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06 May, 2024

Outsourcing Nearshore vs. Offshore: How to Choose the Best Option for You?

Using an external outsourcing company can be a practical solution for many business needs. For instance, hiring a software developer full-time is unnecessary if you only need one application or a website. In such situations, outsourcing is the most common solution. 

But not everything is so simple. Have you ever heard of offshoring and nearshore outsourcing companies? Keep reading to discover the difference between these two options and how to choose a software development company that suits your needs.

nearshore vs offshore

Nearshore vs Offshore: Introduction

According to statistics, businesses will spend up to $590 billion on nearshore and offshore outsourcing companies. The reasons are obvious. Almost every company now needs a website, application, or CRM system to keep up with the competition, and outsourcing covers dozens of needs:

  • IT development and automation. You can outsource all kinds of development processes, from websites to complex programs. Updates and automatic processes are included.
  • Customer service and chatting. Customer service teams don’t need to be in your office. For such needs, businesses often hire remote employees.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping. For a small business, there is no need for several accountants and a large department. One remote expert can replace all this.
  • Nearshore IT outsourcing. The IT sphere often covers difficult processes, and experts are not always available in your immediate region. Remote experts from different countries are often in need.
  • Human resources and HR branches. Human resources require special attention, but you may lack the time and hands for it. Remote HR is a common option. 
  • Offshore business process outsourcing. Business processes can cover a lot of activities, from project management to documentation. Those tasks are often entrusted to outsourced specialists. 
  • Content creation and moderation. If you don’t need to create content in a particular place or a studio, your content creator could be located in any region. This also sometimes implies photo editing, translation, or UGC content moderation. Social media is often entrusted to one distant contractor. 
  • Digital marketing. Finally, marketing is a must for any company. However, you may not need a full-time marketer in a department. For this, remote employees can be used. 

Basically, everything your business needs but cannot do can be entrusted to nearshore or offshore outsourcing companies. In 2024, software development is expected to be the most popular branch, and outsourcing can be a good solution for development tasks. But, choosing between nearshore vs. offshore formats can be difficult. Do you need a contractor near you? Or can you cut costs by outsourcing offshore specialists? We’ll provide you with more details to help you make your decision.

nearshore vs offshore

What Is Outsourcing Nearshore?

What is nearshore outsourcing? Picture this: You’re working on a project in the US. All of your staff members are here. Since you live in one time zone and all speak the same language, you can chat in real time and seamlessly communicate. 

But what if you need an outsourcing organization to help you with software development? You want the contractor to always be online and communicate with you so the overall partnership feels like a team job.

In this case, you can opt for outsourcing a nearshore company. They work in the nearest countries, in the same time zone, and speak your language. 

Studies show that the leading countries for nearshore outsourcing in the US typically come from South America:

  1. Colombia
  2. Mexico
  3. El Salvador
  4. Costa Rica
  5. Argentina
  6. Peru

Meanwhile, a German brand would hire people from France or Belgium to outsource software development nearshore. Companies from Poland will work with Ukraine and Slovakia, etc. 

The main idea of software development outsourcing nearshore is working with a contractor near you. Such people can meet in person if needed, but they still work remotely and aren’t connected with your business directly. Nearshore experts complete their tasks and keep in touch but work remotely. 

nearshore software outsourcing

Nearshore Outsourcing: Advantages and Disadvantages

Such an approach offers both advantages and disadvantages. 

Main advantages include:

  1. Understanding each other perfectly.
  2. Sharing similar cultures and technology
  3. A better connection with your business and your clients.

But the pros don’t stop there. 

More Details About Nearshore Outsourcing Advantages:

  • The same or a similar time zone. Among the benefits of nearshore outsourcing, this one is key. It ensures smooth collaboration. Plan virtual meetings and get immediate responses. Explore nearshore software development companies for your particular time zone and communication requirements.
  • Cultural similarities. This is another nearshore outsourcing benefit that ensures smooth communication. Less cultural barriers mean better communication. Moreover, a nearshore software outsourcing expert knows more about your region, which is important since app creation can differ significantly from one part of the world to another. A nearshore software development outsourcing would use programming languages and platforms popular in your country. Learn more about choosing the right service provider when outsourcing software development.
  • Geographical location. Finally, you can meet in person if that’s needed. Although most business processes are now done online, you may need a personal meeting with your nearshore software outsourcing specialist. Easier project management is guaranteed.


