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30 Nov, 2021

Oculus for Business: A New Way to Stay Connected

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many governments were forced to undertake strict lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the disease. All at once, we couldn’t dine in our favorite restaurants, cafes, walk in parks, and visit our well-equipped offices. Social distancing and remote work have become integral parts of our lives.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, entertain, communicate and also work. The majority of businesses had to halt their operations, which inevitably affected the global economy. In 2020, it’s predicted that the world economy will lose 0.4% of GDP.

Industries that relied on offline operations suffered the most. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, more and more sectors feel the strain. Going online has become the only way to survive the economic downfall and bring your business into a new prospering economy.

And Oculus for Business made it possible! Read our article to find out how this brand-new solution can grow your business to the next level.

Oculus for business and Oculus Go - new way of organizing a Virtual Reality workspace | LITSLINK Blog

What Is Oculus for Business?

On May 22, 2020, Oculus for Business was officially released to the public. A year ago, Oculus presented a VR enterprise platform that helped companies organize their workspace. Since then, Oculus for Business was used in various industries including fintech, gaming, logistics and even healthcare. The Johnson & Johnson Institute rolled out Oculus Quest headsets to train surgeons in the VR environment. Sandra Humbles, the Vice President of Global Education Solutions at J&J Institute, sees a unique opportunity in this experience:

Johnson&Johnson About Oculus for Business | LITSLINK Blog

Nestlé Purina Petcare, which is widely known as a global producer of pet food and treats, implemented VR to enhance retail planning collaboration on a remote basis. This measure helped the company to save more than $100 thousands spent on travel.

How Is Facebook Linked to Oculus for Business?

Facebook took over Oculus VR for $2,3 billion in 2014, which later became a division at Facebook Technologies LLC. But it’s not the only explanation of how Oculus for Business can be linked with the renowned social network company. This virtual reality solution was created on Workplace, a remote collaboration tool, developed by Facebook. Strong ID security and effective account management are among the main benefits Workplace delivers to its users. Altogether, these features contribute to impressive VR capabilities of Oculus for Business and make it unique on the market.

Oculus for Business from Facebook and organizing VR workspace| LITSLINK Blog

The above-mentioned VR software might become an ultimate solution for companies in and after the crisis. It does not only bring the teams together in the virtual environment but also helps them to improve customer experience, enhance productivity and boost sales. Let’s look how Oculus for Business can address critical challenges and benefit various industries.

Key Advantages of Introducing Oculus for Business to Your Company

DHL, The Hilton Hotel, and other renowned companies have just implemented Oculus for Business. They are currently using this VR solution to improve their management processes, strengthen data security, and train employees. You can try Oculus for Business and jump on the bandwagon as well. There are numerous opportunities for you on how you can use this product to enhance your working processes in the company.

Virtual Reality Meetings with Oculus for Business | LITSLINK Blog

Organize Online Meetings On the Fly

Imagine that you can organize an important meeting with your board members without leaving your house. We know how busy you might be, so having an opportunity to speak with your partners at home may appear to be an appealing option. Don your VR headset, make yourself comfortable on the sofa and enjoy your VR experience! With Oculus, you can organize virtual reality meetings and speak with your colleagues in the VR room.

Train Your Staff Remotely

Oculus for Business allows you to conduct remote training sessions. You can teach your employees how to organize product shipment or understand clients’ needs better. By practicing real scenarios in VR, your staff will learn all these things on the go. The Hilton Hotel is now using this method and training its employees with Oculus for Business. It launches sessions where hospitality staff can learn about empathetical attitude towards customers.

Expand Your Business Globally

Without any border limits, it’s possible to grow your business and leverage your economic opportunities in the world. Oculus for Business helps you organize conferences, webinars, face-to-face meetings, and staff training on the go. And what’s even more important is that you’re not restricted to a specific location. For instance, DHL uses Oculus for Business to improve its supply chain process and make customers happier with their delivery services.

Build Your VR App With Us!

Oculus for Business made a revolutionary nudge in the VR industry. It widens our horizons and provides us with innovative ways of doing business without strict boundaries. Hardly could we think that organizing online meetings and training your staff must be so easy.

But Oculus for Business has just changed our perceptions. Now, large corporations train remote teams in VR rooms and improve their operations with this technology. And you can join them or create your own product with us.

So, do you want to build a VR solution like Oculus for Business and outpace your competitors? Reach out to LITSLINK for high-quality VR software development services and discover how we can help you!

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