LiDAR? The abbreviation “LiDAR” stands for Light Detection and Ranging. As the name suggests, a new scanner estimates the distance from one object to another by calculating how fast the light reaches the item and returns back to the device. This technology was successfully applied in drones to build terrains. However, a new iPad Pro gets the most out of this innovation by creating life-like AR scenes.

Collaborative Sessions

If you feel bored playing a game on your own or want your friends to collaborate with you in one environment, get use of live collaborative sessions introduced in the new 2020 iPad Pro. With the new update of ARKit, developers can build world collaborative maps, which makes developing AR scenes faster. Users in their turn can get the full advantage of shared AR experiences by interacting with multiple players in the app.

New Release of ARKit 3.5 from Apple - Collaborative Scenes | LITSLINK Blog

Improved Motion Capture

User engagement rate and the ease of interaction are the two factors that make an outstanding AR experience. The easier it is for you to interact with virtual objects, the more opportunities the software can provide to its audience.

Intending to improve the user experience, the new version of ARKit allows enhanced body tracking, which provides users with a chance to interact and control their interaction with virtual objects. For instance, in its latest demo, this feature was applied to reconstruct the person’s skeleton with all the parts of the body. Furthermore, the software can detect up to three faces using the TrueDepth Camera so that multiple users can benefit from AR experiences at once. A new release of ARKit 3.5 from Apple is expected to add more quality to its motion graphics.

New Release of ARKit 3.5 from Apple - Improved Motion Capture | LITSLINK Blog

Front or Back Camera — Why Don’t You Use Both?

When front cameras hit the market in early 2010, they were not intended to be used simultaneously with the back camera. You could take an awesome selfie and then a great picture of mountains by switching from one camera to another. But you could not do both of them simultaneously.

With ARKit 3.5, you can benefit from face and world tracking at the same time, and unleash the full potential of AR technology. In one of the demos posted by Apple on its official website, users can interact with virtual objects using their face. Apps built for iPad Pro 2020 are expected to trigger a new revolution in the world of AR. Simultaneous face and environment detection will make it possible to interact with virtual objects without even touching them. Experts say this breakthrough will profoundly affect the way we view and understand virtual environments.

What’s Next?

The recent release of iPad Pro and ARKit 3.5 has proved that Apple is serious about AR and related technologies. The giant seems to have high expectations of this tech and confidently moves forward to trigger the next AR & VR revolution. AR has all the chances to become that hot future iOS followers were waiting for. So, if you have been toying with an idea for a revolutionary AR app, it is the right time to make it real! LITSLINK will gladly become your reliable partner with its top-notch AR development services to help you get your project off the ground.

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