The only disadvantage of nearshore outsourcing is cost. Nearby countries have employment costs similar to yours, so you’d pay the same salaries as local employees. While not a problem for a large company, small businesses may struggle to afford nearshore software development outsourcing. After all, software development is not your primary focus, and you cannot spend too much on it. 

What Is Offshore Outsourcing?

You may wonder how to save on specialist costs. In this case, offshore outsourcing is the perfect option. The offshore outsourcing definition means hiring a vendor from distant countries. In the US, India is the leading country for hiring offshore specialists, with its low salaries and high expertise in the development sphere. Meanwhile, Eastern Europeans may hire experts from Indonesia, Brazil, or Africa to work on offshore software development outsourcing.  

nearshore software outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing: Advantages and Disadvantages

At first sight, offshore software outsourcing may seem unethical. You hire those experts to pay less and receive the same level of service. However, for third-world countries, offshore software outsourcing is often a way to replenish budgets and engage with foreign experts. It is a mutually beneficial deal for a business and a foreign expert.


  • Cost-cutting options. Because of economic differences, you spend way less on distant software offshore outsourcing. What might seem low for you is a decent salary for that region. This way, a small business can receive the same service at lower costs. 
  • Wide choice. You simply have more regions to choose from. As for offshore outsourcing examples, India and Eastern Europe are famous for their offshore IT outsourcing experts. With the popularity of remote work, those residents often choose digital jobs, including software development. You receive excellent products and services for a lower price.


  • Time zones. You’d need a better approach to operations management. Virtual meetings are almost impossible in most cases, and chatting is the primary method of communication. 
  • Cultural difficulties. Remote specialists sometimes lack knowledge about your target audiences and customer experience. They understand the product but lack knowledge about customer experience and local preferences. You’ll need to explore the particularities of app development and other digital products to give clear and precise instructions.

Nearshore vs Offshore: Which One Better Meets Your Business Goals

The choice of an outsourcing company is already difficult. For instance, you should know how to choose an app development company – explore tips and see what the offers on the market are. But choosing between nearshore vs offshore operations makes things even more complicated. To make a sober decision about offshore vs nearshore, consider the following:

  1. Your budget. Offshore outsourcing software development is a much better option for a small business. You most likely don’t have an overly complex project. Thus, even a person with a lack of cultural awareness will suit.
  2. Communication needs. If a project requires instant communication, you’ll need nearshore development outsourcing. Building strong connections with distant countries is way more complicated. 
  3. Technical expertise. Nearshore vs offshore outsourcing is important, but don’t look only at the location. Explore if the contractor knows your project’s particularities. For instance, an app developer should not work with a website and vice versa.
  4. Languages. While English is an international language, not everybody knows it. Working with India or Australia, you should not worry about that. That is why many companies in the USA choose those regions for offshore outsourcing. However, difficulties may appear when working with Asian regions. Make sure you understand each other well. This is even more important for a large team. Make sure your employees can communicate with each other without your help.
  5. Data protection. Additionally, focus on security measures. Crafting a software product often means sharing information. A contractor will need your payment details, address, name, and even financial data. Make sure the contractor is a licensed specialist, and you won’t regret sharing your personal data. 
  6. Cultural aspect. To build a simple website, you’ll hardly need cultural knowledge. However, to trigger audiences’ emotions, the experts should know local particularities. Here are some nearshore outsourcing examples: European audiences read more texts, while Americans pay more attention to short videos and pictures. To suit cultural needs, focus on nearshore outsourcing development.

See what tips to use when finding a partner for your project or hiring a contractor. For instance, hire specialists from nearby regions for projects requiring communication or good local cultural knowledge. Meanwhile, one-time tasks don’t need such a connection. If you have a detailed technical task for your website or an application, there is no need for regular meetings. IT specialists often come from offshore outsourcing countries because such tasks are easy to complete remotely.

If you are still unsure about your final choice, consider complex options. For instance, the Litslink outsourcing company offers both offshore and nearshore services. Litslink has teams located in European countries and the USA. Contact Litslink and decide which of the teams is perfect for you. This helps to reduce risk and ensure you hire people that perfectly suit your goals.


Outsourcing software as a service development is extremely popular. The problem is whether to choose offshore or nearshore outsourcing. While offshore software development outsourcing is cheaper, the latter offers specialists from close regions and time zones. To choose between nearshore and offshore development outsourcing, focus on your budget, communication needs, and cultural requirements for different tasks of your business process. 

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