Virtual Reality

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Top 5 VR Apps based on Unity You Should Definitely Check in 2O2O

With the advent of VR technologies, the world will never be the same. Just don your headset and enjoy the atmosphere of virtual reality without leaving your home. And to make yo...
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Is Virtual Reality a New Game Changer for the Real Estate Field?

Virtual Reality (VR) has been the “next big thing” in tech for quite a while now. From its gaming industry beginnings to new applications in military training, the VR trend seem...
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Virtual Reality in Healthcare: Top Use Cases and Trends to Look For in 2020

The future of healthcare is here, and much of it is virtual. Gone are the days that we went under the knife with mere humans completing a procedure. Thanks to the many innovati...
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Ecommerce Innovations: How Virtual Reality is Changing the Face of the Industry?

Contents Market Overview Top Applications of VR in Ecommerce VR shopping VR fitting rooms VR to Boost User Engagement Virtual Assistants Benefits of Using VR in Your...
Vr in education

Usage of Virtual Reality in Education: Pros and Cons

Virtual reality is a modern technology enabling the three-dimensional, computer-generated environment that users may explore and interact with. In this way, simulated environmen...
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